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The Misadventures of the Fayes!

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POLL: Who is your fav character so far?

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Clarrise is holding a thumbs up


Clarisse Coraline Faye - Hates her middle name and is a proud Demigirl, she's your not so normal Mayor's daughter. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy, Swag, Stubborn.
Made by Shayyy
Cassandra Coreen Faye - Loves to rub her title in other people's faces and I quote "I AM CASSANDRA COREEN FAYE! MAYOR'S DAUGHTER OF EVER GRANDE CITY, ONE OF THE MOST INDUSTRIAL CITIES IN THE WORLD!". Happens to hate Serena, Lillie, and Iris for no appearant reason. Vain, arrogant, and stubborn. The middle sister of the trio.
Made by Shayyy
Cash Cadmus Faye - So many C'S. He's the eldest brother of the three and spends 24/7 playing video games without realizing he's in one. He has almost all of this mother's traits.
Made by Shayyy
Carrena Amber Vale - One of Clarisse's conspiracy? cult? gang? group of friends. Quoting from Clarisse, "She makes a good big sister, don't tell Cassandra I said that." Belongs to TrainerCalliope REF Phoebe Yurei - The Ghost type teacher at the Kalos 'Kademy of Pokemon. The trio know her well, she is part of the Elite Four. - Official Sprite Aaron Evans - Got chosen to be put in this story because of Hamilton. The Bug type teacher. - Official Sprite Karen Lopez - Is the dark type teacher, she gives Cassandra the shivers and the spoops. - Official Sprite Valerie Lighte - Is the youngest teacher and a friend to Cassandra. Fairy type teacher -Official Art Clair Mizuno - The Dragon type teacher in the school, she's also the vice principal. - Official Sprite Caitlin Weatherstaff - One of the Unova Elite Four and the Psychic type teacher. Carenna knows her fairly well. Doesn't give too much homework. - Official Sprite Sensei Koga- Is surprisingly not the fighting type teacher. He's the principal and the Poison type teacher. - Official Sprite Wikstrom Kent - Is the steel type teacher. Talks in old english so you don't understand him well. - Official Art Kahili Avion - The Flying type teacher and PE teacher. - Official Art Olivia Pohaku - The Roack type teahcer, one of Cassandra's favorite teachers. A bit of a klutz. - Official Art Sensei Marshal - The second sensei in the school and he's the fighting type teacher. - Official Sprite. Whitney Goodman - The normal type teacher, Cassandra's 2nd favorite techer. -Official Sprite Flint Firebreath - Wierd last name, fire type teacher. - Official Sprite Sky Vale - Carrena's younger sister who is also a friend of Clarisse's. Professor Elm teases Harasses her alot. OC created by TrainerCalliope Appearance Ren Usmog - Hates her last name. Some girl in Cash's 4, 5, and 2 period. I quote "What the Fearow is Usmong?!" Belongs to RenCringe
Made by Pourinqrain
PokeficPJO Fanfic I collect | Avatar by Feeble|Banner by PupperCakes
Signature by CatEnergetic, with help from Wardove.Official Tsuyu.
CHAPTER ONE: SCHOOL SUCKS Oh. Hey there, I'm Clarisse or as my sister would say Clarisse Coraline Faye, Mayor's Daughter of Ever Grande City. I also need to mention school sucks. Well just if you happen to need to read a chapter for homework, read this one. Go play and have fun! If you need a report, well darnit. I'm just a stupid nine year old after all.
CHAPTER TWO: CLASS Finals are coming up. Even though I only need to take 3 PYA's (Pokemon Yearly Assesments) since I'm in 4th grade, it still SUCKS. My sister Cassandra is studying every inch of free time she gets. It must be hard being a 6th grader. Tests are the worst, you have to studying and studying is terrible and if you like studying, what are you some type of FREAK?
No I don't think if you study a lot your a freak
My older brother, Cash, is just like me. We both know we are going to ace it or at least cram to study on the last day. I invited some of my friends to stay at our house, Flannery, Tate, and Lisa. They are awesome friends, rad, cool, MLG, WHATEVER, they all are gym leaders and give me a buncha tips when I become one. Hopefully, I'll win this video game round.
Yesh! I won the first three rounds! But lost to Tate in the last round. We couldn't do more because of Cassandra Coreen Faye, Mayor's Daughter of Ever Grande City. AKA Princess, Your Majesty, Her Highness. She's got a ton of homework to do. Which makes me super lucky to still be in fourth grade. I eyeroll at her while Tate, Lisa, and Flannery say the goddbye's to me and leave. When I slither into my bed in my favorite onsie, I check the calender. Darnit. 4 more days until my first PYA. Oh well, YOLO.
3 more days until the Rock PSA. Not my favorite type but the type of teacher is my favorite...Olivia never gives us homework, well it's fun homework like catch a rockruff fun. Cassandra is ay ok with everthing she's been studying straight for two months. If I fail this PSA mabye I can switch report cards with her and dad will get mad at her again. Now I'll go study throw spitballs at Sassysandra with Cash.
It's now 8:23 and Cassandra is freaking out. She's cramming all her books in her designer backpack and rushes out of the door. Me and Cash take our time. "What's the matter with sasster.
My sister made this pun owo
" Cash said coming up with a lazily made pun. "Wow Cash, you are SO hilarious." I say crunching my cereal. We hear Cassandra's lent Altaria take off for school. We had to move to Lumiose City since Kalos is FAR away from Hoenn. Cash finishes first. "Last one to school owes the first person to get there 5 PokeBucks!" Cash yells after me grabbing his fitness backpack and slamming the door. My dad, cough cough, as Cassandra would say, Clinton, Mayor of Ever Grande City, yells after him to not slam the door but Cash is looong gone. I finsh my cereal and our maid Jeanelle starts washing our bowls. I grab my sling bag and rush out of the door. I call out my Swampert and begin to race Cash, who is about a mile ahead of me.
I'm gaining on Cash, his Salamance is FAST! My Staraptor uses Brave Bird on Cash's Salamace, my staraptor's choice scarf gets stuck in his face and like a wedgie I'm thrown back. Cash's Salamance uses a shadow claw on Starraptor, Cash sees the academy and dives toward it on his Salamance, I tell my Staraptor to use Agility and we become faster than Cash. We land on the ground a milisecond before Cash. "You did great staraptor, you'll be healed in a second." I praise her. Cash calls in his Salamance. "You flew well Salamance, return."he says while doing it. "Let's take them to the nurse's office" Cash says and we walk in very few students are there and Cassandra is not one of them I look at the clock, it's now 8:56. We grab our tardy slips, "Your sister came here not long ago." Office Lady remarks as we head toward the Nurse. We give her our pokemon and head toward class.
Cash hands me my 5 Pokebucks on the way to class. "You are an AWESOME sister to have, you balance out Cassandra, if ya know what I mean." he said nudging me. "Yeah, THAT I'M THE BETTER SISTER." I reply, grinning. "Yesh, well, here's my classroom by Smelly." he said ruffling my hair. "Goodbye, Stinky!" I said waving goodbye to him. I walk down a hall, through all the 3rd grade classrooms and bulliten boards filled with tests maked with A+'s and drawings, and turn left, my homeroom teacher Ms. Starre, who is also the gym leader of the Anistar Gym. "You are late again Clarisse Coraline Faye, I have predicted it yesterday, have I not?" she says mystically. "Yes, Ms. Starre, you did, I was wrong." I say sitting down at my seat next to that stupid Jim. "I told ya Carrisse! You were wrong! You were wrong! You were wrong!" that stupid Jim says, teasing me. "Shut up, Jim!" I growl. "Enough!" Ms. Starre yells, "Get out your notebooks and write about what is your favorite Phsychic type move is and why! It has to be at least a paragraph!" Everyone (including me) groans and pulls out there notebook. I write down 'Genesis Supernova because it deals alot of damage and kicks butt. Only mew can use it cuz it's mew. It has a really cool name. In double battles it affects anyone agasent
to the user. It's a Z-Move, not a TM, HM, or a Move Tutor move.
And closed my notebook. Our next assignement was to solve a bunch of multiplication and division problems. While Ms. Starre looked at her horoscope. 12 x 4 = 36 64 / 8 = 9 11 x 10 = 110 144 / 12 = 11 3 x 6= 18 77 / 7 = 11 7 x 7 = 42 8 x 10 = 80 18 / 2= 9 20 / 4 = 5
Next, we move on to reading. Ms. Starre reads us her horoscope book. "Ok everyone, if you were born between July 21-July 22, you are Cancer." Ms. Starre says. I can't wait to tell my sister she's cancer. "If you were born between July 23 - August 23, you are Leo." I was born on August 3, at least I'm not cancer. Suddenly the bell rings. Ms. Starre claps her hands and says "Class dismised. Your homework is to write about how looking at tea leaves predict your future!" Tea Leaves? Sadly, stupid Jim, tone deaf Jeff, and me both go to fighting class next. Tone Deaf Jeff, hums along the way while stupid Jim pulls my ponytail.

Pages: 1234

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