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POLL: Which eeveeloution fusion would you want to see first?

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Total votes: 6

This poll is now closed.

POLL: Would you be interested in custom adopts?

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Header by RubyIllistration!
"Hello and welcome to my art shop! I have a few things to offer! Please take a look at the examples and prices below! You're welcome to order something!"

Slots Open:

-StarlaSketch - Order: Anim. Icon(s) + 2/2 pixels(done!) + Haunted | Ref in Comment! + Haunted! | Payment: 120 + AT + 700gp | 4/5 Done! -NixNight - Order: Fullbody | Ref in Comment! | Payment: 95 | 1 Sketched! -FrostNova - Order: Hauntered Pokemon | Info in Comment! | Payment: and Shinies mixed | Sketched!

Awaiting Payment:

- StarlaSketch - Pixels - AT (Scene of Vanilla) - Eyubk - Order: Blinking Icon | Info in Comment! | Payment: 350 - FrostyMew - Order: Icon | Info in Comment! | Payment: 2 Megastones ...


- KïnästerFluff - Order: Anim. Icon | Info in Comment! | Payment: 70 - -


-All PFQ rules apply! -Subscribe to the thread! -Please have payment ready within 24 hours! -Mixed payments must be discussed beforehand! -Gimme a crown!
-Order form must be used when posting! -I hold the right to deny any commission if I don't think I can do it! -If I have already accepted and confirmed your order and have already started it, please try not to cancel it when it is almost completed! This causes a lot of stress if I had drawn your piece already and then have to get rid of it essentially! -If you need to know the status or to cancel your order if I haven't gotten it completed yet, please PM me!




Half Body:

Fullbodies:(CLOSED FOR NOW)


Character Refs:

Haunter(ed) Pokemon!

This section is experimental and will have an example when someone orders something! A pokemon of your choice gets fused with Haunter to make a creepy version of it! Rules for this section! -All pokemon may be chosen multiple times! -Please fill out the for to make your own unique! -You may ask for the shiny form of haunter or the base pokemon to be used! -Please have your payment ready upon completion of the order!! -When ordering please add in something that scares you!
This is the password for this section
Form: Kitty! Haunt me!! Username: Base Pokemon: Shiny?:(Specify if haunter or both!) Accessories? Extras? Payment: Password:


5k|5|1 Icons: Animated: 400k | 400 | 70 Blinking: 350k | 350 | 65 Non-Animated: 300k | 300 | 60 Half Body: 500k | 500 | 90 Fullbodies: 575k | 575 | 95 Chibi Refs: 700k | 700 | 150 Sprites/Banners: 900k | 900 | 200 Haunter(ed) Pokemon: 700k | 700 | 150 Complicated Designs: +50,000 | +500 | +5 Alternate payments:
These shown summons
(200 value!) Melans ("will discuss over pm" value!) Albino (200 value!) | Shiny (100 value!) Megastones (200 value!)
These shown stones
Ubercharm (650 value!) (200 value!) (600 value!) (1k value!) (150 value!) Paypal ($1=600 | 100)

Order Form:

Kitty, Lend me a bow! Type of Art: Reference: Background Color Preference: Payment Method: Password: Other: For Refs add on this! Name of OC: Anything you'd like to be added: (small details,gender, tattoos, etc.) Info that needs to be known: (colors or various other bigger details.

Adopts! NEW 1 OPEN!

Nidoran/Eevee Fusion! Normal | Poison Type Adopt it for only... 500k | 500 | 100 Adding accessories +50 or equiv.! Adopt form:
Kitty, Adoptions Please! Username: Which Adopt: Password: Payment Method:
Auction Form:
Kitty, Auction Please! Username: Which Adopt: Password: Bid: Amount in ZC:

Past Adopts!

Eeveeloution Cherrim!

Flareon/Cherrim - The Lich Queen Leafeon/Cherrim - Drsweet25 Jolteon/Cherrim + Espeon/Cherrim - scubagirlKB Vaporeon/Cherrim - RubyIllustratiøn Eevee/Cherrim - Midnight Espeon

Mangius and Chanky

Owner - BloodZombie Owner - Tengu Øracle
Store Banner!

Code to Advertise!

Also by RubyIllistration
Avatar by Me! "Trust me I got this!" "I finally evolved!"
FLIPSsided's AvatarFLIPSsided
FLIPSsided's Avatar
Kitty, Lend me a bow! Type of Art: Icon Reference: Amazon Please? His pattern does not have to be perfect. :3 Payment Method: Zophan Canisters, 15! Password: Gimme a Crown! Other: ouo Animated like yours? ^^ Your Icon is really lovely! <3 I hope that It is alright to order. ^^; Thank you!
Ask Me.
Toyhouse Art Fight DeviantArt [I will have you one day Melon Froakie. XD] -- Used to be NightTheGreninja. Icon is by Agent8!
@NightTheGreninja Of course! I will happily accept this! Did you have any preference on the bust? Did you want any little hands or feet showing in it? ^^ Thank you for the compliment on my icon by the way! >w<
FLIPSsided's AvatarFLIPSsided
FLIPSsided's Avatar
Not a problem! ^^ My preference? o: Maybe give him a yellow/blue or red/blue background, And have him looking towards the camera (As if he were sitting then turned his head to look towards something) with his tongue out! ^^ I hope that didn't sound too complex, c: If it is however, ^^ Anything is fine by me. I'll love it all the same. <3
Got it! Can do! ^w^b
etherea's Avataretherea
etherea's Avatar
Kitty, Lend me a bow! Type of Art: icon Reference: him Payment Method: credits Password: gimme a crown! Other: nope!
female - nerd - INTP I play roblox fight me
sig coded by me, sig art by Lumineu, avatar by me
Accepted thank you! ^^b
XØXØ's Avatar
Kitty, Lend me a bow! Type of Art: Icon Reference: image 1 Image 2 Payment Method: GP Password: Gimme a Crown Other: :) thank you
Accepted for the waitlist! Thank you! ^^
@NightTheGreninja Your commission is done! I hope you like it! Just let me know if anything needs to be fixed! ;w;


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