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Lab Rats

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BugInTheWater's AvatarBugInTheWater
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This is a 3-part flash fiction prequel to Out-Of-Sorts (WIP).

Part 1- The Escape

“You have to leave,” the ditto said. It looked pale compared to other ditto. It wore a dress that had a hole in the center of it. “You have to, Dvalitsa.” The little human-like ditto glanced at her. “But, I can’t leave without you, Mom.” “I’m sick. Ditto aren’t supposed to give birth to other ditto. It’s not natural. It kills us. I’m sorry, baby, but you have to go. I don’t want this to happen to you, too.” Dvalitsa started to weep. “But, Mom-” “Sweetheart.” She whispered softly. “I love you.” Her voice quivered a bit, and suddenly she jerked back. She slowly turned back into the soft pile of sludge ditto are made of. She was dead. Dvalitsa shook her, trying to wake her back up. “MOM! MOM! WAKE UP, MOM!” When she wouldn’t wake up, Dvalitsa finally shifted into a Caterpie. The “caterpie” crawled out of the cage it called home and shifted back into a human. It would know its human form forever. He ran away from the lab testing site, crying all the way. When a scientist stopped him, he told her he lost his mom. This, of course, wasn’t entirely a lie. The scientist, though confused at how Dvalitsa managed to get in the lab, led the way out. “The name’s Steph,” the scientist whispered. “Take this.” She gently handed him a purple egg. “Tell nobody I gave you this, or I’ll be fired. Okay? Now go and be a trainer.” When Dvalitsa made it out of the facility, he stared at the egg that Steph gave him. What could it be? Was it a Gastly? Mawile? Who knew?
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Lv. 93 — 15,667 / 28,767
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Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Bitter food
Happiness 27%
Sassy nature
BugInTheWater's AvatarBugInTheWater
BugInTheWater's Avatar

Part 2- The Hatching

After Dvalitsa left the lab, he took in a deep inhale. He had to cope with his mom dying, and now he had to take care of a Pokemon on top of it… He had absolutely no money to feed it or even himself. “What am I going to do…?” he whispered to himself, and started his journey into the unknown. Eventually, night came. The stars of the region, Nagareboshi, seemed to stare down at him. The moon seemed to smile and reassure him that everything will be fine. Dvalitsa thought differently. The egg seemed to shake a little, and when Dvalitsa saw that, he ran to find a nice, warm blanket for it. After a while, he couldn’t find one, so he slowly started to attempt to make one out of grass. He spent about an hour trying to make it before finally giving up. When he turned his head back to the egg, it had began to hatch. Finally, after not knowing what else to do, he cradled the egg in his arms and started to sing to it. He sung his mother’s song, the one she sung to Dvalitsa when he was hatching. It seemed to accelerate the hatching, and soon enough, a purple Mawile with the face of a Gengar came out. It stared deep into Dvalitsa’s eyes, and for the first time, used its telepathy. Nice singing. Who taught you that? Dvalitsa stared in shock at first, but then answered back unknowingly, My mother did. You can speak with your human mouth right now, you know. “I can?” Yeah. “But… Nevermind. My name’s Dvalitsa.” Just call me Gawile.
BugInTheWater's AvatarBugInTheWater
BugInTheWater's Avatar

Part 3- Making Something Out of Nothing

“Where do we go now?” asked Dvalitsa. He looked kind of confused and lost. We go somewhere and rest. We need to sleep. We need to find a perfect resting place. “But where is that perfect resting place?” I don’t know, but we have to find it. You’ll know when we get there. Gawile climbed up Dvalista and sat on his shoulder. Let’s go, Trainer. “Alright." Dvalitsa slowly walked down the streets, making sure that Gawile was safe. After walking for 2 hours, the two finally happened upon an alley. The alley lead to a dead end, and it had a dumpster to protect from onlookers. This is the place. Gawile hopped off and laid down behind the dumpster. Nobody will ever see us, and if it comes to it, we could get stuff from the dumpster. Dvalitsa nodded, and curled up beside Gawile. He let himself turn back into his human-like ditto form. Goodnight, Gawile. Thank you. Goodnight, Dvalitsa. You deserve the thanks more.
And with that, Lab Rats is done! You guys may post now~
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Aww! This is so sweet! Too bad this is the end... ;-;

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Yeah, it’s cool.
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