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This is a story inspired by Ben 10 2016, but it's in Pokemon FF because the main character is an Eevee. I'll probably update whenever I feel like it, which may be quite erratic. Feel free to post feedback! PROLOGUE This story is about a Shiny Eevee named Silver, whose life is about to change forever... The young Eevee awakens. She has no idea where she is, after she was caught in a net. What she does know is that she was not captured by any ordinary Trainer. Most Trainers use Pokeballs, don't they? "Ah," says a voice. A human voice. "The test subject is awake." Test subject?! Silver knows she is in danger now. She begins looking frantically for an exit, gazing over the white walls, hoping they haven't done anything to her yet. Her hopes are dashed when she sees something attached to her left foreleg. It's black, with green lights, and no matter how hard she pulls, it won't come off. She stops trying, and falls down, crying. The scientists don't notice. Silver realizes she's in more danger staying here than if she escapes. She resumes her search for an exit. She notices a small hole, but it's far too small to crawl through. She begins to carefully listen to the humans. "Hmm," says one, a female. "She seems to want to leave." Silver nods, hoping they will release her. "Well," responds the male voice from earlier. "Poor thing's gonna have to stay. The boss said not to release her, since the public can't find out about this." The Shiny gets very upset. She doesn't want to be some human test subject! What are they even trying to do, anyway?! Some weird illegal powerup? Silver pauses for a moment, considering. If she is the test subject of a Pokemon powerup, perhaps she can enlarge the hole and escape! She begins concentrating on the strange, black, metal device on her foreleg, hoping it will strengthen her enough to break through. She doesn't realize the device was meant to power up a Pokemon in an entirely different way. As Silver concentrates, she begins to change. She doesn't notice her ears sinking into her head, giving them an odd appearance. She doesn't notice her fur changing color, becoming blue on her chest and yellow everywhere else. She doesn't notice the four appendages that grow out of the back of her head. She doesn't even notice the spike that grows out of her chest. She does, however, notice when her spine alters itself, painlessly reducing her tail's length and enabling her to stand on two legs. She begins to stand on four legs, as always, before instinctively standing on two. This scares her. Silver realizes she has gained a new power, in addition to everything else-she can now sense aura. She remembers sensing aura is a power normally exclusive to Riolu and Lucario-and, on seeing her paw, which has also developed a spike, realizes she has become one. The new Shiny Lucario grins. She decides to give herself a new name-Luca.She lets the dreadlock-like appendages on her head rise as she charges up an Aura Sphere-by some weird new instinct, she knows how to use it. She blasts the broken wall, causing part of it to crumble. The resulting hole would've been big enough for her Eevee self to crawl through, however, a Lucario is larger than an Eevee. She mutters to herself in annoyance. The scientists finally notice that the Eevee has become a Lucario, and they look on in shock. "Wow," says the female. "I honestly did not expect that to work." Luca gives her an annoyed glance, before using Aura Sphere on the wall once more. The hole that results could fit a Dartrix, but nothing larger. After glaring at the scientists, she begins hammering at the wall with Aura Sphere until it's large enough for her to go through. Once she is outside, though, there is a warning beep from the device on her arm. Luca watches in fascination as her spine painlessly reshapes itself to that of an Eevee, her fur returning to white, her ears returning to a position off the side of her head as opposed to right on top, relengthening to a rabbitlike appearance. Her tail bushes back out, back to resembling a fox, as her aura sense grows dull and disappears entirely. Luca- no, Silver- is amazed by her transformation back into an Eevee. She begins to wonder if she could become other Pokemon using the device. When she looks back at it, the green lights are now red. She realizes it has a cooldown time. Naturally, she thinks. After all, a device this powerful must need to restore energy for a while after something like that! The new shapeshifter realizes she has no idea where she is. She decides to travel across the regions, using her newfound powers to help all who need it, while simultaneously spreading the word and ruining the scientists' plan. That'll teach them to alter her DNA without her consent! Unbeknownst to Silver, the scientists had just broken the news to their boss. "WHAT?!" he roared. "How could you let the Eevee escape?! We need her!" The female scientist raised her hand. "We-we could cause some trouble," she said, timidly. "The test subject will arrive to stop us, and we can capture her." The scientists' boss nodded. "Yes," he purred. "Create trouble and mischief across the regions. The Eevee will no doubt investigate, and her curiosity shall be her downfall...And in her final moments of life, she will rue the day she defied Team Shadow!!" Please subscribe!! <3
Profile pic made by Fennekava. To mods: I'm back home! Pokemon of the Day!
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Lv. 32 — 1,063 / 3,169
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 27%
Timid nature
CHAPTER I: The Trouble Begins... Location: Route 107, Hoenn Time: Night In the dark of night, a Team Shadow Grunt slinks along the dark waterways, riding a Samurott. He is looking for something, something to lure back the Eevee they experimented on. Finally, he finds it. He grins. "Samurott," the Grunt commands, "use Dive." The Samurott obliges, diving into the water and knocking a rock loose. A fierce creature awakens under the water... Location: Granite Cave, Hoenn Time: Dawn Silver awakes, and shakes herself thoroughly. She fully intends to practice her newfound powers today. She has been practicing for a few days after the incident with the Team Shadow scientists, and has gotten quite skilled. In addition to her Lucario form, she has also found a Noivern form, a Delphox form, a Serperior form, and a Mudsdale form. She has even nicknamed all of them. She trots out of the cave, into the dawn's faint light. She spots a Trainer and a Pikachu. She hides, but the Trainer has already seen the faint gleam of her white fur. Curse my sparkly fur! she thinks, annoyed. "Wow, look, Rai!" the Trainer cries. "A Shiny Eevee! Those aren't even supposed to be in Granite Cave! All I ever found in there were Zubats and Makuhitas!" Silver glares. "Well," retorts the Shiny. "You're not catching me!" The Trainer gapes in shock. "You- you can talk!" he says, amazed. Silver is startled. Last she checked, she only spoke Pokemon. That said, last she checked she hadn't been able to temporarily shapeshift into other species of Pokemon, so... "Oh," she says, remembering the Trainer. "I guess I can speak your language now, although Pokemon can always talk, just not in human language. Man, I knew this cool Raichu once upon a time and she would just talk and talk!" The Trainer gapes for a moment, opening and closing his mouth like a fish. He shakes his head to clear it. "I'm Conan," he says. "May I please catch you?" Silver shakes her head. "I'm glad you asked, but I don't wanna fight for a Trainer. I want to travel the world." Conan grins. "I'll take you, and let you ride around without a Pokeball. No fighting required." The Shiny Eevee is shocked. "You'd seriously do that?" she asks, her eyes wide. "Of course!" Conan replies, as his Pikachu watches the exchange. "I like traveling, too. I mainly battle to stop this group of evil weirdos that call themselves Team Shadow." Conan's Pikachu nods. "They're a bunch of meanies! And they smell bad, too. Like rotten fish. Anyway, I'm Rai. You never gave us your name, though, Miss Eevee." Silver realizes Rai is right, and she never told them her name. "I'm Silver, BTW," she tells Conan. "Heh, Silver," says Rai. "Perfect." Suddenly, there is a powerful wave. Silver leaps up onto Conan's shoulder. He squawks in surprise. She sniffs for a minute. "Did you have bacon for breakfast?" she asks, surprised. "Yeah," Rai says as the wave recedes. "He did. What was that, though? Not even Team Shadow could make a wave like that!" Silver looks out over the ocean. Something is out there, and she doesn't like it. "I-i'm gonna go see what's going on. Don't freak out over what I'm about to do, okay, Conan?" she says. "Is that a good idea?" asks Rai, but the Pikachu is ignored. Conan nods in confusion, as Rai just looks pouty. Silver leaps into the water, and Vaporeon-paddles out a bit. She then begins concentrating on her device, focusing on all the water around her in the hopes she can turn into a Water Pokemon. As she concentrates, she begins shapeshifting, to Conan and Rai's shock. Her paws begin lengthening, keeping their white coloration, as her hind paws merge together. The transforming Eevee struggles a bit to swim because of this, but manages to keep her head above the water. Her tail merges with her fused hind legs, as they take on a dark blue coloration and become a mermaid-like tail. Her back paws become white fins, as her ears change to resemble a string of pearls with a starfish on either side. Her forepaws develop into flippers, while a mane of pale yellow hair reaches out from the back of her head, tied with pearls. Her white fur disappears, becoming smooth skin, while her snout lengthens and gains a pale pink ball-like nose. Tiny pink fins reach out from around her tail, the base of which gains another fin reaching around it. A similar fin reaches around her neck and chest as her eyes become sapphire blue. She is now a Shiny Primarina, to the amazement of Conan and Rai. Silver decides to dub her new form "Brianna", as she one met a Trained Popplio under that name. She quickly gains more control of her swimming with her newly-formed tail. She waves to Conan, who timidly waves back, before diving into the water for the first time as a Primarina. She is amazed by her ability to breathe underwater. She twirls in the water, and leaps up out of it, before sternly reminding herself to find out what those waves were about. Brianna soon finds the source of the waves. It is much larger than she expected, and she is glad it didn't spot her. The source of the waves is a Kyogre. Brianna swims back to Conan, flapping her fins as hard as she can. Just before reaching him, she hears the warning beep, and she begins turning back on the shoreline. She notices Rai unconscious, and asks Conan what happened. "Poor little dude fainted from shock when he saw you turn into a Primarina." he responds, taking a piece of seaweed out of Brianna's hair. "Also, how did you turn into a Primarina?!" Brianna has half-finished turning back into Silver. She holds up her now-furry flipper, showcasing the device. "Ohhh," says Conan, looking at it. "That's how you did that. Neato burrito!" Rai awakens, just as Brianna's tail splits back into two hind legs and a bushy, furry tail without fins. She stands up, her spine having re-adapted for standing on four legs. "You won't believe what was causing those waves, though." she says, shaking her reformed ears. "It was a Kyogre, for crying out loud. A Kyogre!" Conan and Rai gasp. "Okay," says Rai. "No way Team Shadow could've done this. How would they get a Kyogre?" Silver gave him a withering look. "Well, we are in Hoenn..." she remarks. The Pikachu quietly shakes his head. "I don't know what you two are arguing over," says Conan. "But you need to stop. We need to stop Kyogre!" The two Pokemon nod at Conan. They know Kyogre has to be stopped soon, before it destroys the nearby Dewford Town. They aren't about to let their beginning rivalry get in the way. "Okay," says Rai. "You need to hurry. Go with whatever random Pokemon you can turn into, and kick Kyogre's tail!" Silver glares. "No," the Shiny shapeshifter says. "We need to be strategic. Brianna-" she pauses when she realizes Conan and Rai don't know about her nicknaming her alternate forms. "That's my name for my Primarina form," she clarifies. "Brianna is a Water-type, so she can manuever better in the water. And Vine-my Serperior form-has a type advantage. Logically-" She is cut off by Rai yelling, "Boring! Who needs strategy?" A roar interrupts their argument. Kyogre has come after them! "Uh oh," says Silver. "Now look what you've done, Rai!" The Pikachu looks utterly shocked. "Me?!" he asks, angered. "You're the one who went looking for trouble!" Conan facepalms. Silver runs forward, and concentrates on her recharged device. She attempts to focus on the plants growing in the sand, but all she can think about is Rai. She begins transforming anyway. She expects her paws to become orange, thinking she'll turn into a Shiny Pikachu. However, they become black instead. Her spine is painlessly altered, enabling her to stand on two legs, like her Lucario form. Unlike her Lucario form, however, her tail disappears entirely, and she realizes her physical strength is diminishing, making her think of a Psychic-type. Her paws become round, and her forelegs become thinner. Her hind legs become white and tapered. Her rabbitlike ears seem to disappear, although she retains her sense of hearing. One ear develops into a shape similar to a musical note, as her eyes become green. She quickly realizes she is becoming a Meloetta, as she gains something similar to long teal hair. She shakes her head, now full Meloetta. "Now look what you've done!" she yells at Rai, avoiding an attack by Kyogre and mentally deciding to call this form "Melody". "If you hadn't made me so mad, this wouldn't have happened!" The Pikachu evades another attack. "My fault?!" he asks. "You're the one who went looking for Kyogre!" Melody pushes Rai out of the way of an attack. The two Pokemon look at each other, and realize that arguing is getting them nowhere. "I'm sorry," says Rai. "Maybe a strategy could've worked." Melody pauses long enough to get them out of the way of an attack. "Yeah, I'm sorry, too," she says. "I should've listened to you, when you were worried. Now, are we gonna take this guy down, or what?" Rai nods. Melody decides to test her new telepathy. Rai, she thinks, focusing on him. Can you hear me? Rai has a brief shocked expression, before hitting Kyogre with Quick Attack. Yeah, he thinks, and Melody is amazed by her new power. So, she hears Rai think. What are we gonna do? You got one of those strategies? Melody decides to let the Pikachu have his way, just this once. Yeah, she says telepathically. Hit this thing with Electric attacks until it's down! Rai grins at the Shiny Meloetta, then strikes out with Electro Ball. He immediately follows up with Thunderbolt, then Volt Tackle. Okay, says Melody. Maybe not Volt Tackle. The advice isn't neccessary, as Kyogre finally goes down with one last Quick Attack. The warning beep sounds, and Melody begins to become an Eevee once more. Conan peeks his head out from behind a rock. "Uh," he says, hanging his head. "Sorry for not being a good Trainer, Rai." The Pikachu grins mischievously. "I'll forgive you if you let me pull a prank on you." Melody relays the message to Conan, and he agrees. Rai cackles mischievously, and promptly steals Conan's belt. The human blushes as his pants fall down, revealing Furfrou-pattern boxers. Silver, having finished reverting, immediately covers her eyes with her long ears as Rai laughs hysterically. "Priceless!" he says. Meanwhile, a team of Team Shadow Grunts realize that Silver wasn't planning on facing Kyogre from Dewford Town. They pack up the traps they'd set for her, and report back to their leader. "Drat!" their leader yells. "She must've defeated it from Route 107! Rrrr..."
(Sorry about the shorter chapter length) CHAPTER II: How It Always Goes... Location: Castelia City, Unova Time: Day "Come on, Conan!" Silver yells, forgetting she is in the middle of a crowded street. "You need to see this!" The Trainer runs after the Eevee, panicking. The passerby barely acknowledge them, despite the fact that Silver is yelling in human language. "Silver, wait!" Conan yells, concerned for the small Pokemon. She skids, and turns down Narrow Street. There, she stops in front of a poster, growling at it. When Conan arrives, he understands why Silver was so insistent that he see it. The poster is for a Fighting-type Pokemon tournament, led by Team Shadow. Conan is excited. He's always wanted to be in a tournament, however he never caught any Pokemon besides his Pikachu, Rai. Now that he has Silver, however, an Eevee capable of turning into a Lucario... "We have to enter!" he cries. Silver looks at him suspiciously. "We have to enter," he corrects himself. "So that...we can find Team Shadow! Yeah, that's it!" Rai suddenly pops out of his Pokeball, to Silver's surprise. "No way," says the Pikachu. "You are not dragging Silver into your crazy dream of being in a Pokemon tournament. We can find Team Shadow some other way." Rai haplessly shakes his head, then turns to Silver. "This is how it always goes," he says. Silver glances at the logo on the poster. It resembles the head and neck of a Shadow Lugia, in the shape of an S. "Do we have a choice?" she asks, catching Trainer and Pikachu's attention. "We can't just wait for them to endanger some innocent town, can we? I say, let's stop them now, before someone gets hurt." Conan grins smugly at Rai, who rolls his eyes. Location: Outside arena across from Cafe Sonata, Unova Time: Evening "Okay," says Conan. "You ready, Silver?" The soon-to-be Lucario nods. Conan grins. He can't wait to see Silver win! Silver, on the other paw, just wants Team Shadow to be stopped. Silver begins turning into Luca. Her ears migrate to the top of her head. Her tail sheds some of its fur, as her spine adjusts to standing on two legs. She gains yellow fur on her thighs, resembling shorts, as dreadlock-like appendages grow from the back of her head. Her fur changes to the colors of a Shiny Lucario, as she gains the three spikes all Lucario possess. She is now a Shiny Lucario. "Okay," says Luca. "Let's get this over with." Conan walks in, the Lucario following. They sign up with the lady at the desk, then wait for their turn, as they were last to sign up. The first match is between a Hawlucha and a Taimorpha. Luca watches the Taimorpha with awe, enjoying the movement of the rabbit Pokemon. It dances around the Hawlucha, delivering powerful kicks now and then, too fast to be hit. The match doesn't last long, as one last kick knocks it out. "I didn't know Taimorpha was a Fighting-type," says Conan. It is a while before Luca's turn, but that match lasts around as long as Taimorpha's battle. Luca skillfully mimics Taimorpha's technique, dancing around her opponent, a Kangspar, and striking out with Power-Up Punch every now and then until it's down. The rest of Taimorpha's and Luca's battles go similarly. Neither Pokemon's opponents can keep up with their quick moves. It's no surprise to Conan or Taiyo, Taimorpha's Trainer, that the two Pokemon go up against each other. "So," says Taiyo to Conan, before the match. "That's one cool Lucario you got there, be a shame if something happened to her." He then struts off, cackling. That's when Conan notices the Team Shadow insignia on the back of the boy's coat.Oh, no, Conan thinks. He's gonna get Luca! Luca and Taimorpha wind up together in the ring shortly after. They struggle against one another, moving so fast it's impossible to tell who's winning. However, Luca hears the warning beep from her device. "No no no," she murmurs. She quickly begins changing back, evading attacks all the while. Silver is soon an Eevee once more, shocking the crowd. She finds it easier to dodge Taimorpha's attacks, and realizes something. Taiyo isn't even paying attention to the battle, seemingly texting on his phone. However, she connects that to the metallic sound when Taimorpha's kick hits a pole instead of Silver, and realizes Taimorpha is a robot. She pounces on the rabbit's face, and sees lenses in Taimorpha's eyes, proving her right. Silver realizes all she has to do is wait out the device, and she can short-cicuit Taimorpha. However, this is easier said than done. Taimorpha is very fast and agile, leaving Silver only barely able to dodge attacks from the metallic bunny. Taiyo grins, still manipulating Taimorpha on the sidelines. Silver's device recharges, and she puts all her might into concentrating on what little water is around her-in bottles, a puddle outside, puddles inside from leaky pipes above. She begins turning into Brianna, tail merging with legs, forepaws becoming flippers, the long mane growing out. She concentrates hard, hoping against hope she can turn into her Primarina form in time. She successfully finishes, right before getting attacked by Taimorpha. Apparently, despite being a robot, the synthetic rabbit can use Grass attacks. Brianna is unfazed, hitting the robotic Pokemon with Sparkling Aria. It short-cicuits, falling limply to the ground. Brianna half-stands triumphant over the defeated Taimorpha. Her pleasure is short-lived, however, when she and Conan are logically disqualified for an illegal powerup, as is Taiyo for using a robotic Pokemon. Location: Cafe Sonata, Unova Time: Night "Cheer up, Conan," says Rai to his Trainer, sitting in the cafe. "We got a Team Shadow meanie busted!" Silver relays the message to a depressed Conan. Conan merely sighs. "I guess we did get one step closer to defeating Team Shadow."
(Meow, I don't know who subscribed, but I'm glad to have a fan!) CHAPTER III: Not Just Team Shadow Location: Goldenrod City, Johto Time: Afternoon "No!" yells the Pikachu. The Pikachu's Trainer, Conan, hands the Electric-type a feather duster. "You're doing chores, Rai," Conan says. "Whether you like it or not!" A Shiny Eevee sits nearby, holding an identical duster in her jaws. Her tail is wagging happily. Unlike Rai, Silver is pleased to do chores. She finds it a nice escape from battling Team Shadow. Rai, however, does not appreciate his life not being in danger for once. "Rai! I am going to the Pokemart to get more Pokemon Food," says Conan. "I expect this place to be sparkling when I get back!" The place, in question, is a small cart that the group intends to travel in, drawn by two Rapidashes. A psychic in the subways, who owns a Mismagius, had given it to them, saying it was written in the stars that they take the vessel. Rai, of course, had wasted no time making himself comfortable, to Conan's annoyance. Conan stalks off, leaving Rai to goof off. Unbeknownst to either Pokemon, a third Pokemon, a Venomoth, is sneaking a note onto Rai's huge chore list. The Pikachu sighs. "Guess we oughta get on with it." He sees the note. It reads, "Clean harness now, Pikachu." Rai smirks. "Wow," he says. "Conan really wants that harness cleaned. Even called me Pikachu!" He turns to Silver. "Hey Sil," he says, referring to the Eevee by her new nickname. "Why not turn into that Noivern to help me out?" Silver, knowing Rai will not stop pestering her if she does not, obliges. She starts concentrating on her device, and on her quick, light paws. Instantly, the wings of her Noivern form begin to grow out of her forepaws, while her tail becomes thinner and longer. Her ears move to the top of her head, merging and becoming the speaker-like ears of a Noivern. Her spine alters itself, becoming adapted to the hunched posture of the Dragon-type. She gains the small violet growths on a Noivern's nose, as her white fur is replaced by mostly teal scales. The device has finished its work, and Silver has become a Shiny Noivern. "This better be worth it," says Batty, the Noivern version of Silver. "Otherwise, you are in such deep pudding." Pudding is Conan's word for trouble, and Silver has started using it. She allows Rai to climb on her back. She flies over, only for the Noivern and Pikachu to see that the harnesses are already glistening. "What the-" is all Rai has time to say before the strange Venomoth and Beedrill arrive. The Beedrill immediately starts the Rapidashes across Goldenrod-luckily for Rai, they're going in the opposite direction of Conan. Batty rolls her eyes at Rai, then flies at top speed towards the cart. She flies in a cyclone, in an attempt to stop the two Pokemon, but this only sends them over a pothole. Later on, after she's turned back and the device has recharged, Luca tries to stop them by creating her own pothole-only, she was unaware that they were going to turn just short of it. Even later on, she uses her Mudsdale form, Apple, to crack the whole road-only for them to drive right over. Rai wails in frustration, as Apple realizes where they're going with the disgusting cart. A reverted Silver and Rai make it to the Goldenrod Waste Disposal Center. They quickly find the cart, squeaky clean. Rai is overjoyed, rolling in the clean, furless pillows, covering them with Pikachu fur in the process. Silver rolls her eyes, before spying on the Poison-types who took it. They proceed to put all the dirt, grime, and mixed Pikachu and Eevee fur into a machine. The shapeshifter sighs. I always knew Rai's fur smelled toxic, but I didn't think it actually was toxic! Silver sneaks off, and secretly activates her recharged device. Her spine alters to an upright position. Her tail shortens, as her fur goes from white to yellow. She gains the spikes of a Lucario, as her aura sense comes into existence. She quickly becomes a Shiny Lucario, and lunges for the machine. However, Luca is a moment too late. The machine creates a giant creature made of maggots. "EW!" screeches the Shiny. She turns to the Venomoth. "Why on Earth would you make something like that?!" The Venomoth silently, but smugly, shows her the plan. Basically, they stole the cart to use the dirt to power a magnet attracting maggots to make a monster to eat all of Alola, which is not too far off the coast of Johto. Luca blinks. "Not on my watch!" she yells, snatching the remote controlling the maggot-beast from the Venomoth, destroying it in the process. "Uh oh," she says, seeing what her haste had done. Rai realizes what's going on. He looks at the cart, and at the barely visible magnet in the center of the beast. The Electric-type sighs hopelessly. "Luca!" he calls, after detaching the Rapidashes. "Throw the cart into the monster!" The Lucario looks surprised, but nods, runs over, and throws the cart. "Goodbye, squeaky clean cart," sighs Rai, as Conan finally arrives, yelling that the two Pokemon are in massive pudding. Luca sighs hopelessly. The cart knocks the power switch on the magnet. The maggots go everywhere, splatting everyone. The two Bug-type Pokemon decide it's time to skedaddle. Conan realizes there was danger. "Y-you guys aren't in any pudding," he says, wiping the maggots off his mouth as Luca faints from disgust. Rai shakes off all the maggots. "Guess Team Shadow aren't all we gotta deal with," he remarks.
(O-M-Giratina, two fans?! Silver's certainly getting some attention! RosePeddle, are you one of the readers?) (EDIT:...I can't believe it took so long to realize that I put the wrong song name and wrong artist during the bit where Rai's getting back at Silver...) CHAPTER IV: New Point of View Location: Malie City Swap Meet, Alola Time: Noon "Come on, Silver!" Rai yells back at the Shiny Eevee following him and his Trainer. "You've been singing that since nine AM!" Rai is referring to the KidzBop version of "Friends", which Silver has not been singing since nine o'clock. She's been singing since seven. Silver ignores him, continuing to sing. Conan covers his ears, annoyed. He likes the song, but Silver has been singing it for so long he's half-convinced it's Perish Song she's singing. Silver, however, is singing too loudly to hear their complaints. Eventually, Rai resorts to covering her mouth and yelling in her ear, "WE'RE ABOUT TO GO TO A PUBLIC SWAP MEET! YOU WANT PEOPLE TO FIND OUT YOU CAN TALK?!" Silver looks briefly alarmed, then sees the logic in Rai's concerns. "Okay, okay," she says. "I'll stop." They strut in, bold as brass. Little do they know, a certain Team Shadow Psychic-user is watching... Silver has now resorted to merely humming the tune. This does not help Rai's annoyance. He slaps her after a moment, and she is unable to yell at him due to the presence of humans. Instead, she glares at him with enough force to convince an Avaragon to give up part of its stash. He cowers under her ferocious gaze. Meanwhile, the Psychic-using Team Shadow Officer is looking for something powerful. She asks a vendor selling cowboy stuff, but only manages to get a hat. She emblazons the Team Shadow logo on it, then puts it on and continues searching. Rai has covered his ears, and is now singing "No Excuses" by Meghan Trainor. Silver looks at him, knowing he's getting her back for singing "Friends" for five hours straight. She rolls her eyes, as Conan finally snaps. He hands them both 10 Poke, yelling "Go pester someone else!" The two Pokemon oblige. "Ha ha!" yells Rai. "Was that your plan all along, Silver?" The Shiny Eevee shakes her head. "I was just singing," she explains. "This is only a plus." Rai looks annoyed for a moment, before saying, "We should put our Poke together. We can afford something better that way." Silver nods in agreement. However, a loud crash interrupts their shopping. They rush across the area to see Esupa, the Psychic-using Team Shadow Officer, rampaging in an effort to draw out Silver. It worked. Esupa cackles maniacally. She uses her Alakazam to throw Rai to the side and pick up Silver. The Shiny struggles, before remembering her device. She quickly begins concentrating, primarily on the sharp rocks beneath her, although she is trying/ to become her newly-discovered Vivillon form, named Vivi by Conan. Instead, her long mane becomes wilder, part of it fluffing up to flop in front of her face. Her bushy tail becomes solid white and mostly fur. The rest of her fur goes from white to blue, as her eyes become a dazzling green. Four sharp rocks grow out of her mane, as her ears partially sink into her head. Her muzzle extends, and then she is complete. Silver muttters "Pancakes!" under her breath, decides to call this new form "Lyca", and charges at the Alakazam with Accelerock. Rai isn't exactly helping, however. "Why did you turn into a Lycanroc?!" he screeches, going up against Esupa's Incantasius. "Wouldn't Vivi have been better?!" Incantasius's wing markings glow a sinister cyan as it murmurs a spell. Lyca fires off a Rock Throw, interrupting Incantasius's muttering but hitting Rai in the process. "Oops," she says, not sounding like she means it. Esupa grins, and lets her Malamar join the party. "Malamar, use Bind," she commands as Conan arrives. Conan screeches in utter terror as Lyca and Rai are bound tightly together. Esupa looks at Incantasius, which begins casting another spell. "What's wrong with pancakes?" Rai asks Lyca, as Incantasius's wings shine silver. The two Pokemon are knocked out when the chanting ends... Location: Malie City Swap Meet, Alola Time: Around three o'clock Silver awakes to a strange sensation. She can barely feel her tail, and her ears feel shorter. Something is definitely running through her, she can feel it. "Rai?" asks Conan's voice. "Rai, wake up!" Silver looks up at him, annoyed. "You need an eye check, Conan," she says. "It's me, Silver. Shapeshifting Shiny Eevee, ringing any bells?" Conan blinks in surprise. "S-Silver?" he asks, shocked. Silver nods. Conan's jaw falls open. He gestures haplessly at Silver, then at someone nearby. Silver turns her head, only to see herself, device and all. She makes similar noises to Conan. "How?" she says once she regains her voice. She holds a paw to her face, seeing that she has been body-swapped with Rai. The once-Eevee stands up, having some experience thanks to her Lucario and Delphox forms. "How did this happen?" she asks, before shaking Rai awake. "Blame that Incantasius," says Conan. "We have to find it!" Rai yells. "I can't be Silver for the rest of my life!" Silver looks offended by this. "Not an issue," comments Conan. Esupa is not far, riding Incantasius. Silver bolts off, using Rai's Quick Attack. She strikes Incantasius's wing, causing it to fall, injured. Esupa growls at Silver, who shakes herself off pridefully. Meanwhile, Rai is trying to turn into Melody. Instead, however, he can only concentrate on his seemingly diminished strength. He has never considered Silver his equal in power, even with her powers. He believes Trained Pokemon are superior to wild ones. Rai in Silver's body begins turning into Luca. Silver's ears sink into her head a bit, her tail shortens, and her spine alters. Rai is thoroughly amazed, as Silver's fur changes color and she develops Lucario spikes. Rai quickly adapts to Luca's stance, before running after Silver. Silver is struggling, not knowing how to use Rai's electrical powers. Rai launches a Bullet Punch at Incantasius, but it easily evades and attacks him. Silver helplessly looks at the Shiny Lucario, who sighs. "Just let loose," Rai advises her, dodging the attack of Malamar, whom was just let out by Esupa. "Don't think about anything except what you're trying to blow up or whatever." Silver rolls her eyes, knowing Rai has most likely blown up many things with Thunderbolt, but tries it anyway. She launches a wild jolt of electricity, striking Malamar. It cries in pain, as both Incantasius and its Trainer look shocked. "How?!" cries Esupa. "You two were arguing like Arcanines and Persians!" The two Pokemon, finally working together, roll their eyes. Silver pounces on Esupa, covering her mouth so she can't command Incantasius, as Rai tackles the butterfly Pokemon. "Change us back," Rai hisses in the Bug-type's ear. "Or else I'll take your book." That causes Incantasius to panic, agreeing. All the humans hear, however, is various syllables of "Incantasius". They get the tone, though. Esupa throws Silver off her, lets out her Xatu, and flies off, formally releasing her Incantasius. Incantasius's wings glow silver once more, as it mutters its spell. Rai and Silver fall unconscious yet again... Location: Route 11, Alola Time: Evening As Silver, Rai, and Conan ride off in a new cart, the two Pokemon sing "Friends" together, to Conan's annoyance.
(Sorry about the hiatus, readers. Couldn't find a lot of inspiration for this chapter, since Silver is the "mature" one and Rai is more Ben-like. Sorry about the chapter being shorter.) CHAPTER V: Lights, Camera, Eevee! Location: Eterna Bank, Sinnoh Time: Afternoon "Alright," says the menacing guy in the Durant suit. "Hand over the Poke and nobody gets hur-" He is cut off by the arrival of Delphine, the Delphox form of Silver. "Sorry, dude," she says, a sweet charm in her voice. "But you picked the wrong day to wear a Durant outfit." Then a guy in a Galvantula suit and another in a Scyther outfit arrive. "Still not the best day to be a Bug-type," she comments, before letting loose a dazzling Mystical Fire. "Brilliant!" calls the voice of a Pikachu. Rai hops through the hole created by Delphine's arrival, carrying a video camera. "That was an amazing one-liner! Oh, and nice work on blasting them, too." The Scyther guy suddenly lets out a victorious "whoop!" as the trio exit the vault-while Delphine was distracted, they'd gotten in. "Let's roll!" the guy in the Durant suit yells. Scyther quickly cuts open a hole, and they escape. "Now look what you've done," Delphine tells Rai, who is reviewing his footage. Delphine rolls her eyes, and drags him out the whole. Location: Conan's Cart Time: Thirty minutes after the fiasco "I don't believe it, Rai," Conan scolds. "You were more concerned about your movie than about helping Delphine stop those guys!" Rai is ignoring him in favor of editing his movie. "Oh, Wingull poo," Rai complains. "I accidentally got those robbers escaping on the video!" Conan and Silver both yell "Wait, what?!" and race over. Sure enough, Rai's video shows the Bug-type trio escaping underground. "Come on Rai, let's roll!" Silver cries, before leaping down from the cart. "I'll let you film me!" That catches Rai's attention. "Wait for meeeeeee!" Rai wails. Soon, Apple the Mudsdale stomps through the ground, and she and Rai leap into the lair of the Bug-types. They didn't know, however, that there were hundreds of Combee-dressed lackeys to fight, along with a human-Vespiquen hybrid. Apple manages to take a couple down, but they fly away from her powerful Earthquakes. She is soon captured. "Rai!" she yells. "Help!" The Pikachu realizes how much of a pile of poo he's been this whole time, and gets an idea. He winks at Apple, then walks up to Vespiquen. "Wow!" he says, feigning amazement. "You look like you'd make a perfect actress! I know an agent-want me to hook you up?" The Vespiquen nods enthusiastically. Rai dials the Eterna City police, and gives them all the details as Silver reverts. Soon, Vespiquen and all her goons are arrested. Silver decides that instead of making an action movie, she, Rai, and Conan could make a cooking show, as Silver has heard a great deal of Pokemon Food recipes over the years.
(Another accidental hiatus?! Oh, pancakes! Switching to past tense, BTW, because it's easier to write in. If you have any questions, guys, remember to ask them!) CHAPTER VI: Can't Go It Alone Location: Paniola Ranch, Alola Time: Morning "Come on, Conan," whined Silver. It was the day of the annual Paniola Corn Festival, and the Shiny Eevee would much rather be asleep in the cart. "Silver, you don't have to go to the festival," said Conan, "but you do have to spend the day outside." "Pancakes," Silver muttered, before stalking off. She then began rolling in the grass, stretching her paws. Suddenly, a football landed in them. She yelped in surprise. "She-she caught it!" said a Minccino, running over. "You are amazing!" squealed the Normal-type. "You wanna play football with us?" Do ya do ya do ya?!" A Herdier, a Pichu, and a Purrloin ran over. Silver, caught off guard, rolled onto her stomach. "Football?" she asked. "I've never played football before...sounds like fun! What's our team name?" The Pichu was about to speak, before he was rudely interrupted by the shout of "Losers!" Silver turned to see an Umbreon, Cinccino, Stoutland, Emolga, and Liepard standing there. "Ready to lose?" taunted the Emolga. The evolved Pokemon all cackled. Silver rolled her eyes. "That ain't happening!" she yelled. The game was chaotic, but it was still more or less easily described-any of the Un-Evolved, as Silver called them, who had the ball got knocked over, simple as that. However, suddenly, something attacked the nearby barn. Silver darted away from the other Pokemon to turn into Vivi, her Vivillon form. Luckily, she'd discovered a way of quickly switching forms. She quickly turned into Vivi, and fluttered over. She gasped in shock when she saw a Delta-Fighting Miltank, and a Delta-Psychic Primeape. "Animo?! Oh, geez, and here I was thinking I wouldn't have to deal with that psycho after he tried to turn me back into an Egg!" The Miltank gave her this look, as if to say, "Darn thing," and blasted the shapeshifter... UNFINISHED I think I need a ghostwriter. I'll pay in Water-type Pokemon and Berries.
Okay, sorry, guys, but like Ben in "Animo Farm", I can't do this alone. I need some help finishing up my less-favorite chapters. If you'd like to assist, PM me and we can negotiate. Be aware that I don't have any ZC, but I am more than willing to hunt rare-gender Pokemon, what with my luck with Vulpixes. Just, don't ask me to S/A/M hunt. My Radar doesn't seem to be working, even when I charge it, and the only Shiny I ever found on my own was a Goldeen known as OMK SHINY whom I Wonder Traded away.
(Nyeeoowwr, I'm baaaaaaack! I've also decided chapters aren't gonna be one post anymore to avoid this sorta thing.) CHAPTER VI CONTINUED Silver let out an audible groan as she awakened. She realized in about a second she could still feel her wings, but not her tail, meaning she hadn't turned back yet. "Where am I?" Vivi whimpered. "You're on the Farm," stated a small voice behind her. Vivi whipped around to see a Delta-Ice Torchic, a Delta-Dark Slakoth, a Delta-Dragon Cinccino, and a Delta-Flying Skiddo. "You're in here, you're a prisoner," stated the Torchic. "I'm Frostpeck" Vivi rolled her eyes at the pun "the Slakoth's Shade, the Cinccino's Cinzilla, and the Skiddo's Cloud." Cloud bleated. "i-i'm Silver?" said Vivi, a little intimidated. What was powerful enough to imprison Deltas? "So you're a Steel Delta," said Shade. "How come you don't glow?" "Because I'm not a Delta?" said Vivi. "Why would you be in here if you're not a Delta?" asked Cinzilla. "Because I got in the way of a nasty Miltank." Cloud fainted as everyone else's jaws hit the floor. "YOU DID WHAT NOW?!" was Frostpeck's response. Vivi boredly fluttered the dust off her wings. "I had the advantage," she said. "Didn't expect her to blast me was all." "Y-You're amazing," stuttered Cinzilla. "Maybe today we can finally escape!" "Not happening," was Shade's response. "What a pessimist," compained Frostpeck. "She lost hope a long time ago. And even when Cinzilla came, she still thought we were doomed!" "You're still in here," pointed out Vivi. "Only 'cuz I chickened out," explained Cinzilla. "There's a forcefield generator in the barn. That's how they've kept us in after we got Cloud. She can eat through pretty much anything, so barbed wire was kinda pointless. We almost broke it, but I-!" "SHUT IT," snarled a voice from outside. Cue the arrival of a Delta-Poison Emboar. "You run this place?" asked Vivi, fluttering up to be eye-level with the Poison-type. "No, that's me," growled a Delta-Poison Tepig, stepping out from behind Emboar's head onto its shoulders... (Nyeow, more to come!)
(Hey guys. Just letting you know, Cinzilla's based off a Cinccino I used in White named Cici. Cici was quite the sweeper!) CHAPTER VI CONTINUED "I enforce the rules," stated the Tepig, "I keep you 3IV weaklings in line!" "Weaklings," echoed the Emboar. "Not for long," snarled Vivi, flitting her wings angrily. "Yeah, yeah, I've heard this before," said the Tepig. "Before," said the dimwitted Emboar. The Tepig and Vivillon rolled their eyes in unison. "Point is, you ain't getting out anytime soon, Vivillon," spat the Tepig. Vivi wisely chose not to reply. The Emboar carried off the cackling Tepig. "They were pains in the wing, right-Uh, Frostpeck?" Frostpeck and the other "3IVs" were cowering under a hay bale, with the sole exception of Shade (who hadn't bothered). "So terrifying!" said Cinzilla. "You're a freaking Dragon-type Cinccino!" cried Vivi, knowing full well that you didn't mess with a Cinccino unless you knew what you were doing. They were more than capable of kicking butt as Normal-types! "Dragons are useless," stated Cinzilla. "They're only super-effective against their own kind, and they're much more vulnerable to Ice or Fairy-types. Everyone knows using Dragons will get you sweeped!" "And it's not easy being an Ice-type either," piped up Frostpeck. "I'm weak to pretty much everything! And all I can take on safely is a Sunkern!" "You think you got it bad?" asked Shade. "I can only deal with Psychics. And even then, they all know Fighting and Fairy moves!" Cloud agreeably bleated. He didn't seem to be able to speak... Vivi figured the Tepig fed this sort of info to them to keep them from realizing what powerful types they were. "Actually," she began, "Dragons are good for neutral coverage, Ice is a strong offensive type that's super-effective against just as many types as it's weak to, Dark is the go-to Psychic counter, and Flying Pokemon don't have to deal with Spikes! And Spikes can really turn the tide of a battle, let me tell ya! Point is, you guys are all amazing types, and that Tepig? And his Emboar? Only any good against a Level 5 Cottonee. There are easier ways of taking down a Whimsicott or Tapu Bulu. If we work together, we can totally bring down the forcefield! What do you say, you in?" Cue looks of utter shock from the 3IVs. Then, Frostpeck piped up. "I'm in!" Cloud let out a rallied bleat. Cici clenched her paws firmly into fists. "Meh, not like I have something better to do," said Shade. Vivi nodded proudly. It was a bit cheesy...okay, cheesier than a Miltank farm, but it worked! And she hated when Pokemon didn't realize how powerful they were! "They're gonna bring us out to work soon," whispered Frostpeck. "I bet Cinzilla can sneak us in!" Cinzilla shook out her fur and uttered two words. "I'm ready." (Don't worry, there'll be more. BTW, regarding the 3IVs' genders: Frostpeck is male Shade is female Cinzilla is female Cloud is male Just making that clear.)

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