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Attemplates (Read My Post)

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I've officially quit PFQ. I will no longer be taking commissions, though feel free to continue to use my F2U codes! Check the first post in my journal for rules on editing my codes! Thanks to everyone who's ordered from me in the past!


  • All PFQ rules apply!
  • Make sure you have permission to use any art you'd like for the template. For now, I'd like any images to be transparent unless using the whole image for the template (ie. you providing a header).
  • Please provide sources for images you want to use! If you made it, make sure to include that! (Pinterest is not a source!)
  • Do NOT remove the credits. It isn't just my name you're removing, but other artists as well.
  • Do not resell my code! Even if you edit it, you may not resell it!
  • Aside from that, any commissioned template is yours to do with as you wish. You may edit the code or redistribute as you see fit.
  • F2U templates may be edited! But if you do so, please let me know you have so I can make sure they comply with the legiliblity guidelines and such!
  • When I am finished, I will send you a preview of the code. If everything looks okay, you may go ahead and send payment. I will then send the code.
  • I have a right to refuse service for any reason. (This includes if I feel I could not do your order justice, so please don't get mad!)
  • I'm only taking one order at a time! Please check the last post and see if someone has ordered before you!
  • I am still new at this. Any constructive critism is highly welcomed. Tips would be appreciated.
  • Please be patient with me. I am doing this in my free time for fun, but I do have a life outside PFQ.
  • I do forum templates and occasionally Abouts if I feel up to it. I still don't feel comfortable with signatures, though.
  • Because I'm always learning, feel free to ask for coding updates to your template! I'll try my best to bring it up to my current level of knowledge!
  • Rules may be changed at any time. If I deem it necessary, it will be added.


I am accepting bribes!

Wanna Advertise?

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Please use this form when ordering!


[u]I'd like to order something![/u] [b]Theme:[/b] [b]Image(s):[/b] make sure you have permission! [b]Words:[/b] [b]Number of Tabs:[/b] (if none, leave blank!) [b]Other Info:[/b] Please be as specific as possible! [b]Payment:[/b]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't know how to use BBCode! A: Check out this helpful guide on everything BBCode! The only thing it doesn't cover is dividers, which is a simple [hr]!
Q: What's coded in the template I bought? A: Tips, links, bold, italic, dividers, bullets, hide/display boxes, exp bars, and tables are all generally covered when you order. If you order tabs, or request that they be coded in case you'd like to add them later, they will also be coded.
Q: How can I find free-to-use images? A: Well, Deviant Art is a good place for art, just make sure it's free to use offsite and in commissions! You can also use Google Images by selecting Tools > Usage Rights > Labelled for Reuse / With Modification under the search bar.
Q: How do I change from tabs to tabless if I requested both? A: Remove everything in between [sc=tabbed_interface horizontal] and and the first two [/sc]s at the end of the code, right before the credits. Replace it with [sc=tabless]your contents[/sc].
Have a question you'd like added? Let me know!
coding / official art used / divider / buttons
avatar by ddyyuu / Signature credits / Banners credits
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buckembarnes's Avatarbuckembarnes
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Kayu's AvatarKayu
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I'd like to order something! Theme: Purple and blue? I would love a background similar to my signature's background. (https://i.imgur.com/9r8djvR.png) Image(s): You can pick which ones to use https://i.imgur.com/JKslI93.png https://i.imgur.com/nJBFW6T.png (this one could use a bit of editing if you know how) https://i.imgur.com/L4Bv2Pt.gif https://i.imgur.com/xsz59gM.png Words: (your choice) Number of Tabs: can I get it with 5 tabs but also one with no tabs or would it be extra? Other Info: Please be as specific as possible! Payment: GP
Hello I'm Kayu! Nice to meet you. Check out my: Art shop Sale Shop Signature/Avatar Credit
buckembarnes's Avatarbuckembarnes
buckembarnes's Avatar
Sure, looks good! For the tabs, I'd basically just remove some code from the template, so there's no need to pay extra! I'll get to work on it! ^^
I'd like to order something! Theme: space Image(s): main pic #2 #2 Words: Luna's slice of... something Number of Tabs: 4 Other Info: it's for a art shop so idk what else Payment: summon
made by sorax
Icon made by duchess lunaire
buckembarnes's Avatarbuckembarnes
buckembarnes's Avatar
Sure! I should be able to do this! I'll message you if I have any questions!

QUOTE originally posted by buckembarnes

Sure! I should be able to do this! I'll message you if I have any questions!
thank you soooo much
I'd like to order something! Theme: space Image(s): dis Words: none Number of Tabs: Other Info: it's ment for simple posts Payment: summons
buckembarnes's Avatarbuckembarnes
buckembarnes's Avatar
Looks good! I'll add it to the list! :)

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