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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Effloradox's AvatarEffloradox
Effloradox's Avatar
1.4k Zorua eggs hatched and I just got my first troll party, praying I get my melan soon 😭
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DAYAX0N's Avatarhypermode-12.pngDAYAX0N
DAYAX0N's Avatar
come ON sally. 2.3k eggs, yesterday being a sei day, and im using uber/charm/z/level 7/hm, and no melan yet? i barely even got anything yesterday, only a single shiny. please just let me finish this hunt before tr
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Kumashe's Avatarhypermode-12.pngv-poison.pngKumashe
Kumashe's Avatar
Every sei day has been a bust with every odds boost I can take, now I'm rewarded with a third troll party sent right to the blender for dp. Sally. Please. I'm begging
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JazzyKitsune's Avatarhypermode-12.pngJazzyKitsune
JazzyKitsune's Avatar
This is getting a bit ridiculous. Can I have a melan soon pls???

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RosyBird's AvatarRosyBird
RosyBird's Avatar
420 eggs today 😔
Enbees's Avatarhypermode-12.pngEnbees
Enbees's Avatar
Try to get a delta melan magikarp, I said. They don't take many delta points so it won't be so bad, I said. I have had. Three troll parties. 2 out of those 3 were in the slots directly next to each other.
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mandomimir's Avatarhypermode-12.pngmandomimir
mandomimir's Avatar
hmm....barely hatching any specials so far today despite having full boosts (Z-crystal, are you working?) if i'm having this much trouble hatching shinies or albinos, then i kinda doubt i'll hatch a melan so i think it'll be the third sei day in a row that i don't :Y womp womp...but i still have a handful of eggs left to go through today so who knows?

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I'm in a bad mood So i would like to complain a little if thats ok

im upset

this hunt sucks big time. last time i tried it i hatched like 1000 eggs during sei with no luck, rn im dipping into my DCP stock i have a melan from this hunt- hatched a year and a half ago, it was my first delta melan, so i mustve used all of the luck for it up then, i wanted to get another one to give to my friend as a gift, but i dont thnik he even likes this pokemon as much as i thought he did </3 I only want to finish it because im mad at it and i want something for my efforts. just for the record, the chain has suprassed 6000 eggs now stupid purple noodle thing. maybe ill sell it or something, but even that feel wrong now lol. bleh bleh I know i usually have pretty good luck so i hate to complain at all but man. 6000 eggs? come on
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Not sure what's wrong with my albino luck lol. 1k eggs in and only 5 with near max odds RIP, gonna be a little while before that melan comes.


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DAYAX0N's Avatarhypermode-12.pngDAYAX0N
DAYAX0N's Avatar
...i probably shouldn't be complaining considering i did already get a melan, but TWO troll parties after it??? come on. one of them were two slots right next to each other too 😭

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