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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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QUOTE originally posted by RubyCeazar

I definitely feel like specials are harder to get now... I remember years ago they seemed to be more abundant. A week or so again the pokemon of the day was my hunt so I used a shiny charm, and I hatched 60 some eggs and hatched.... one shiny. Maybe it's bad luck but I feel like they're harder to get now...
You aren't crazy for thinking that, I'm pretty sure i remember the albino rates got nerfed a bit ago. When I joined last year, my 5k larvesta hunt ended with 100 albinos. My 3.8k pumpkaboo hunt is sitting at around 25; i think frankly it's a little much when z-crystals and shiny charms and sei and potd show more or less the exact same results as not even using them in the first place, and with how expensive hunts are, it's just not fun, especially when you're f2p and basically Everything you obtain you put up for sale to trade other people for ZC.
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My Cubchoo hunt is at over 4500 and no melan in sight. My last shiny was over 300 hatches ago and the last albino was long before that. I am almost ready to give up with this hunt.
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I'm pretty sure shiny charms and z-crystals actually NERF special chances.
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I'm pretty sure a shiny cleffa does not exist. I currently have been on a 600+ cleffa chain with out a single shiny and 1 albino! I've been using shiny charms almost every day. Also with the melan chances I had on my Spritzee hunt I almost don't even want to bother with cleffa (all I need are 3 albinos and 3 shinys for this cursed hunt please Sally) Anyways hope all of you have better luck lol. I always get so triggered when I look at the melan tread and hearing that people have gotten them in less then 1,000 chains.
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GnarleyQuinn's AvatarGnarleyQuinn
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2.5k+ into my minior hunt, bout to run out of HM and uber.. where's the melans?? I've only gotten one, and it wasn't on this chain at all. Not buying more bonuses bc I simply cannot afford them this time bc larvesta took too long to pop me a 2nd melan on my last hunt. These rates are a travesty. Someone needs to take a serious look at them and do something about it for the better.
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I can't feel anything anymore mr krabs
Basilisk's AvatarBasilisk
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Hatched all day today on sei day and not one shiny. what are these rates? -_-
Pokemanatee's AvatarPokemanatee
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just accidentally broke my 10,030 (melanless) combo by hatching a leftover type race egg... ive literally had nightmares about this before
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Eeek! I'm going max stuff today. Level 7 albino radar, z crystal, shiny charm and Sei. And there's a lack of my hunt eggs in the shelter!!! Nooo! The number that's not a multiple of 6 is making me nervous.. I don't have time to make so many eggs I have college. Manifesting a melan in this batch so I don't have to worry about it....
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full boosts minus hm, 3000 chain with about 85% of dex no melan This game is pain

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