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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Creepboi's AvatarCreepboi
Creepboi's Avatar
Tomorrow, i'll reach 2 900 eggs for Litwick, i'm gonna get this little red fire thing ! (Consider that i will hunt melan Flyving Pichu, when i'll reach 3 000 Daycare Pass lmao)
I wish everyone a lot of Melan, Shiny or anything you're hunting !
Nekoite's AvatarNekoite
Nekoite's Avatar
Nearing 108 hatches soon with a 2200+ chain, hyper, uber, shiny charm, full radar and z-crystal and I have hatched one albino today :D Why do I want a male melan Vulpix so bad;;
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As someone who has started a melan Zorua hunt, some days I really do feel like I made a mistake, but then I hatch an albino while I have pokerus and everything is right with the world. I've so far hatched 471 Zoruas. Was it a mistake to do a melan hunt so early into my dex completion? Maybe, but I can't back out of it now lol
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iroak's Avatariroak
iroak's Avatar
i'm 4250 eggs into this hunt, and still no melan ;w; my last special was almost 300 eggs ago, and i have every boost active except for z crystals (hm, charm, uber, full albino radar most days, arceus) am i doing something wrong? or am i just extremely unlucky?
sherrie's Avatarsherrie
sherrie's Avatar
I don’t know if my chain is high enough but I’m over 2.7k no melan and I’m using all boosts. I’m not even getting enough specials now ㅠㅡㅠ this hunt is expensive to keep up. Niet has to improve the rates, this sucks.
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Pages: 123··· 208209210

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