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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Sakuri's AvatarSakuri
Sakuri's Avatar
hatching eggs to see if u get a melan:🤨😟 a troll party:😕🤨 nah because i used to have a chain of 360 and it got to the point where i had to stop because i spent ALL MY MONEY on every.single.boost.there.was…literally 1 albino in a 360 egg chain.
my avatar is from a manga panel in Demon Slayer, and is official art. (in other words it is official art)
My first shiny was hatched at 444 eggs with no boosts cuz I'm poor :,( I'm never gonna get an albino, let alone a melan. When I see everyone here complaining about melans, I just feel so jealous that they have millions of shinies and albinos hatched.
Call me Kara. Really wants melan Reuniclus... avatar by @DuchessLunaire ! Their art is so cool! Check out their shop! my lone shop! -> shop my journal! -> journal the awesome joint shop i share with @hanamochii! (in the making of) Ralts hunt! 539h/1s/0a/0m
5/400 for Diancie hunt (probably will never happen)
NamesGølden's AvatarNamesGølden
NamesGølden's Avatar
It's really nice to take a break from this almost 1k shiny chain with TR going on and just in general internet/pfq break. I should've realized to do this earlier because someone *cough* sally *cough* is making this hunt reeeeeal rough for me, with almost no albino's and only two shinies so far. I'm very close to breaking this chain but that's going to be three months of work all gone so I really hope once I reach 1k I'll get a melan, pretty certain that won't happen though because that's just how god awful my luck is.
10/17/2021 ᕙ(•v•)ᕗ Journal | Joint Shop

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