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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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So the recent Shazi day was a bust for me so I was really hoping to have some luck today...

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RogueWolf26's AvatarRogueWolf26
RogueWolf26's Avatar
I cry.
RøsieTea's AvatarRøsieTea
RøsieTea's Avatar
z crstal gave me one albino and a shiny. no melan *ugh*
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NamesGølden's AvatarNamesGølden
NamesGølden's Avatar
pls sally.... "Current chain: 396 / 38 — approximately 1,276.8% boost! Your 300+ chain is granting a Long Chain Bonus of 3.0% for hatching Melanistic Pokémon!"

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Lamniforma's AvatarLamniforma
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(huff) I've been going at Zubat for over 11k eggs. This is my longest melan hunt so far (other one was Riolu with a bit over 10k). Zubat eggs are easy to hatch, so it's not as tedious as Riolu, but 11k is still wild. I've been using Hypermode throughout all of it, and Übercharm until last week after which I haven't bothered to buy and activate a new one.
Dino Master's AvatarDino Master
Dino Master's Avatar
I got a troll party yesterday, the 6th of the very casual hunt Currently at 7690 eggs for fletchling this is not well
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Goat-nerd's AvatarGoat-nerd
Goat-nerd's Avatar
Im new to melan hunting but im so tired and im only 1k eggs in aaaa
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QUOTE originally posted by Goat-nerd

Im new to melan hunting but im so tired and im only 1k eggs in aaaa
Good luck haha. I hope you get a swift melan. My hunt is 8,100 eggs, and I started it in 2018 lol. Mod edt: Removed off-topic
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CrazyCrØw's AvatarCrazyCrØw
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I hate this troll. Worst troll of 2021

the worst of the worst

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Garnet214's AvatarGarnet214
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I had all the boosts yesterday and was super hyped, hoping for a second melan from my long chain of 4,700. PotD stacked with Sei, even. I hatched 300+ eggs despite life being super busy and needing to work and used two SLEs, but I didn't get my melan. I know that we have mass click weekend coming up and some more chances there, but yesterday was extremely discouraging simply because it seemed so perfect, but nothing came of it. I started this chain hoping for at least 5 melans so I'd have DP and be able to have a complete line for my collection, but, at this point, I feel like I'm not even going to be able to complete the line.
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