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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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I just gave up. One time I chained to 230, with 0 s, or a, with alb radar cranking out max. So I have no business hunting a melan Lol. My luck sucs
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Starting to get tired ;v; won’t be long until I chain 1k and since I hatched my first melan Sally has been really mean about giving me even just shinies or albinos so I don't think melan no.2 is on the cards
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inhaleS..... i love you but why you were one after one another w h y
Got my first melan Kecleon at 600 or so eggs. Ended my chain on 3517 eggs - with no more melans. Just that one. And I spent a fortune on Z-crystals throughout the hunt rip.
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Buríal's AvatarBuríal
Buríal's Avatar
4.5k chain and no melan, with pretty much max boosts especially on Sei days... So.. much.. DCP.. wasted. :(
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GrinderFinch's AvatarGrinderFinch
GrinderFinch's Avatar
Just passed 4,000 eggs today without a single Melan hatched. If I don't get anything after my third Hypermode and Ubercharm set ends in 10 days I might need to take a break for my sanity. lol
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I am attempting my first melan hunt, and I am getting close to 2,000 eggs. I am tired of hatching shroomish, I want to move on but at the same time I really want to hatch my own melan
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