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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
haHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA this is such a trash hunt I can't even Ever since I finished the last interactions task, it's truly a miracle if I click over 100K a day. Which makes the fact I clicked over 200k today something to behold. And right before Garth day oof of course. Nvm it's the worst garth day in PFQ history. +1 is a JOKE I spent so many hours yesterday hunting rus because I forgot it only comes when I don't want or need it, and I wanted it very much. But anyway. I just bought like 2 packs of DCP and it's all gone now. I went from just breaking 5K earlier this week to 5.6k in like 2-3 days. 304 shelter adopts thanks to Shazi and it's still not enough. 4 actual crystals (rip credits) and it's still not enough. a couple of albino twins, 2 troll parties, and for what? Fat lotta good Arceus rank does tbh 84%? for a 5.6K long chain?? pffft that's clearly a lie. are you sure it's not .00002%? when I picked up this chain again I was at 1832 hatches. Whenever these PR sticks came out. Now I'm at 5.6K. That's 3772 eggs. AAaaaaa every time a good day comes along, usually Shazi, sometimes Sei, I think, okay, this is going to be it. this will be the day. but somehow it never is??? tldr: SALLY SUCKS. CASH ME OUTSIDE! It's 4:40pm. I'm starving, so I'm gonna stop hatching and go eat a very late lunch and contemplate my farming choices. Forgot to add my Ubcercharm dies in 4 days so there's that. All the more reason to GIVE ME MALEN, SALLY.

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4000 eggs 2 months no melan in sight no shinies and albinos have hatched for a while, either. if i get a male melan nido at this point, i am going to raise hell
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For some reason my melan hunts are always so long. I have all my boosters activated and on the best sei day in history, I only got 2 albinos as if the boost didn't even effect it. My first 1,000-ish into the chain I got a double troll in the same party (two shinies two albinos) so I thought this was the beginning of greantess. Yeah right. I'm now at 4,500 eggs again just like last hunt's chain and if it's gonna go on like this, I'm not ready to hatch 18,000 more eggs for 4 more melans Sally, bless me before August 2nd because I know you can >:') Edit: August 2nd decided to save the chain and start a new hunt
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Celena's AvatarCelena
Celena's Avatar
Ok. List of things today: -Bought 180d Hypermode Voucher and activated Hypermode? Check! -Bought and activated Übercharm? Check! -Charged Albino radar max? Check! -Shiny Charm? Check! Ok, first thing I activated my hypermode and ubercharm and got a shiny in the first hatch of the day. Gradually getting through eggs and hatching. Nothing.. Nothing at all. I can't believe my sheer cruddy luck. What is the point of hatching when I get nothing? ;-; I went further and tried to click my hands off, more then I usually do. What do I get? Nothing. I want to see those sparkles Sally! Purple Sparkles, PURPLE
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Animestia's AvatarAnimestia
Animestia's Avatar
Bro, I'm straight up not having a good time Chain is now up to 2,800+ with every single boost today except Sei - I even bought a Z Crystal while they were cheap and used it! And what have I hatched..? Nothing! Another special drought this week! Sally has forsaken me, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. Please give apple. If I can hatch ONE special today I'll be happy... Edit: 78 eggs later - I've gotten a single albino Edit 2:

Ohhh my god

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StillHere's AvatarStillHere
StillHere's Avatar
I just hatched a troll party for the first time in a while. I'm on mobile and so was hatching them two at a time in my party, saw the albino sparkles, and had the thought "if a shiny hatches immediately after this I'm going to lose it". Cut to me losing it. Sally. Sally. One melan. Just one. Give me one. I've now passed 4,800. Give me the melan. I am begging you. Today I have hatched 132 Wooloo with full boosts. You gave me two shinies and an albino. I am begging you for a single melan so I can finally know peace. I have a total of 7 eggs left today I can adopt without spending gold. You have seven eggs left today to give me a single melan. I am begging you give it to me. Give me the melan, Sally. Sally you have failed me :(
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Jana Kennedy's AvatarJana Kennedy
Jana Kennedy's Avatar
I finally got Arceus rank a couple of weeks ago so i wanted to rekindle my eevee hunt as that is what i want a melan of most (or quite a few tbh so i can get the whole set) i am currently up to 1792 hatched and 37 shinies, and i think 10 Albinos (i am trying out the new inventory codes so the hatched and shiny numbers will change...) i normally stop for type races but i am on team normal next month so want to keep this up and go all out for that...
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Hetus's AvatarHetus
Hetus's Avatar
I don't think I am ever going to hatch a melan unless I use a Z-Crystal everyday. I hate it every time I read- "Your 4,800+ chain is granting a Long Chain Bonus of 72.0% for hatching Melanistic Pokémon!" Man if you want to give me such a chance? I would have already have got a melan by now! 500 Eggs hatched yesterday, 200 today and 5 Packs of DCP and 2 Z crystas burned all for, three sets of trolls? Also I want to bluff about my Arctovish hunt. They are a pain to breed and somehow I have to refresh 20 times to get one egg, even when I release 150+ of them everyday. Not to forget the fact that I have literally steam rolled through 20 DCP packs in past two week, never did anyhting like that i past. IT IS JUST HOPELESS All my schedule of future hunt has been postponed, I have no words what to say.
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Shazi's AvatarShazi
Shazi's Avatar
Sally has decided to bully me on this hunt. 5800+ chain and no melan. This yamper chain is cursed
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Mceyebrows's AvatarMceyebrows
Mceyebrows's Avatar
"Your 10,000+ chain is granting a Long Chain Bonus of 150.0% for hatching Melanistic Pokémon!" And yet on full boosts, arceus, z-crystal, hm and uber and shiny charm and even on sei days (that are more cursed with lack of hatches than normal days for some reason) I am lucky to get 1 or 2 albino and same amount of shiny in a day. Frustrating to say the least that the longer my chain has gotten the worse my luck has gotten, not the other way around.

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