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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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FIGURE.09's AvatarFIGURE.09
FIGURE.09's Avatar
this hunt has gone on long enough. i haven't seen a single shiny since almost 200 eggs, and the last albino was a couple hours before reset. almost all boosts but 2
arceus (for now) and z-crystal
, an even 1,800 eggs in the chain, and so far no melan. i swear i'm gonna be reaching 2,000 eggs in like 2 days or sumn idk. it's exhausting to see i haven't had anything since an albino nearly 100 eggs ago.
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Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
Dude Sally is the actual worst. 270DCP, including the freebies, ordering from the supplier at least 4 times (~280K, and Wendy is literally holding the last egg of this very last batch hostage), a fae crystal, both charms active, arceus, albino radar, and for what? for what? a handful of shinies, some albinos, one (1) troll party? what else can I do to apease you, you stupid dumb dragon?? You won't even give me rus WWHY DID I WASTE TWO-THREE HOURS hU NTING IT??? ahaha while I was about to post this, I did get rus. I got ambushed by the first rus of reset. when my crystal's gone and I'm not activating another, when I no longer need it, when I for sure didn't want it. Because that's honestly how it happens every. single. time. and for what?? ? for whhaaaaat?? a (1) s i n g l e shiny. just one. look at that absolutely cursed number. look at it. i'm so tempted to feed it to Sally for breakfast, the absolute monster. I woke up in a Mood and this is just rubbing salt into it. I can't even. It's time to log off. It's time for Maleficent to leave for the day because I can't HANDLE this tomfoolery, this absolute CLOWNeRY. @Sally @SystemSalamence Catch me outside. Catch me outside so I can DECK YOU.

EDIT: Mmmhm, yeah. looks about right.

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JirachiAJ's AvatarJirachiAJ
JirachiAJ's Avatar
Whooooo troll party despite charm, uber, and 3300+ chain
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stärchörd's Avatarstärchörd
stärchörd's Avatar
I have a chain of over 3,000 for Pincurchin and I've been using crystals since the first one I hatched. And, of course, no melan. Nice to know this site really doesn't like me, as usual! I'm so bitter and aggravated.
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Sina142's AvatarSina142
Sina142's Avatar
I’ve been hunting Milcery since they’ve been released, and now it’s come back to bite me. I can hardly find eggs in the shelter, and when I do oftentimes someone else has grabbed them. Then the fact it has taken me nearly three days and 200 eggs to get a single albino, and I need at least three more. This hunts just gonna be a nightmare.
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Ganz's AvatarGanz
Ganz's Avatar
I really don't think that the purpose of this game is to crush my will to play but that's exactly what it does. Seeing the same people hatch early Melans and have good luck, and then I continuously get laughed at in my face by Sally. Don't even mention when I try to use DP... Specials flee at the very sight of me putting forward money and effort.
Mintyleaf's AvatarMintyleaf
Mintyleaf's Avatar
Just got a troll party, thanks sally
JirachiAJ's AvatarJirachiAJ
JirachiAJ's Avatar
Went all out today. Charms, z crystal, huge chain. Got four albinos and two shinies. Cut me some slack, sally
sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
sojussimblr's Avatar
I've only been back at this hunt for a week, but I started the chain again from 2,074 and I'm now on 2,750 so hopefully I'm still justified in the complaint? Troll Party...... Sally :))))
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Peachi's AvatarPeachi
Peachi's Avatar
I'm so frustrated with this XD001 hunt. Melan legend hunts are not fun? I'm up to 1.9k hatches without a melan and it's just too much for me dlfksdlf. I always use a z-crystal on this hunt, and I'd say over half were hatched on a Sei day. I'm also kinda afraid of token prices going forward, since the Alcremie evo items are from tokens. I don't even know if I'll want to continue hunting this if token prices end up stabilizing higher than they used to be, but it would be so wasteful to just end this hunt without a melan. I did the math before and I've spent almost 100k gold(equivalent) on tokens for it, but I haven't hatched them all yet so here's hoping?
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