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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar
:/ ran outta adopts early yesterday due to good bonuses (nearly had a heart attack when the "you've reached your adoption limit for today" message popped up) so resorted to using dcp 366 (rip) including the 12 freebies + dragon crystal + fully charged radar + shiny charm + arceus + time and avoiding writing + also this is the first time in a while i've made over 200k interactions in a day now that it's sei should i even bother using a crystal? chain's one party away from 2.6k i'm not even nature-hunting i just want a boi who likes a berry

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I like my Pokémon &
I am trying to DP hunt for a future galar release, and I got my first melan yesterday at 4.1k eggs in. I had to hatch over 700 eggs to get it with full boosts. I hatched over 1.1k eggs total. Did 130k Interactions. It kills me. I just want eggs.
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I have been on and off this sight, but I have been melan hunting Ralts thro9ughout this time. 3k hatched but 2.5k chain (not all with hypermode but mostly) 35 shiny, 23 Albino, 0 melan TnT pls Sally pls
xXShadeXx's AvatarxXShadeXx
xXShadeXx's Avatar
I feel like Sei days reverts odds half of the time. I hatched a decent amount of shinies and albinos yesterday. 115 eggs in today, and I haven't hatched one special today I don't think. Like...what is up with that? Like not even a troll party, Sally? Here I thought my Melan Toxel hunt sucked with all these troll parties. Where's my early melan? >.>
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söbble's Avatarsöbble
söbble's Avatar
Here to whine because it seems like whenever I do something good happens so- These iron puppies just want to watch me suffer. Almost 200 eggs with nothing now. 22 shinies in 1,400 eggs with two sei days in that time, full boosts What do you WANT from me Sally. Give me dp specials. >:(
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Prometheus's AvatarPrometheus
Prometheus's Avatar
I’m just about fed up with this hunt, I’m not even happy when I hatch melans anymore because they’ll probably be the wrong nature. Out of 6 melans in a 9684 chain, only 2 have been the nature preferences I’m interested in, while another 2 have been bred by me and are the wrong nature (with 2 everstoned parents) and the other 2 haven’t been bred by me and are the wrong nature. I feel like I’ve come too far to just give up now and keep the next 2 melans I hatch regardless of nature, but it’s awful tempting.
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Animestia's AvatarAnimestia
Animestia's Avatar
"I'll settle for some birthday specials" I said before having INSTANT REGRET
Goat-nerd's AvatarGoat-nerd
Goat-nerd's Avatar
im a total begginer to all of this, and im kinda sad i havent gotten any extra shinies or albinos ;-;
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i've been on and off hunting Gastly since October 2019 My current stats are; 36s/44a/0m/3163h I've had days where I hunt with full boosts (ie. charm, uber, Z, etc.) and still no melan Does a short 300 type race chain and gets a melan in 253 eggs Please Sally, I'm begging you
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Blakbird's AvatarBlakbird
Blakbird's Avatar
Oh, 'nkay, so it's gonna be like that already, is it? You give me two albinos and then these two right next to each other right after that party? I see your game. Edit: AND THEN I get an albino in the VERY NEXT party. Sally is trying to stress me out.
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