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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Noctuoidea's AvatarNoctuoidea
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bruh sound effect #2
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QUOTE originally posted by Noctuoidea

bruh sound effect #2
this physically hurt to look at on the bright side, there’s someone who buys twin/triplets/troll parties if you wanna make some money oof
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Three troll parties, one which had twin albinos, another twin albino party, and a twin shiny party. Oof
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Kaiken's AvatarKaiken
Kaiken's Avatar
I just...I hate this Melan Karp hunt. Started as a casual gem hunt on a Ravyne x4 day. Around 800 eggs I thought 'I have Arceus, why not try to finally hatch a Melan?'. HM, UC, rent SC daily, rented then bought a star pass, used a Z crystal yesterday (wish I waited until today)...nothing. 3.5k+ eggs. 1 set if shiny twins, 1 set of albino twins, 1 troll party. My HM, UC, IP and hope are just about to run out. If it wasn't that I needed one self hatched, there is no way it would be worth it. People sell them for much less than what I have spent and it would save so much time too. Never again. Ugh.
cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
i've officially hit 1k hatches and i :,^) hate myself for choosing to do a hunt like this,,,, at least the eggs are easy to hatch, right? im sure people have had much worse then my chain, but (cries softly)
VoidZoroark's AvatarVoidZoroark
VoidZoroark's Avatar
1 troll party so far and over 1,100 hatches. please shroomish. I hope your out there somewhere.
"Your 5,000+ chain is granting a Long Chain Bonus of 50.0% for hatching Melanistic Pokémon!" That's a big fat lie. I know I dont have Hypermode, but I havn't even hatched a single melan yet. I'm tired and I've been doing this hunt since May. I'm slowly loosing my sanity.
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quinnpanda's Avatarquinnpanda
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oh boy,,, my first ever troll party,,,,,, yay,,,,,,, i’ve been hunting for a solid year and this is the first troll party i’ve ever gotten. i’m honestly so proud i made it this far
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cosmyn's Avatarcosmyn
cosmyn's Avatar
i decided to save my chain for about a month. maybe i’ll randomly get a melan morelull or tyranitar.. doubtful but hopeful.
Blakbird's AvatarBlakbird
Blakbird's Avatar
Koroku hunts are the worst. I always use all boosts minus Z-Crystal. This past Sei Day, I used a Z-Crystal. Not a single special. To be fair, I also only got to hatch 9 eggs, but even from saving eggs from the day before and clicking as much as I could on Sei Day, that's all I was able to get. I am a sad. I just want to be done with this.
Shop is here. It is locked at the moment for some recoding, though.
Selling any Ghost Delta Pokémon?
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Let me know! I collect them.
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