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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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Seastar's AvatarSeastar
Seastar's Avatar
It just feels like I don't see albinos half as often since I started another melan chain ;w;
Cassy1235's AvatarCassy1235
Cassy1235's Avatar
My third troll party in just over 1000 eggs... T_T Edit: Didn't get a screenshot, but I just got a fourth troll party during Pokérus.
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kerfluffled's Avatarkerfluffled
kerfluffled's Avatar
im not at the complaining stage of this hunt yet, but my first troll party of this chain has arrived...
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Have had 5-6 troll parties before 2,000 hatched and two of them were on Christmas day and New Year's day. Though did get one on Boxing Day after and was thinking, why a day later? Just wanted to see if I could get a Christmas and New Year melan. Of all the years I have done this exact hunt, at this time every year, haven't been able to hatch them on notable days. Like that or on my birth day next month. Not really at the best complaining stage but was more like why? Why all the near misses? Anything specials bred by me, with a okay nature, I plan to keep this hunt. Obviously any melans to finish the line, except the evolutions I hate of Eevee and refuse to own one. So will stay to my time schedule allotted for it, three months.
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Teaques's AvatarTeaques
Teaques's Avatar
216 eggs, HM + uber + full charge of albino radar + Z crystal + Shiny Charm + Sei 16%. Of those, 11 hatched as Shiny and only one (!) as Albino (to make things worse, it was in a troll party). Z Crystals prove useless yet again but shiny charm pleasantly suprised me (it was my fist time using one). Anyway, my chain is at 4672, still no Melans. Well, I'm not giving up...
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quinnpanda's Avatarquinnpanda
quinnpanda's Avatar
well I’m back 115 egg hatches, and 9 were shiny. I had EVERY BONUS, excepting the PoTD and V-Wave. I used a z-crystal and had Uber. No albinos. This was my first z-crystal use, and with this, I doubt that I’ll be using another.
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Ecalypse's AvatarEcalypse
Ecalypse's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Ecalypse

Ya girl is back-Complaining about riolu again again! Today I had all boosters besides arceus active and I hatched an astounding 1 Shiny! That’s all folks! Not hatching this party until reset since it’s so close! I’m actually furious about this. After my next party I’ll be at 6k hatches and I want to stop. But I need my mlem since I’m too far to go back now...
SAllY DID THIS AGAIN! ONE SINGLE SHINY. My chain is at 6,428 and I want to curl up in a hole and die. Although, Granted, The person I was borrowing the Shiny charm from didn’t send it until 2 Hours before reset. I’m not surprised At the failure of the Z-Crystal. My albino Luck is so bad, that In all these eggs I’ve hatched, I haven’t gotten a single troll party. I think I’d actually be happy to recieve one at this point since me hatching anything special seems to be the last thing Sally wants.
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Aust's AvatarAust
Aust's Avatar
Was planning to do Aerodactyl Melan hunt for the type race^^ ((yay team Flying!)) Started today to take advantage of the Shazi bonus to get a good head start on the hunt.... and only 2 shinys and 1 albino in 172 eggs so far... I am filled with dread..... :( ((only bonus not activated is a z-crystal, I always hunt with a shiny charm+uber charm and fully charged albino radar etc))
ReginaCordium's AvatarReginaCordium
ReginaCordium's Avatar
Closing in on 10k hatches and I haven't gotten a single melan :'D ya girl is suffering
Over 4k balloons and no melan. This hunt is quickly taking the ever coveted worst hunt position. Why are my hunts always so terrible?
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