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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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BananaMoonKit's AvatarBananaMoonKit
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Well then- Today was horrible likewise xD I reached 4.9k chain- Not fun: 490+ hatches 15+ shinies 5+ albinos Every boost active today (Arceus rank and z crystal included) Im like dyingggg halp mee-
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Managodess's AvatarManagodess
Managodess's Avatar
I'm really deep into this Melan Swablu hunt and kinda wanna complete the dex line... but at the same time I'm not sure I really like the updated sprite quite as much (still pretty, but I was super digging the purple, ngl) Not sure what to do o:
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Aw man I totally understand that. I got my melan a while ago but... I really, really don't like the new sprite at all, and I'm not really sure I have the energy to continue for 1~2 more melans after the disappointment of the new sprite. It sucks because I'm nearly at 9k hatches (8,890) and i just... dont know. It seems like a waste to stop now considering what I put in (7 Z-Crystals, every day shiny charms, the tourney grinding to keep arceus, etc etc) idk. and idk if anyone will even want to buy the next melan I get because it just looks like a slightly tinted version of the normal sprite :(

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It took me nearly 12k eggs to obtain 2 Melan Ralts and even when the art staff had said that those sprites wouldn’t get changed since they had no flaws on them- I still choosed to keep them level locked. They got changed. Never believe the words they says whispers a voice in my head now :/ Edit: I liked the megas though so I’m going to get those, but I’m not going to aim for a full line anymore.
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Teaques's AvatarTeaques
Teaques's Avatar
Just enough said Okay I've had many trolls, at least 5-6 in my 3k chain, but this is on an entirely different level I'm so frustrated right now that I felt like I absolutely had to share it
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Ameyoru's AvatarAmeyoru
Ameyoru's Avatar
4,972 eevee hatched, barely any albinos. i know im not arceus, but it's absolutely not something i can get at the moment or plan to. this hunt is something i cant afford to quit now but i hate how unlucky i am
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I am 2.6k into my Melan Larvitar hunt. I know that isn't like an obscene amount but it's still frustrating. Especially when I used Z-Crystals during MCW and hatched almost 800-900 eggs with full boosts during those 2 days. Then on the last Niet day I hatched 600+ eggs with all boosts including z-crystal. No melan. What do I need to do to get this darn melan T.T
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AxelBby's AvatarAxelBby
AxelBby's Avatar
Please Sally.I love you. 18.9k chain. My last melan was at 13k. thats so many shinx xD I started this hunt just wanting a single male melan shinx. guess who got 3 girls lol and all of them were hatched really far off from eachother. I started this hunt in maaaaaaaaay let me hunt something else please and thank ^^
Mouse 13's AvatarMouse 13
Mouse 13's Avatar
stop stop teasing me pls this just ??!!! this is how you get a troll party on a day you're not even really hunting. this is also the first albino of the hunt,,
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AxelBby's AvatarAxelBby
AxelBby's Avatar
rip. that would have been so hype

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