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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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AlphaHero19's AvatarAlphaHero19
AlphaHero19's Avatar
My current hunt is Pichu. Hatched 27,849 and still no melan. I've got so many shinies and albinos that I just release them or give them away for free.
Nightmøn's AvatarNightmøn
Nightmøn's Avatar
From daddyx profile
From my own dex
*just me trying to be positive with this hunt* Edit: Just to make it clear, that more of a "joke" than a complains. I'm only at a chain of 500+ so I'm not "that" unlucky, just very unprepared xD
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GnarleyQuinn's AvatarGnarleyQuinn
GnarleyQuinn's Avatar
Does it help if the parents are holding items or does that slow the process? @AlphaHero19- if you're giving away Pichus, feel free to send one my way :) @Nightmon- send some luck this way!!
it doesn't change anything- except for a everstone and destiny knot- although the Daycare page tells you what it does.
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Ganz's AvatarGanz
Ganz's Avatar
Your 5,000+ chain is granting a Long Chain Bonus of 75.0% for hatching Melanistic Pokémon! I have both Sei bonus and Shiny Charm today, I shiny so far. Like 80 eggs hatched. Probbaly 3 albinos I think? First melan was chain 2,700... Sally end my suffering.
skylucario's Avatarskylucario
skylucario's Avatar
EXTREMELY DEEP SIGH. hardly any specials today, and i’ve used full boosts/max adopts again. i’ve only got 1 z crystal left. like it’s arguably early (i’m at 2600), but i’m extremely frustrated with this hunt although...since the other fletchling-hunter just finished his crazily lucky hunt today, maybe i will finally be able to soon, too? please???
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everybody's complaining about too many shinies/albinos, i'm at a 600 chain with no shiny. it's myself to blame- i can't reach level seven and hav eno boosts besides the pokeradar!
Sheepoid's AvatarSheepoid
Sheepoid's Avatar
So uh Sei day, shiny charm, hm and uber as well as full albino radar a few minutes ago.. Shinies? 0 Albinos? 0 Sometimes I feel like Sei days decrease shiny odds.. Either tha or my luck is just garbage :-)
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GnarleyQuinn's AvatarGnarleyQuinn
GnarleyQuinn's Avatar
I got my first albino in weeks yesterday. My 2nd in a chain of 900+ Still no shinies in a long time.
Maleficent's AvatarMaleficent
Maleficent's Avatar

it's my party and i'll whine if i want to

I know V~ has nothing to do with it but... it's Fairy day. After using a Crystal on Sei day (without much hope of it working tbh) I wasn't up to hunting yesterday. So I did my 12 Daycare freebies and just grabbed a few Pokémon from the shelter for the bare minimum hard goal of the tourney and spent a couple more stocking my ice rte. Point is I had 66 more adopts left and I didn't mind that I didn't use them all up. Eggs or no eggs. Go back to hunting these stupid mimes today and I get a grand total of 0 specials. Absolutely nothing. So the same number I got yesterday but with more disappointment because wow what a wasted effort. If I knew that was going to be the outcome I definitely wouldn't have used up all my Shelter adopts today. Because it was so dang dry I thought Sally was teasing me with a melan and was gonna be like "SURPRISE! You get... 1 Albino!" but not even that. Just... nothing. Since I spent most of my time collecting Fairy gems in the early days to completely max out my badge I always get a teensy bit excited when I see it's a Fairy V~. Despite the fact I don't need to worry about collecting anything for it anymore, and haven't since February, I still get excited. So. This? Super salty. Not to mention I didn't even get to hunt Mawile for the race because of these things. And that race, wow.
tl;dr: shelving this chain and not coming back until feb/mar 2021. maybe.

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