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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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@starfair its not really going to do much without hypermode, i would get hypermode before an uber charm. More bang for your buck
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@dumbdog Ahh makes sense.. thanks for telling me
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Ahhh I've been spoiled with early melans for a while now but of course it looks like one of the higher exp eggs is gonna end up with a chain upwards of 1,000 ;u; (Hey at least it can't be as bad as goomy- 10,240 exp egg with a 3858 chain to get my melan)
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that was uncalled for sally. i just want my special wormy.
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decided to unstick my quaxly hunt (was at 4k hatched) because i thought it'd be an easy way to replenish my zc supply by hatching a good amount of melans...i just hit 5k with Absolutely Nothing AHAHA 1k eggs with no melan in sight on an already long chain with full boosts (other than the cobalt amulet) :((
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i'm at 2806 hatched on this chain. i activated full boosts and used 9 lucky eggs and didn't get anything. atp i need more eggs to hatch more and can't afford them AAAAAA . i also need more dcp bc my eggs aren't showing up in the shelter yet and i want to hatch my nature :')) sally is so cruel

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Has the Sei day turned into an albino day?? I have gotten two albinos today alone, which is more than the TR ever gave me. Ugh. I thought albinos were supposed to be harder to hatch then shines?? Then why do they keep popping up?? I can only hope that if this pattern continues, I'll get a melan today :') I'm barely five hundred Pokemon in tho so I feel like that would be too much to hope for.
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Sally come on, if you want me to have another no special sei day.... i don't know what I'll do. I just want my melan monkey home, please.... how do I suppose to collect S/A/M loyal three + pecharunt if you won't give me even shiny on SEI day >:(

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This Poochyena hunt has been driving me crazy, today is the final day of this attempt and I have literally every boost except arceus rank. Sei day, Z-Crystal, level 7 radar, shiny charm, ubercharm, and over 3K eggs. If I don't get a melan today, I'm switching to Electrike just for a change of scenery in my party. I've been hunting this route 1 mon for 2 weeks straight now with over 2K eggs in just those 2 weeks. Sally please, you'll get daily treats for a whole month if you just let me switch hunts tomorrow without leaving empty-handed.
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I feel somewhat bullied by Sei and my Piggys. I just reached 3400 eggs and got exactly 0 melans. And I need at least 3 to have the whole line. Slowly I start liking the Lechonk less and less.

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