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Lets complain about melan hunts!!!

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xXShadeXx's AvatarxXShadeXx
xXShadeXx's Avatar
I know I'm only a lil under 600 eggs right now, but all these early melans people are getting really has me crossing my fingers that I can get one before today ends. I wouldn't be complaining if it wasn't an exclusive hunt. Around 500 of these eggs are from today and my fingers are dying. TwT
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nimbuscrying's Avatarnimbuscrying
nimbuscrying's Avatar
everyone hatching melan or multiple melan today I'm foaming at the mouth near 500 eggs I'm getting a melan key today foaming at the mouth
NobodyMono's AvatarNobodyMono
NobodyMono's Avatar
I know I just started this chain but yeah, the usual. Whats an early melan? (insert sarcasm here) Ngl, I just want a proof that my z crystal is working... like where are the albinos? I want at least a small chance for a melan.
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Honey Bunny's AvatarHoney Bunny
Honey Bunny's Avatar
I just want a melan Rockruff but it's not gonna be easy without boosts
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S p u d's AvatarS p u d
S p u d's Avatar
My hunt lasted for a year (...tbf 95% was me on hiatus lol) and I'm hoping I get a melan already I really want to move onto dex stuff :')
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RoyaLotad's AvatarRoyaLotad
RoyaLotad's Avatar
I have ground up 7 melans and two boxes full of S/A to supply DP for Larvesta today, this delta melan is being so rude by not existing.
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mandomimir's Avatarmandomimir
mandomimir's Avatar
it really is nice to see all the hatched melans today tho! soooo many cool finds, especially Tala-chan's delta melan yveltal! that being said, it's taking a huge amount of willpower for me not to waste CR on supplier eggs or use up one of my DCPx60s before reset 😭 i do notice that most of the lucky people today already have long 4k-10k chains and Z crystals active so im just reminding myself to be patient lol. in my case, it seems a 3k chain isnt quite high enough yet. also, man, Z crystals can get pretty expensive. i'd hate to use one up without the TR boost to stack on and potentially pour 100ZC down the drain...

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Tempura778's AvatarTempura778
Tempura778's Avatar
Did I pick up this hunt yesterday? Yes Should I complain about it, having already gotten two Melans on this Z-Crystal blitz? Not really Will I do so, having hatched 400 eggs today with max boosts after egg 40? Absolutely I just want me blood sword, Sally. Means I don’t have to stick it
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dumbdog's Avatardumbdog
dumbdog's Avatar
hatched 500 eggs today, 6 shninies and 2 albinos, not bad but max boosts :[
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This ralts hunt is my first time really trying for a melan and i don't know what the expectation is for how long it should take but i've got a chain of 2,413 ;-; i have everything except an ubercharm active sometimes it feels like i started getting less specials the longer my chain goes on
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