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Journals: A Quick Reminder.

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Sei's AvatarSei
Sei's Avatar
I just want to give you lovely people a quick reminder on Journals. Because of the staggering amount of them, it's been decided that journals that haven't been active in 3+ months will be removed. This is by no means "permanent", and they can and definitely will be undeleted per-request of the owner of said Journal. While that's a major reason for their removal, there's also some other things that will warrant a removal of your journal. Please make note of them: Journals will be removed if they meet one or more of the following criteria, including what was mentioned above: - The journal has been inactive for 3+ months in its entirety - it's wise to keep the first post and last post up to date so we can see its active. You can achieve this by just 'editing' your post. - There's only one post, and it's quite "useless" - For example, the first post says "done for tutorial" or "omg I love it here!" - The journal devolves into a "Chat thread" - meaning you use your journal or another users journal to communicate with one or more users. - The Owner is no longer subscribed. If your journal doesn't meet any of these criteria, it will be spared. Thanks for listening!
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