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Luckiest things that happen to you on Pokefarm

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Lunalatic's AvatarLunalatic
Lunalatic's Avatar
I snagged this Florges from the shelter yesterday! There's also this Helioptile, who came with a Death Wing!
Today, 4 friends send me cookies/sweet hearts from the event. I needed an item for event, got it after opening 2 boxes and after opening another, I got 2 summon items ;w; Summons where a Steel Statue and a Cobalt Épée Oooof, NOW there's a Orthrus in my shelter and my party is Full ~
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Kiwani's AvatarKiwani
Kiwani's Avatar
This random girl. Second special hatched in second type race in a row. A albino Cleffa for 2019 team fairy, and a shiny Slugma for 2019 team fire. I am on a roll.


* 0/200 Helix Orbs
MasterRed's AvatarMasterRed
MasterRed's Avatar
I randomly got this beautiful boy while hatching eggs! I love him <3
PokeSoap's AvatarPokeSoap
PokeSoap's Avatar
I got this shiny from the shelter yesterday! I was super excited. : D
SweetSerenity's AvatarSweetSerenity
SweetSerenity's Avatar
I somehow was lucky enough to hatch a melan that I bred from a 13/687 chain. I was honestly surpised I was able to do that.
Here's my journal: https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/188580/Serenity-s-Journal Profile Picture made by me.
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daves's Avatardaves
daves's Avatar
got this boy through wonder trade a couple days ago! personally made my day because i love the pichu line!!
おやすみ、おやすみ art by emberdemon (chicken smoothie), avatar by dorgoat!
NeonFlame's AvatarNeonFlame
NeonFlame's Avatar
got 3 boxes in a row with scours.
GIFby KitKatKutie2
Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
first @ 7/166 and second @ 8/177
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^^Buying for 150gp each^^
Dracojax's AvatarDracojax
Dracojax's Avatar
adding on to last post @31/644

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