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You have to pay 5 zc per pokemon you release to the shelter. This includes the eggs from the daycare when you don't pick them up on time.


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You can trade pokemon's souls for ZC
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For 1 credit, you can trade a lv. 1 Pokemon to Garth to get...a lv. 2 Pokemon. :P
Avatar credit goes to Lvcipher! Whyn't go show their Pokemon some love?
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Remove all Pokemon from the site!
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QUOTE originally posted by Bulbizarre

Remove all Pokemon from the site!
Good idea! Turn PokeFarm Q into TrainerFarm Q. The game is now about talking to each other so the only available feature is the forums.
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When you are online there should be a 2% chance that a Pokemon from the shelter will travel to your farm and eat/delete a Pokemon. Chances reset every 10 minutes. This Pokemon will have a special symbol on it showing that is where it came from. You will be notified if one of these Pokemon appears and all of its activity in your farm. Every hour you own this Pokemon it will continue to eat a new/different type Pokemon. On this Pokemon's Profile under the Battle Tab, there will be a kill count for each it eats. For each Pokemon eaten you will gain 3,000 and a 1% of gaining 500 . If you run out of Pokemon, the intruder will return to the Shelter. If you have an Pokemon in your farm there is a 30% chance that the intruder will be zapped off your farm every 48 hours. The intruder can't be removed from your farm unless put onto Wonder Trade at midnight. If the intruder is a Pokemon that can be evolved or mega evolved and you go ahead and evolve it, this will cancel it from attacking any more Pokemon. The amount of Pokemon it killed will still remain underneath the Battle Tab of its Profile. There can only be a maximum of 10x intruders in a single PokeFarm at any given time.
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make breeding pairs with negative breeding chances take away your eggs with a vacumn
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QUOTE originally posted by AggOtick

If you have an Pokemon in your farm there is a 30% chance that the intruder will be zapped off your farm every 48 hours.
If the intruder is in a field the chance is 50% but it will not leave the field it landed in For every Pokemon in your farm the time is reduce by 1 second
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99% chance that you will not hatch a S/A/M in 1,000,000,000 eggs :)
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QUOTE originally posted by PikachudittoUwU

99% chance that you will not hatch a S/A/M in 1,000,000,000 eggs :)
And if it's sei day it's 100% 😀

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