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virtualpet's Avatarvirtualpet
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Dinic: for April Fools Pikafarm returns
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Our Pokesona, Drawn by Us.
corrinn's Avatarcorrinn
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Ask Niet to implement Pokemon into real life
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angeljumps's Avatarangeljumps
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last night i dreamed that a new feature was rolled out: "sandwich of the day," which is useless except to recommend sandwiches for players to eat IRL
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forum icon was drawn by me scraggy gif by the pokemon company
KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
Toilet thought: A tool you can buy with ZC, but charge with GP every day like the shiny charm to increase your chance of hatching a specific gender- breaks when you break your chain or when you don't charge it for 2 weeks or more Can also have a box to preserve it much like the shiny charm box, but all the box does is keep it So like: You buy tool with ZC, and use GP to set it so that 75% of all vulpix you hatch will be male(instead of the usual 25%).
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add an option to write complaint letters to sally :V
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tigbit's Avatartigbit
tigbit's Avatar
make a pokemon that faces right instead of left
DanielTheCake's AvatarDanielTheCake
DanielTheCake's Avatar
give the option to lower other people's shiny luck, hypermode players can raise it
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beemo's Avatarbeemo
beemo's Avatar
hi, i would like to suggest putting more pokemon per field. i am sick and tired of spending my hard earned credits on fields. i demand 1000 pokemon per field. please and thank you, neit.
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Pages: 123··· 181182183

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