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your favorite store on the citadel [specials,rtes,boxes,pairs]

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This is a joint shop by nanarini and Alice Writer. (currently under construction)


  1. All PFQ rules apply
  2. Please state clearly whom do you want to trade with! @Nana or @Alice is okay
  3. note that nanarini may sometimes answer questions directed at Alice because she's bad at english and i help her translate stuff anyway so i may just answer directly
  4. Don't use your own space-consuming templates in posts
  5. We reserve the right to decline any offers
  6. If you want to do a bulk trade like RTEs please send a message when you're online and ready after we accepted your trade. We get on at around 9am server time and go to sleep shortly after reset. If you need to go away in the middle of a bulk trade please tell us.
  7. You can pay in mixed currency, by a conversion rate of 5kcr/5gp/1zc, unless we specifically state we are looking for a certain currency for the item
  8. Please subscribe to the thread, we would not like to chase you down!
Rules go here
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  • shinies/albinos
  • variants/exclusives
  • RTE
  • breeding pairs
prices: (listed for shinies; albinos are double the shiny price) 2560ehp - 50kcr/50gp/10zc, rare gender 55cr/55gp/11zc 3840ehp - 65kcr/65gp/12zc, rare gender 70kcr/70gp/14zc 5120ehp - 90kcr/90gp/18zc, rare gender 100kcr/100gp/20zc 6400ehp - 120kcr/120gp/24zc, rare gender 130kcr/130gp/26zc 7680ehp - 140kcr/140gp/28zc, rare gender 150kcr/150gp/28zc 10240ehp - 170kcr/170gp/34zc, rare gender 180kcr/180gp/36zc genderless: 6480ehp - 160kcr/160gp/32zc variant/exclusive: 5120ehp - 225kcr/225gp/45zc

sale: get a full line worth of shiny hoppip (4 hoppips) for 280gp, or a line worth of shiny morelull (2) for 140gp!

fennekin (5120ehp)



amaura (7680ehp)



minior (6400ehp genderless)


hoppip (5120ehp)


alolan meowth (5120ehp)


grubbin (3840ehp)


azurill (2560ehp)


tynamo (5120ehp)


larvesta (10240ehp)


deerling (5120ehp)



morelull (5120ehp)



hallowe'en purrloin (variant 5120ehp) ongoing


Deltas (50kcr/50gp/10zc)

prices: all are 10kcr/10gp, rare gender is 15kcr/15gp

hallowe'en purrloin

way way too many to list! ask for specific genders and natures




shooting star cleffa

i have too many to ever possibly list them - please just ask if you want a specific gender/nature!

others i have 1-2 of

prices: 2kcr/2gp per evo/1zc per 3 evos

currently available:
  1. fire, psychic (fennekin, braixen)
  2. rock, ice (amaura; only at night)
  3. bug, flying; bug, poison (wurmple)
  4. bug, grass; bug, flying (burmy f and m respectively)
  5. bug, electric (grubbin)
  6. normal (whismur)
  7. normal, grass (deerling)
  8. water, fairy (marill. i have them as happy, leveled azurill, which i will evolve at demand and they will instantly be rte to azumarill, so if you prefer, i can sell them as azurill for you to raise happiness yourself for 3gp a rill. that yields you 1 normal, 2 water and 2 fairy evos)
  9. dark (hallowe'en purrloin and possibly other dark leftovers)


normal: 91-93% - 20kcr/20gp/4zc, 94-96% - 25kcr/25gp/5zc, 97-99% - 30kcr/30gp/6zc variant/exclusive: 91-93% - 50kcr/50gp/10zc, 94-96% - 55kcr/55gp/11zc, 97-99% - 60kcr/60gp/12zc




Weedle 95%

Vulpix 96%

Burmy 94%

Bruxish 96%


Paras 99%

Joltik 97%

Noibat 97%

Noibat 98%

Mimikyu 98%

Apocalyptic Growlithe 97%

custom breeding pair making


normal: 30kcr/30gp/6zc, if you want a guaranteed 97-99% - 35kcr/35gp/7zc variant/exclusive: 60kcr/60gp/12zc, if you want a guaranteed 97-99% - 65kcr/65gp/13zc if you send one your mon, you get 5kcr/5gp/1zc off
nanarini's Avatarnanarini
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  • items
  • dexing
  • [reserved]


price: 110zc per boxbox (currently looking for zc) Total boxes x168


prices: 2kcr/2gp per small gem/2zc per 5 small gems i will convert to medium if your order cannot be done in under 5 trades i will not convert to large
Small Medium Large
Normal 517 3 0
Fire 713 0 0
Water 86 1 0
Grass 1251 1 0
Electric 140 0 0
Ice 85 0 0
Fighting 294 1 0
Poison 163 1 0
Ground 61 2 0
Flying 67 0 0
Psychic 5 1 0
Bug 463 3 0
Rock 25 49 0
Ghost 73 0 0
Dark 796 8 0
Steel 18 1 0
Dragon 10 0 0
Fairy 198 1 0


Currently UFT: none right now!
you can ask to dex trade any of the mon i have in my fields. currently its pay what you want!

rules for dexing

  1. return my mon as soon as possible, dont go offline with it
  2. dont change names or dressups. if you want to leave a note in the description, ask first
  3. dont evolve my mon. dont exp unlock locked mon and dont lock unlocked mon. of course, dont feed them doom seeds, black pokeblocks or anything of the sort!
  4. dont take items, unless its a forme changer and you need to dex both formes. then, put it back on if it was held/take it off if it was attached to the trades (put everything back as it was)
if youre looking for a certain regular mon, ask. specials are listed, in dex order:

megas and formes

mega ninetales q (shiny) mega espeon q mega sylveon q castform sun mega lopunny (shiny) rotom wash, fan, frost, heat dialga primal palkia primal shaymin sky aegislash shield tornadus, thundurus therian alolan exeggutor, marowak, raichu (or just borrow a tapu, see legends) totem mimikyu minior exposed


articuno moltres mew suicune lugia celebi regice kyogre rayquaza magquaza jirachi uxie dialga +primal palkia +primal regigigas shaymin victini tornadus thundurus zekrom yveltal diancie tapu koko tapu lele tapu bulu tapu fini cosmoem magearna


charmander weedle pichu surfing pichu alolan raichu cleffa alolan vulpix mega ninetales igglybuff meowth alolan meowth eevee flareon jolteon vaporeon espeon umbreon leafeon glaceon dratini togepi azurill hoppip treecko wurmple ralts whismur skitty feebas chingling drifloon mega lopunny maractus zorua tynamo fennekin fletchling litleo pancham espurr amaura noibat grubbin mareanie stufful minior +exposed drampa orkit


clefairy alolan vulpix meowth alolan meowth eevee dratini azurill hoppip sneasel ralts skitty mawile shieldon cherubi galvantula tynamo fennekin pancham spritzee swirlix amaura noibat grubbin bounsweet minior

melan azurill is up for dexing for a price of 20gp or equivalent, or feel free to offer!

reserved section
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reserved - extra
Alice Writer's AvatarAlice Writer
Alice Writer's Avatar
  • shinies/albinos
  • variants/exclusives
  • RTE
prices: (listed for shinies; albinos are double the shiny price) 2560ehp - 55kcr/55gp/9zc, rare gender 60kcr/60gp/10zc 3840ehp - 65kcr/65gp/11zc, rare gender 70kcr/70gp/12zc 5120ehp - 80kcr/80gp/13zc, rare gender 90kcr/90gp/15zc 6400ehp - 110kcr/110gp/18zc, rare gender 120kcr/120gp/20zc 7680ehp - 140kcr/140gp/23zc, rare gender 150kcr/150gp/25zc 10240ehp - 170kcr/170gp/28zc, rare gender 180kcr/180gp/30zc

Noibat (5120)


Ralts (5120)



Dratini (10240)



Meowth (5120)


contents 2
contents 3
Alice Writer's AvatarAlice Writer
Alice Writer's Avatar
Reserved - Other
Alice Writer's AvatarAlice Writer
Alice Writer's Avatar
Reserved - extra
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nanarinis side is open! alices side will be edited in soon c:
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@nanarini: Hello! c: ZC for that Steel Statue?
It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
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QUOTE originally posted by Asteri

@nanarini: Hello! c: ZC for that Steel Statue?
yes! please send trade!

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