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Albino Hatching Thread!

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BioShocking's AvatarBioShocking
BioShocking's Avatar
lol what. lvl 5 radar and 2 eggs while hatching for gems. Albino Sizzlepede is so cute!
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CobaltSeas's AvatarCobaltSeas
CobaltSeas's Avatar
fell on my wrist yesterday but hey at least i hatched this hasty boy wooo :')
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Yahan's AvatarYahan
Yahan's Avatar
Finally got the albino I need for my last canon albino dex entry xD Now I feel dumb for trading my ZC for credits to get two Z crystals from the market ;-;
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leyyatha's Avatarleyyatha
leyyatha's Avatar
I'm hunting for shiny Chikoritas but hatched this albino boy. 😊 Good luck albino hunting, everyone!
Dogmage999's AvatarDogmage999
Dogmage999's Avatar
Wait... WHEN did I hatch this? A few days ago, I was hatching randoms, and one was an areodactyl. Didn't notice any sparkles or anythng. So... Win I guess?
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Lyre's AvatarLyre
Lyre's Avatar
First special of the chain, on egg 41. She's so cute <3
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heartstrings's Avatarheartstrings
heartstrings's Avatar
tearing up and crying i was just getting started on my type race hunt which might be longer than type race acc and i hatched her on my second party in 2 hours on this hunt while having a lvl 5 albino radar shes the exact nature and gender and food pref i wanted guys pls feed her i want her to become a big bird
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Pages: 123··· 151152153

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