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Albino Hatching Thread!

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Melia's AvatarMelia
Melia's Avatar
I hatched a little cutie ^w^
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just hatched this little guy! excited to see what he'll look like when his sprite gets updated ^^
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angeldusty1's Avatarangeldusty1
angeldusty1's Avatar
Just hatched this pretty albino
Mystera's AvatarMystera
Mystera's Avatar
I don't normally post my albinos, but I thought this was really neat. True identical twins; same gender, same nature, from the same parents. Parents aren't even holding any Everstones. Neat as they are, I will probably sell them.
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Azuresylveon's AvatarAzuresylveon
Azuresylveon's Avatar
First albino! I was moreso keeping an eye open for shinies instead because of the Sei boost today so this guy caught me completely off-guard
CobaltSeas's AvatarCobaltSeas
CobaltSeas's Avatar
My lunk has been down during my hunt these last few days with all of these boosts but I think it all went into this girl! First thing I did when I woke up this morning was hatch her and was like :O I'll probably come up with a better name later. Probably
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BioShocking's AvatarBioShocking
BioShocking's Avatar
698 eggs into this hunt, finally found something!
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MickTheMoose's AvatarMickTheMoose
MickTheMoose's Avatar
Got these two guys in the same party!
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Connie Flùr's AvatarConnie Flùr
Connie Flùr's Avatar
Hatched an albino before I hatched a shiny lol
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aphxie's Avataraphxie
aphxie's Avatar
was nature hunting fr this guy, he turned out to be the only albino of my entire chain so i really lucked out :'3

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