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Albino Hatching Thread!

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LavenderHues's AvatarLavenderHues
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Hello there! 8V
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Sakuri's AvatarSakuri
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i started hunting this vulpix hunt like 30 minutes ago and on the first party i hatch i get her, she was the exact gender and nature i wanted I SWAAR TO GOD THIS WAS THE FIRST PARTY I HATCHED.
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QuirkyRabbit's AvatarQuirkyRabbit
QuirkyRabbit's Avatar
Hatching legendaries for dex and I got this beaut <3
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MegaSwinub's AvatarMegaSwinub
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Wow! What a successful day for Albino hunting! :D All of these (plus 2 others that I traded in for DP) were hatched in a 24h timeframe, as well as 4 shinies! :3
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stingrays's Avatarstingrays
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i had been saving all my summon items to use on a sei day because i wanted to have the best chances of hatching a special legendary as i possibly could, and the very first egg i hatched after today's reset was this lovely boy :") i wasn't Really expecting to get a special legendary, but i'm so glad i did
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Sakalava's AvatarSakalava
Sakalava's Avatar
Just joined the site a few weeks ago, and this is the first special pokemon I have hatched! I was going for either a shiny or albino, so I'll take it!
CrispyMaster's AvatarCrispyMaster
CrispyMaster's Avatar
Held this egg for over a week in a lab because I didn't want to break my chain. As soon as I break the chain, this happens. Wasn't even trying to hunt for an albino, but I'll take it!
MajikkanCat's AvatarMajikkanCat
MajikkanCat's Avatar
I can't even. Not to double post but:
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This is one of those, where it was the only one I deltaed in the party and turned albino.
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DoctorFoxxy's AvatarDoctorFoxxy
DoctorFoxxy's Avatar
Hatched this dude yesterday, my first special legendary!
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