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Albino Hatching Thread!

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Crøwne's AvatarCrøwne
Crøwne's Avatar
First type race Albino
Avatar made by Plumy
sojussimblr's Avatarsojussimblr
sojussimblr's Avatar
It's not that I didn't get Slowpoke, I just didn't wanna oversaturate
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They/them, for simplicity. Beathan sprite; egg sprites from Bulbapedia; couple sprite; Acacia sprite by me
Sapphirevixen's AvatarSapphirevixen
Sapphirevixen's Avatar
Type Race Bunny.
Edited Avatar by me of Vinsmoke Reiju from One Piece manga.
Magical Rose's AvatarMagical Rose
Magical Rose's Avatar
Just got her today ^^

Avatar Credit

Pfp drawned by Evaxyy on DA. I commissioned her. I'm The-Magical-Rose on DA. I was SweetMelody0405 before I changed my username. Here's proof: https://www.deviantart.com/evaxyy/art/commission-SweetMelody0405-846936083
Bonespeaker's AvatarBonespeaker
Bonespeaker's Avatar
Angry isn't the right word but I am a bit uneven about getting this one. I was chaining Galar Corsola all night trying to get a shiny and hatched at LEAST 80 eggs, as I went through all my adopts + day care. And as I was nearing the end of my adopts running out and was planning on jsut going to bed I notice and unown egg who's dex I didn't have yet. So I thought I'd grab him, since it wouldn't break my shiny chain. And which one of my 80 eggs rolled albino? The /one/ non-Corsola.
I mean he's /cool/ but something about how my luck panned out makes me feel a little resentful towards him.
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Suzi's AvatarSuzi
Suzi's Avatar
My first albino legendary~!
Spewpa's AvatarSpewpa
Spewpa's Avatar
Howdy, I'm Spewpa. I hoard Cracked Teapots and currently have 432! Feel free to send any you don't want! My icon is by Sheepoid on PFQ.
LavenderHues's AvatarLavenderHues
LavenderHues's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by LavenderHues

Another one!
Complete set, and just as I was saying "wow I haven't got an albino yet this race so weird"
Forum icon drawn by me!
ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
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