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Hello everyone. Welcome to my Journal! Finally got around to rewriting out my Journal. May take awhile to actually get it going!

Please: Don't post here. Thank you

Mainly going to show things I've worked on and things that I like, notes and other things. Hopefully when I remember to. qwq !st though, how about things with me and Novan, Ye?

About ME

Preferred Name: I'd rathr be Novan: or Novie DoB: 10/6 Age: 23 Gender: Female *
Just to make sure. I've been mistaken and have been called a male on various occasions
Zodiac(s): Dog*
Yang; Wood
, Libra*
I'm a scale :P
Hobbies: Drawing, sculpting, painting, playing video games Hello Hello! I'm Novan-chan, though I also go by Novie, Nov' and Noviechu. T'm the very same Novan-chan that was found on the original Pokefarm. I joined PF1 back in late July 2010-ish. I wasn't a very social user back then, often keeping to myself and doing party clicks to other users. Though, While I wasn't very social, I had always dreamed to be apart of the Site's Graphic's Team. In hopes to give back to the site that had helped with the despression issues I had. I loved the site so much. After around the 1st update about PF@ being announced, I had dropped from PF1 due to internet issues, as well as IRL Problems being more an more troublesome, etc. Years later, around mid 2014, I still had been through a roller coaster of IRL issues and depression. A lot involving with the lost of very close family. Though, of all the downs, I had some ups: I gifted various things that allowed me to draw digitally. One day I decided to check my email, which I found a message involving Pokefarm and the "Pokegold" Promotion. Seeing it was POkefarm, memories flooded from my time an excitement when I played PF1. I quickly signed up for PFQ, under the very name back on the original site. Novan-chan c: Months later, an event came up that had really caught my interests, called the Super Spook Specials, which was one of the Halloween contests played during 2014. I was really hyped about the contest and was really hyped when I saw there drawing portion of it. Though, truth be told, I didn't think I would have as a good an entry as many of the other users who entered and didn't think I would've gotten so far, as I was still new to drawing Digitally. I entered with this as my entry for the Drawing Portion of the event. About a month in after the event endded, When the Event was going through its votings, I had an amazing PM from the bwarftastic Sei, who announced to me that I was heading to the 2nd round of the voting process(and ultimately gave me my prizes) and offered me the chance of my dreams to be apart of the Graphics Team. Finally! I took on what was asked of me for "Sei's Trail": of 5 options, I did two of them. I made a fusion of Dragonair, Chandelure, Houndoom, and Hydreigon (which was teh 1st sprite fusion I ever made) and a art piece of Staff, Sei and Garth. Drawing both a Cartoony and realistic versions of their Pokesonas. So much was wrong but I was proud of it back then hahaha And ever since then, I've been apart of Artstaff. Begining of 2017, I've been promoted to Art Manager and given SuperMod rank. I've never been happier.
I've graduated High School back in 2014, bit later then the rest but I graduated. Wasn't the best of students but I tried my best. I've been drawing since I honestly can't remember. I've practically everyday, if not a doodle, I fully draw. Since 2013, I've been learning how to Digitally Draw form the more Traditional drawing. Sometimes I can be a bit critical with my artwork, not being too proud of it til I do enough til I deem it such. I'm always drawing. My mind is always on a roll an the moment I think of something, it has to be drawn. So PS is typically on when I'm online. I have a bit of a sleeping issue as I'm always in the mood to draw. When I'm speaking with anyone, be on call or in chat, I'm known to be drawing or spriting. Speaking of food, I love food. Sometimes, I don't tend to be very picky about what I eat, unless its spicy food *
I can't handle Spicy food for the Life of me
, so long as it tastes good to me. My favorite foods mainly consist of seafood, Japanese dishes and Cuban dishes. I love Sushi and crabmeat. I also love Crab Ragoon. I love this red bean and pumpkin stew my mum makes- its so yummy! I also REALLY love steak. I love burgers but I LOVE STEAK. I also like Ketchup. No its not just because I'm a Pikachu. I just REALLY Happen to like Ketchup. I'm a huge animal lover and the loving owner of 2 very sweet pets, Ziva(Dachshund/Jack Russle mix) and Jazz(seemingly Khao Manee cat) and take care of several stray cats in my area. Ever since I was little, I have loved animals. Dogs especially. I've always gotten really happy an giggly when seeing animals. If I could, I would literally bring any animal from the street an care for em. Though with what I do now, I simply take care of teh strays appear at my complex til we are able to find them homes or get them to a shelter. I've owned several pets before in my family. All of whom have been loving family themselves. I used to care for this gorgeous and sweet Tom, named Tiger, who was abandoned by a neightbor of mine. He has long since passed. I currently care for about 4-5 strays, one of which is super sweet, gorgeous and an all round gentlecat. he goes by Mr.Whiskers. He, like the otehr cats, have been adandoned but Mr.Whiskers is the most friendly, Social an sweet of the bunch. Much like Tiger was qwq I greet him everyday for pets an fill his bowl that he shares with the other cats

Novan:Trainer version

This Section will hold information about Novan as a Pokemon Trainer. This is 'Verse with Novan as a human. I'll try to explain about Novan's trainer experience and note the Pokemon teams she*
I, technically. you get the drift
used against the Pokemon Leagues within each Region. Info isn't currently Available.

Novan:Pokemon version

This section will hold information about Novan as a Pokemon. This 'verse will consist a bit of info of PMD an simple info of Pikachu!Novan. Info isn't currently Available.
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-Chan and all forms of her belong to me Art for the Avatar of Novan is made by me for my use only!
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar

Pokefarm 1

little thing on PF1

So I wanted to show my PF1 trainer card and share a lil bit from PF1
I wasn't a very social person back on the mother site. I would simple just stick to myself and click only the parties of other users while also admiring the awesome pokemon they had. As seen, I kept the same name I have here. I actually only stayed on Pokefarm 1 for several months and was forced to stop playing due to several things that are a bit personal. Pokefarm was actually 1 of the most active sites I would go on, others being DeviantART, Youtube and Facebook. Back then, I always had this want to be apart of POkefarm staff and work on making the stuff better. Thou, at the time, I didn't have any form of tablet to actually let me draw digitally. But I dreamed. Funny how that dream became reality huh? On POkefarm1 my starter Pokemon was, of course, a Pichu. His name was also Sai. He's just as awesome as my baby Sai on here. c: Among Pokefarm was the larger list of PFQ Exclusives. Some of the 1st Exclusives I hatched was Lunupine, Orkit, Vampire Glicar, Frost Houndour and Dracater. Yeah the most known Exclusives to be the 1st exclusives to be hatched. Of them that I loved greatly was Lunupine- which was my great pleasure to work hard on making the Lunupine that returned here on PFQ c: Since I've been on PFQ I actually returned to PF1 and wa semi active on there. I kept that Box Opening Addiction at bay by opening them on PF1. I would constantly be playing in the Dream World as well and playing around there. I also sorely attempted in trying to get my Idex and trying to get my Unova pass on PF1. Yeah a stupid attempt that I didn't successed in getting. But I got my Idex on there do That was an accomplishment! Also, in a sort of love for PF1, I remade one of its site skins here on PFQ- The Shadow Lugia Skin. While its actually still under development, its the only site skin I use. It was used back on PF1 and its used on Here too c: soooo.... yeah that's it for this one qwq bu-bai!
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar

Bruh~ Pokemon Codes

I had no where else to actually put this, and I'm not completely looking for anything in exchange for them- as much as I wouldn't mind getting something QAQ but hey these were freely given out to fans, so why not continue that? but anyway, what I wanted to put up Sometimes, I tend to get a few game codes for either the Main Pokemon games or for the TCG:Online(rarely.) N With that "sometimes" I tend to be given/get more of said codes then I should. I happen to have a few nice friends who give me/let me get additional codes so I can give them out to those who can't go to their local game store. An since I don't have many friends IRL who play the main games or the TCG, even though the ones who I do know get a code 1st, I wanna share the rest with you guys so that they're not wasted. To whom ever happens to browse my Journal c': Which would be hardly. I don't post too often but I do update. Anyway. This will be updated often til I have none at said moment.
Guys, Please be aware that I tend to update my posts that are already known, with said notification on my Trainer card, on my page. Here are what I have, right now. they'll be listed here, along with a number of how many I have left.

My rules

This is just a small thing that I hope whoever happens to want said codes understand and follow. I'm sharing with you guys and I don't wanna be forced to not do this. So please be Truthful with me

Rules: Please take time to read, Thank you.

Each type of codes available are limited If I happen to get a large amount of cards, Arceus forbid, I Might consider giving out up to 2 codes of said Pokemon but will always suggest asking for 1 so that other players can obtain a Code Pokemon too! This will also include TCG cards if I so get more then I typically do n don't use them/ have all available cards on the TCG:O. Usually though, I'll have codes being 1 per user.If interested, DO NOT message here! Please continue what the 1st post says and PM, please! I know I'm giving stuff out and you guys would need to comment to let me know but I would rather you guys send me a PM instead. Title it "PKMN codes" Those who don't know how to PM: hover to see explaination
• Go to User's page • Find the Mail card on User's About Me's bar. the 3 lil lines on the far right of the bar should have a option there to Message users • Send a PM Titled "PKMN Codes" and explain there. • Please be Polite!
I'll be sending you said code in PM after you tell me what you wish. Please PM me back at you have used said code This is where I need you guys to help me. So I know that the codes have been used, I'll void them and toss them away, and update this post with the new numbers. Also, please let me know if the codes are incorrect, there have been times I type them out wrong. thanks guys! <3

Code Card List Rules (About Me)

To those who have extra code cards an wish to give them out to users an wish to have an extra hand in advertising it. I'll be more then happy to have you listed with me for distributing Code Cards to others on site! 1: Must be code cards for the games. List the Pokemon, Card's Region, and amount of cards please. Why I ask for Region is because Code cards are region locked EX: N.America cards won't work on Europe 3DSs. 2: Please Let me know when sending me a PM that you're Ok with being listed in my about me and are ok with users PMing and asking for said Code Cards. 3: If you so Agree, Please stay up to date with me. Let me know when cards have been used, you've gotten more or that you have no more 4: At any time you may PM me to remove you and I'll do just that <3 -- For Users seeking Code cards -- Please be polite when PMing anyone from the list above. They've been generous enough to collect extra code cards for users on the site and willing to be known an accept PMs. if they have mulitple Cards, ask if they do 1 per user or not. Thank you!
Code Cards I have: With a bit of info All Code Cards I have listed will be shown in the following Accordions. 1st list will show all valid codes and how many I still have along with the info on the card. The 2nd accordion has all previous codes I had that are, as of late, Invalid.

Pokemon Code Cards still Available

Year of Legendary Pokemon _____________________________________________ PKMN TCG:Online:

Codes Invalid and/or unavailable

Battle Ready Dragonite!

Get Battle Ready Dragonite! Available Codes: 2 Available on: ORAS When Card(s) Expire: Oct.12,2015 Dragonite: lvl55 Ability: Multiscale Item: Lum Berry Moves: Dragon Dance; Outrage; Hurricane; Extreme Speed

February: Mythical Legendary Mew #151

Mythical Pokemon: Mew #151 Available codes: 0 Available on: X/Y and ORAS Limit: 1 per user When Card(s) Expire: May 31,2016 Mew: lvl 100 Ability: Synchromize Item: N/A Moves: Pound Note: Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon by obtaining the very same Mew Event that was available when Pokemon Red and Blue were the big games at the time!

Mythical Legendary Darkrai

Mythical Pokemon: Darkrai #491 Available codes: 0 Available on: X/Y and ORAS Limit: up to 2 per user for 2 games When Card(s) Expire: August 31,2016 Darkrai: lvl 100 Ability: Bad Dreams Item: Enigma Berry Moves: Dark Void, Ominous Wind, Nightmare, Feint Attack Note: Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon by obtaining Darkrai, The Pitch Black Pokemon!

TCG: Season League: Greninja

PKMN TCG:Online:Season League 8: Greninja Available codes: 7 When Card(s) Expire: N/A Code gives: Bisharp card set + Season League 8's Promo card

Year of Mythical: Arceus

Mythical Pokemon: Arcues #493 Available codes: 6 Available on: X/Y and ORAS Limit: 1 per user When Card(s) Expire: November 30,2016
Alrighty That's it for now~
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar


Updated: 6/29 This Big ol post will be including the ART That I have done. starting with sprites thenw ith artwork. I'm not going to be including the shiny versions of said sprites now seeing as many can see them in various places. Though I won't update sprites unless I know someone has them and the artwork will typically take awhile to show cause I gotta find them lol >>

Pkmn Sprites

Fenniken, Braxien, Delphox + left handed: Updated: Malamar: Binacle and Barbarcle: Clawitzer: Tyrunt and Tyrantrum: Noibat n Noivern: updated: Sylveon: Updated: Litleo line: Zygarde (all forms):

PFQ exclusives dex

Lunupine: Orkit and Orcalot: Famueno, Faemilarin and Faemisimo: Shooting Star Cleffa, Clefairy and Clefable +egg

Mega Sprites

Mega Absol: Mega Lucario: Mega Lopunny: Mega Sableye: Meha Mawile: Mega Garchomp: Mega Venusaur: Mega Aerodactyl: Mega Gengar: !

PFQ Megas

Mega Lunupine: Mega Rapidash: Mega Arbok: Mega Flygon: Mega Raichu: Mega Noivern: Mega Wailord: Mega Giratina: Mega Jirachi:


This area will be reserved for any other sprites, such as NPC, CS, Items, Etc. that I have made. This will only be if its a complete finished image. Custom Sprites: World's Championship Pikachu: Birthday Garth: -list of cosplay pikachu outfits here- Items: Diamond Tiara: Komainu Figurine: Hyperspace Ring: Zygarde cell:

Edit notes

This area will contain notes on sprites (both by me and edited ones not by me) that were done after 1st replacement of sprites were uploaded to the site. • Fenniken: There was 1 previous sprite before the Fenniken sprite that is seen now. that sprite only lasted under a day due to the negative input on the sprite and the position it was in. • Braxien: Same sprite as previously seen. My edits were making it its current size and making it so its not holding its stick. • M. Rapidash: Very minor edits. replacing and editing pixels that were misplaced, missing and wrong color. Albino and Melanistic M.Rapidash sprites are 1 of 2
Actually its 2 of 4 but you get what I mean...Right?
of the only sprites done by me under Ledah's approval. No, I will not show these sprites here, so if you wish to see them, find them. • M.Furret: Looker was the one who made Mega Furret's Sprite and its Shiny. I contributed mainly by just making the art concept from fusing the former concepts done by myself, Looker and Naiyala, along side in making Mega Furret's signature Whiskers and the Mega Stone used. I also, at last minute (which caused the delay to the MCW9 event) I also made Mega Furret's Albino and Melanistic Sprites. Previously Said with M.Rapidash, I will not be showing either the Albino or Melanistic Sprites. Go find them I also felt that since I didn't make the whole sprite, I will also not be showing Mega Furret here in respects to Looker.SHooting Star Clefable: 5/22 I've been so annoyed by how SSClefable was when I 1st made it an had it added. It was nearly the size of SSClefairy and its lines were so bold. SO what I did is I simply made it larger, tried keeping it to the pose the 1st SSClefable I did was in and I fixed the lines so its not as bold. Say hello to the new SSClefable! • Mega Giratina Mega Giratina has went through like 3 or 4 designs before getting its official design that is currently used. Due not being able to show everything that is intended for Mega Giratina, Everything that isn't shown will appear as its "official" Art! Due to last edits and adjustments to Mega Giratina and some Issues, Sei helpped big time in making Giratina's Melan and finishing the Albino. • Primal Dialga and Primal Palkia Sprites completely made by Key. I only made edits to their normal colors. That is all c: • Litleo Sprite Made by Sei. I only edited this sprite. Widened the head, fixed its right eye, made the flame/fluff larger, fixed pixel errors, darkened Lineart, and fixed colors.


List of Pokemon I've worked on that are Albino. This mainly consists of NEW!Albinos, since any old!Albinos will be replaced. Its a bit of a list since I helped in the Albino/Melan overdrive project. No Sprites are going to be shown here cause I want you guys to be excited seeing these. This will not be updated til all New!Albinos are updated


List of Pokemon I've worked on that are Melanistic. Its a bit of a list since I helped in the Albino/Melan overdrive project. No Sprites are going to be shown here cause I want you guys to be excited seeing these. This will not be updated til all New!Albinos are updated

Important, please read!

I wanted to saw something else and link something. Thread Regarding Art Theft Sprite Premission Request Thread
Sentence in Italic Bold has been pulled from Disclaimer at the bottom of the page
"• Our images may not be used without express permission - it will usually be granted, but we prefer you ask first rather than just steal ;) " Keep in mind that sprites for Gen6 AND Exclusive PFQ Sprites are all done by the Graphics Team because Gen6 doesn't have normal sprites like Gen1-5 and PFQ Has its on line of exclusive Pokemon(encluding megas) that can only be found here on Pokefarm. Premission is needed if anyone wishes to use PFQ sprites for whatever reason. This also applies to ANY image that doesn't belong to you! How would you like it if someone took something from you that you worked very hard on and they claimed it was their's? Or even better, they scirbble on it a bit and said it their's. How would you feel, huh? you'd be very upset, wouldn't you? Then don't do it to others! Ask 1st and be truthful! So remember guys, ask 1st! ___ on a side note- Staff doesn't accept user help in making albino/melanistic sprites from users. Most of the time, its also usually has been done in violation to using site art without premission and you guys can get in trouble. Do NOT do it, please!
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar

About Me Art

I have a tendency to have a small lil piece of art in my about me. and every so often I change it. X3 Cause I fee like it. And I honestly have no where to actually put them once I actually change them ith a new one :P Silly me forgot about my Journal. so Imma stick them here, if no one minds c: All about me images will be in accordions and visible, since they're small. THey may also have info on em :P Up To Date: 11/15


Its obvious that Helioptile has a cute lil triangle on its head an 2(when they're closed) triangles on its skin flaps. And its Egg even references the Zegends of Zelda Tri Force. I really couldn't pass it up. So I drew the cuteness that is Linkptile. That's most likely not the name but meh!

Mega Furret

Done when Mega Furret was 1st released. Those who came to my page were given an actual drawing look of what MEga Furret looked like and gave a small tip about it. this long Normal/Dragon Mega has 4 spike looking things on its head. but in 'reality' the inner spikes are Furret's Horns and the outer spikes are actually Furret's ears! Where Normal Furret's whisker markings were are now 4 long whiskers tied with orbs on them that mark the orbs on its forehead c: its still the cute and Playful Pokemon we love!

Mega Jumpluff

I actually just wanted to replace the Mega Furret with something new so I added Mega Jumpluff. This was mainly reason for my big hype with TheJwittz and him ultimately getting a Tshirt I made with Mega Jumpluff at World's ChampionShip 2015 by none other than Niet c: STill a cutie

Halloween Novie

Was made half way through the Month of Halloween2015 and was also a teasing picture for the Lunupine Event. It was also a treat that showed what I was dressing up as for Halloween this year. Novie is dressed up as Five Nights at Freddy's Marionette, which is what I dressed up as for Halloween, with a cute lil Kuro-Sensei candy basket with a Shiny Lunatone floating by. In the background, is several Pokemon wondering in the background, all of whom are facing a seeming shadowy figure which represented the Event Pokemon of Halloween 2015, Lunupine. The reasoning as why this imag ewas also apart of the Event, was Blue. Novan, along with every other figure in the image, have blue eyes. The silhoettes were a type of 'confusion' with various Pokemon back there with said blue eyes, some which were Pokemon that were quessed in the thread, such as Sylveon, Zorua(cause Mima), and Zangoose. And, because I was a mean Novie- If anyone happened to watch/read Assassination Classroom and Know well of Koro-Sensei, Those would know that I was mocking everyone. By having the Koro-Sensei Candy Basket be striped green, which Represents Koro-Sensei's Mockery face.
tis more to come later, I hope you guys like these lil guys X3
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
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Novan-chan's Avatar

Art for Novie from others

Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar

Art made by me for others

Please hover each image to see the names of each User and their sona. These images are only for those who requested these and not for free use for anyone else. *Most images link back to the owner's page, be sure to check them out~*
Right click to check their pages!


Halloween themed from Oct.17-Oct.21, Novie had taken up requests from users to make Avatars of their characters in costumes for Halloween. A few some already had costumes/etc, some took other request but were within this time. There was no Forum shop, as it would've stressed me out, but word spreads and I was in a particular mood to take up a few commissions for a wee break before the Halloween event started.
AlyssaNight's sona: Aly
Annador's Sona
BladeofBloodclan's Sona
Bravehearted's Sona: Lunoir
CatEnergetic's Sona: Katt
Drocagen's Sona: Boo
DuchessLunaire's Sona: Luna
Euradym's OC: Cyprin
Hawkbelly's Sona
Naerie's Sona
Niall's Sona
Nyan-cat12's Sona: Nyoomie
Raichi's OC: Scarlet
Rokon: Purple marked Umbreon
Sei's Sona
Shazi's Sona
Sporkobug's Sona
Suriya's Sona
TechMasterSM4000's Sona: Techsol
Voltaire's Sona: Volt
Queen Klane's Sona: Keith
Genesius: Shiny Witch Fennekin

Normal Avatars On rare occassion, Novie does lil avatars for few people, particularly staff. But these Avatars are mainly more lil avatars without actual themes to them, like with the Halloween-y themed ones above.
Ledah: Sona
Suri: Sona

Easter Avatars I decided to Do a lil thing for Easter on my end. Lil pastels an JAckels screaming
Garthic: Sona
Novie/Me: Sona


Sittens1115's OC: Griffon
Keizastu's OC
Hawkbelly's Sona
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
Novan-chan's AvatarNovan-chan
Novan-chan's Avatar

Surfing, Snowboarding and Flying The New Exclusive Pichu lines!

I haven't had time around the time these guys were added but I still very much wanted to talk about these lil guys. Just sort of gonna explain all of them an such and why I put what I put into them. Let's share, Yes~? SorryNotSorry if long

The Exclusives

Surfing: Snowboarding: Flying:
This Project was actually merely supposed to be just me making the Pichu Exclusive line's the Albino and Melanistic lines for them. What ended up happening is that became slightly upset and displeased with how the old exclusives looked. So I up'd and went about and remade them on my own and it was all up'd an approved. T'was Novie approved an even Staff approved. Was so happy. I personally didn't enjoy the old sprites. There were slight shade differences with one or two of them, if I remember right and they all weren't of size. Some were a lil bigger, others a lil smaller. Though what I really didn't enjoy was that the exclusives didn't look special. They, mainly Surfing and Flying, mainly were normal sprites with minor edits and holding the items that made them the exclusive they were. The Snowboarding, while sprited, what I assume, by scratch, didn't completely look pokemon-ish enough and the snowboard lacked shading. I personally wanted the Chu Exclusives to actually be their namesakes, actually appear like their in-action and look like they're happy and stuff. Not just simply standing and holding their items. I also wanted them to still be more different then from the normal Chu line. This is reasoning for the eyes, which will be explained below. Remaking all the Pichu Exclusive Lines took about 2 and a half months to do. That was the time that I had actually touched it and really went into it. Even during my supposed 'breaks' ((cause I don't actually break)) and went off to a trip to meet family, I was still working on The Exclusives. It had also had me up an ask to fix up the melans to the normal chus while I was at ((there was a mistake on melan raichu mainly but had also touched up the colors an kept them.. color variations)) so it was ride! I actually had put in a nice amount of research and stuff into the lines, mainly with the Surfing line, to get what everyone sees now c:

Surfing Chu Line

The Surfing Chus, I say, have the most Research and References put into them then all. Looked up through Pokemon anime, Pokemon Yellow version, looked up waves and looked up various Swimsuits. I went around and looked at stuff involving Surfing Pikachu which was the most commonly seen Pikachu variant in games and seen in the anime and in the manga, also being used in the old gen games. 1st lemme explain to those who don't get why the Surfing Chu line, as well the Snowboarding Chu line, have Blue eyes. For those who do, Novie am proud. Now then, The reasoning why they have Blue eyes is because of an actual Pikachu that had Blue eyes that was seen. No its not me but thank you. No. This Pikachu is named Puka. Puka is a Pikachu that was able to feel the ocean and tell when big waves were coming. It was slightly larger Pikachu than Ash's Pikachu and it was a sweetheart. Puka appeared in EP067 "The Pi-Kahuna" ((Or "The Legend of the Surfing Pikachu" in Jap)) and was the only Episode Puka was seen in. Here's Puka!

Puka the Surfing Pikachu

This is why Surfing chu line has blue eyes. I wanted to reference the Pikachu that the Chu line is based from. And, if anyone wants further explanation, Snowboard Chu line also has Blue eyes because you need a Surfing PIchu to get a Snowboarding chu. That's why. Funfact: Novie loved Puka's episode when she was lil. It was that one, EP039 "Pikachu's Goodbye"((Or "Forest of Pikachu" in JAP)) and EP014 "Electric Shock Showdown" ((Or "Electric Shock Showdown! Kuchiba Gym" in JAP)). These are among several episodes Novie loves. Surfing Pikachu's Pose in particular has its own lil 'reference' to it if you guys want me to really get deep. Its Pose is based on the very tiny sprite seen when having Pikachu use Surf in the old Gen games, and popularly seen in Pokemon Yellow's opening and in its minigame "Pikachu Beach" While Pikachu is posed to be like that of the Surfing Pikachu in the old mini game, Surfing Raichu was posed like it was going down a wave. Surfing Pichu, while based off the old sprite, it was edited with its feet together as if to go "Can we go!? PWEASE!?" Now, onto the boards, swimsuits n floaties. Pichu's floaty was changed to match up that of the swimsuits on Pikachu and Raichu. So they were changed from floaties with pokadots to stripes. The swimsuits were very fun to make. I went around to get an idea about them Cause, while I didn't mind the trunks, I didn't enjoy the Bikini. They didn't look very appealing and didn't fit so well on the Chus. I would've thought a lil better if it was like one of em 2 pieces lil kids wear but no, it was a string bikini. A string Bikini on a mouse, It looked horrible to me. I ultimate came to the conclusion to have them wear form fitting outfits that matched rather than keep the trunks and bikini (*Shivers*) I browsed around Google checking out various swimsuit designs to get what I liked most. The female suit, which was worked on after the male's ((Worked on Pikachu before Raichu)) mainly branched off what I had already got from the male's Til I thought "eh" and added the white patch on the chest. FunFact: Since the Female's had the full suits, I wanted the male's to stay cool too, So I added a necklace that sported a "Sharpedo's Fang". Cool uh? So stereotypical surfer XD The Surfboards, those were fun. Its pretty obvious I love references, so I ditched those surfboards that were seen on the old sprites and I absolutely love the new ones. Surfing Pikachu's board is completely based on the surfboard that can be seen being surfed on by Yellow's Pikachu in the Pocket Monster's manga, in Chapter 44 "The Fake Pikachu", where Yellow's Pikachu uses it against Red's Pikachu. Raichu's surfboard, on the other hand, wasn't one that came from the manga but a game. Instead of keeping the same board, it gets a new board that supports its size. The board that Raichu has is none other then the surfboard that's seen on the Beach course of the game Pokemon Snap. Both Pikachu and Raichu's boards are colored depending on their genders. FunFact: The Surfing chus were the easiest for me to do, not only cause they were the 1st but because I had already had what I wanted to do with them since before making them. The only difficulty was positioning the board and making the water. Flying was 2nd difficult and the most was Snowboarding, due to their action.

Snowboarding Chu Line

The snowboard chus, while they keep the scarves and the board ((Pikachu only)), I wanted them to really look like snowboarders. The boards they have straps that hold them down to the board and I added goggles onto to them which, from what I assume, snowboarders commonly wear. Those goggles have a different tint depending on gender. They also both wear similar scarves like in the original but the colors are same to that seen on the swimsuits. As for the Snowboards. Pikachu still holds the old sprite's snowboard but its more simplified and was given shading. Raichu's snowboard, while it keeps the same coloring, is all striped. I went through looking through tons of snowboard designs but didn't mind anything that looked cool. I do like how it came out though. Also love how they came out pose wise. Just really happy how them guys came out. as said previously with the Surfing Chus, Due to the means of getting the Snowboard chus, they keep their blue eyes. FunFact: I've oddly found great enjoyment in making tiny sprite accessory items since way back into making the custom Pikachu Outfit sprites that are current available ((minus the 1st 5 released with Cosplay.)) When I was nearly finished Snowboarding Raichu, I added the goggles cause I felt like they fit the Snowboards like the Sharpedo fang had fit the male Surfing chus

Flying Chu Line

Flying Chu line was the last bunch I did and was also a set that I looked up a bit more into. 1st off, I seriously had to make them look like they were flying. They're Flying chus! they should be Flying for Arceus sake! let them be their namesake! I fixed up the balloons to appear more like cute plump balloons and changed the colors. the old colors for the balloons were far too bright and had lines that were as bright. Though! I did try keep the same number of numbers that were on the old sprites, rather then change it. But! With Flying Raichu, I wanted to go with something different. Since it had the most of its line, with 5 balloons, I wanted the 5th balloon to be different and make the sprite more cute and have said balloon be different depending on its alt.color ((Being Shiny, ALbino or Melan)) What was 1st thought up was to have the balloons be the Pokeball, GreatBall, Ultraball and Masterball for Normal, Shiny, Albino and Melan respectively. BUT- It was suggested by other artists in the group to use different Pokeballs to make it even cooler and much cuter So the Timerball and Quickball are accompanied by 2 other Pokeballs that I ain't gonna spoil over what they are, that's something for you guys to find out <3 Also! I'd like to bug around with the eyes. Yes, while there have been no Pikachu in the anime or in the games that have described a Chu with Green Eyes, unlike with Puka and its blue eyes. I wanted all the chus to be special and not have the eyes of the normal chu. And, since I have the snowboard and surfing blue eyes, I wanted Flying to have a different eye color so the idea of it having the rivalling eye color to blue that looked adorable on yellow was the next best thing so tada! Green eyes on Flying Chus! Pichu's sprite was loosely based from the Pichu and Pikachu flying Chus from the Pokémon Puzzle Challenge game. I was mainly checking it out but I still used it as reference. Pikachu, like its Surfing counterpart, also somewhat goes by the old gen sprite its name sake came from. In Pokémon Yellow, You see this Flying Pikachu
Which what I tried to make look similar with my Flying Pikachu but its pretty obvious they don't looke exactly alike. which is good an bad. Cause I wanted to it look like it but still happy it doesn't cause its it own. Raichu, like the snowboards, was done all on my own and several times of me screwing around with it to make sure it looked good qwq. That one was a long one to go an do. Man the feet were the biggest pain qwq FunFact: While I was still super hyped about the chus, it was still frustrating. Flying Pikachu went through 2 poses before getting what I got and Flying Raichu had 1 other pose. the Snowboards were the most difficult cause I was trying to give them more action. That Pikachu going through 3 while Raichu went through 2 with long spans of time of trying to get the boards right.
so Yeah there you guys go! as much word things I can muster up to explain my chus. Boy you guys can't understand how happy I was when I was making it. IT was so worth the weeks working on them! Imma be honest and say I was also scared that people were gonna hate it. Yeah while I know not everyone is gonna like something, I was happy more people love it! while frustrating here an there I had so much fun and I love how they came out! I also hope you guys like the lil funfacts I had later added into this! I thought it be nice to share a bit more into this with lil facts that most aren't actually facts but yeah! c: C': If anyone has any questions about the Chus, feel free to shoot me a PM <3
Art By Novan Code by Shazi
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10k in what? Well just lil while ago (since I'm 26 hatches late), I checked my chain count to see where it was right now since I last checked it. Seems that my Pichu hunt, that I started over a year ago that started around late December 2014 to early January 2015(( and has been slowly to actively worked on while I help make pretty art stuff)), has just hit the hatch chain of 10,000. Right now, when this post was made, my Pichu Chain sits at 10,026 Hatches with over 204 Shinies, Arcues knows how many Albinos and 2 Melans. Aside that over 9.5k of those Pichu were also normal colored that were hatched, All of which have helped me rank up my badges along side those users who helped me get to the current badge I have((Wishalloy at the time this was posted)). Of the Pichu I've hatched, I do have the 3 1st Pichu of their S/A/M colors, aside from Sai, the Pichu I started my PFQ Journey with c:, all of my 1st Pichu have long since evolved, and are to stay, as Pikachu! : • My 1st shiny was a Female Pichu, Sakura, who was hatched 1/279 in the chain and hatched on January 21, 2015. • My 1st Albino was a male Pichu, Tip, who was hatched on February 19, 2015 • My 1st Melan was a Female Pichu, Yami, who hatched 88/3850, in the chain and hatched on July 11, 2015 Only reason why I haven't stopped or given up on this Chain is because out of all the Pokemon on site that have albinos and Melans, the Pichu line is the only line I really really love so much to try this long in getting its whole Evolutionary line plus its PFQ Mega Evolution in all 4 variant colors. While my 1st goal was just to get 1 melan, the goal grew to get 4 total. Getting a 5th Melan Pichu is the long shot idea. But I'm not giving up on it. I may not have good luck in getting albinos often, but I'm still going to try! even if it takes me another 10k, I'm getting my family of Pichu!
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Megacon was sooo much fun! It was also the 1st time my mum has ever been to a convention! Though the walk TO the convention was a butt, since I pushed my mum's wheelchair across the parking lot and over the skybridge, and up the steep slope so my stepdad could push my mum inside the con. Did he?... only half the convention did he >> we gotta get a ramp for my mum's hoveround anyway. We ended up paying for just 2 of us, cause my mum was in the wheelchair, which was great XD We took so many photos of people in great costumes and stuff- I even got to take a picture infront of the Pikachu Bug car with the Pikachu I took with me and my new Gengar Pikachu and Mismagius Pikachu Plushies!!! And right after I got to have a friendly match with one of The Real Elite Four. Boy were those guys so cool! The Elite I battled with was extremely nice, Nave. He even gave me a Pin and we switched Friend Codes X3 In our friendly battle it was a 6 on 6 fight with a random party fo pokemon he had against my Sceptile, Metagross, Mightyena, Sableye, Dragonite and Gallade. I was able to take down 4 of his Pokemon before I got backed into a wall with Sceptile against his fire type. IT was such a fun battle! I didn't get to meet Pikachubelle but meeting teh Real Elite Four was so worth it! There was also a huge line for Stan Lee, which I ain't gonna pay $200 bucks for a signature. William Shatner was also there though I didn't see him, though my parents did. Stepdad gave a wave to Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, both from the 80's Karate kid. They also met the guy who made Archie Comics, which was awesome that he signed something for them X3. There was also this super cute bat suit someone had an she went balistic that I started to Pika, she Pika'd, while still in character, n we started pouncing around going PIka PIka for several minutes. I wiggled my Pikachu ears while she wiggled her bat ears. It was adorable. Even took a Picture with a kid dressed as Ash, I whiped out PIkachu an put him on his shoulder an did the Pikas, He thought it was the toy hahaha. Also took a Pikachu with a muscluar Ash an a Male Misty. Much gusta. Very Much Gusta. N OOOOH We took a picture with these girls all dressed up in dressed as the whole Eeveelution. they were all Gorgeous. Scared teh poor Sylveon into thinking about a new Eevee joining the crew. gave her a hug, she was sweet c: Throughout the day was great. We bought a few things, Mum took pictures of me and many people and I surprized the daylights out of many people with my Pika Pikas. Met many people an spoke to as many about awesome stuff c: My mum stated that we have to save up more money for either the next Convention or the next MEGAcon c: maybe next time I'll get to dress up or something X3
Also saw many people loving on the new Mega Pokemon, Mega Wailord! I'm glad everyone is loving the new Mega! Will be adding it to my Sprite list soon<3
Art By Novan Code by Shazi

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