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Icy's School of Spriting

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@icymoon193 Done! Heracross was already blue, so I recolored ampharos instead and made heracross a sticker instead. Also I recolored Persian to look like my cat. I'm pretty happy happy with the way it turned out! @Vio99 Embarassed noises. Done! Even with me wearing my glasses I couldn't see the word QUOTE. Its even in big green letters. I'm sorry, I thought I had posted that for some reason. I hadn't realize you had given me another assignment.
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Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Redoing Piplup so far is kind of difficult.Do I outline the wings,do I have to color the wings a lighter or darker red?Where in the world am I supposed to do shading?Where do I do highlights?This is kind of difficult.
Wanting:Ice/Flying Gems of any Size
Needing 140 Ice
Needing 140 Flying
Shiny Articuno Hunt
All non-shiny Articuno are UFT I hatch!

Price:100k cr/100gp/30zc Each

Okay,I'm going on vacation.Protect the town,alright? Okay then master.
5 mins later
BACON PARTYYY!!! *sighs*COME THE HECK ON! Welp,gonna get me some- Nope.
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@kate1998 Do you want me to do an example piplup for you?
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Yeah,sure,that would help.
@kate1998 I start with the color that has the highlight (the darker blue) and find a similar color (placing and undoing colors until I find a good one) and replacing all of that color with the new one (if I need to iI will leave a 2 pixel chunk uncolored) then I move onto the main color and do the same. And then the shading. The shading on the white I did with a very light purple (it would be a a pinkish/salmon color for red). I do that with all the colors. With the line art I do the same thing I do with finding a color (but testing on a 2/3 pixel long line) and fill in all those. I noticed piplup has 3 colors and two are in the blue green range (one is more green, one one is more blue) most only have 2 colors. For the blue greens I did the one that was more blue lighter aand the one that was more green darker. I hope this helps.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
So something like this?
scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
scørkaji's Avatar
hey icymoon? can you repost my assignment? i forgot and im too lazy to scroll through it.
pfp made by me, edit of official Liepard sprite just yours average Elesa hating Baka queen previously known as kajiban!
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@kate1998 Yes! It looks a lot better than the others (no offence). One thing that does stand out the most to me is the wing. It is the same shade of blue/red as the belly. There is 2 line art colors on the wing a dark blue/red (top portion) and darker blue/red (bottom). There is also a black line above the wing that looks a bita bit odd. And the feet would've been fine (other than where they start/it becomes yellow) without changes. Otherwise not much immediately jumps out as wrong. But I would like like to mention I am not a teacher here so I can't give you assignments and stuff. If you want anymore help you can ask or PM me.
Kate1998's AvatarKate1998
Kate1998's Avatar
Thank you for your help.I can edit it just a bit more if you like.I am bored anyways.That actually took a shorter time than expected.Here it is.
@kate1998 When I get bored I do my clickbacks, recolors, work on my future art shop/trade shop, or lurk around the art/trade shop fourms. Mainly because we aren't really supposed to chat and stuff. You could practice recoloring if you want and PM me the results or something.

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