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This is my third journal. Here I'll post mostly important things for myself like personal notes or dex tracking. Anyways, please do not write in this journal. Thanks.
My Shop 🌸 Credits 492/500+
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Brave's Blaze'in Mass Click List!(WIP)
Here I will have a Mass Click List of people with single stacked fields (or mostly single stacked fields). They will rang from a minimum of 300 visible Pokemon to well above 5k viable Pokemon for you all to click! This list is open to all to use, but I do ask you do not ask me to add you to the list via PM - instead suggest users who aren't already on the list. These users must have at least 300 visible Pokemon to interact with and their fields must be single stacked for the most part (a few none stacked fields are ok). Hope you enjoy this Mass Click List!

Other Mass Click Lists and Important Links!

Other Mass Click Lists
Suri's Mass Click List of Mega Doom
Important Links
MCA - Stacked Fields CSS code

300+ Clicks (Very Common)

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Hunt Advanced Tracking (WIP)
  • Current
  • Planned
  • Past/Paused
  • WIP Tracking
  • Finished Hunts
Mawile Shiny: 1.[62M] 2.[131F] 3.[133F] 4.[159M] 5.[224F] 6.[315F] 7.[325M] 8.[362F] 9.[384F] 10.[393M] 11.[403M] 12.[550M] 13.[553F] 14.[581M] 15.[599M] 16.[607M] 17.[608M] 18.[647M] 19.[689M] 20.[698F] 21.[700F] 22.[845M] 23.[858F] 24.[859F] 25.[873F] 26.[876F] 27.[886F] 28.[920M] 29.[960F] 30.[1006F] 31.[1018M] 32.[1068M] 33.[1075F] Albino: 1.[15F] 2.[82M] 3.[145F] 4.[201M] 5.[349M] 6.[438F] 7.[486F] 8.[536F] 9.[563M] 10.[606M] 11.[733F] 12.[788F] 13.[823F] 14.[842F] 15.[851M] 16.[891F] 17.[917M] 18.[981F] 19.[1,058M] 20.[1068M] Melan: 1.[1068M]
Next or Other Future Hunts To Do Again

Past Melan Hunts To Do Again

ONE PUNCH!!! Fight Pooches Hatched: 1,360 Shinies: 67 Albinos: 5 Melans: 1

Shinies: 1.[48M] 2.[82M] 3.[87M] 4.[169M] 5.[172F] 6.[183F] 7.[194M] 8.[210M] 9.[216M] 10.[235M] 11.[254M] 12.[261M] 13.[272M] 14.[274M] 15.[305F] 16.[316M] 17.[338M] 18.[339M] 19.[351M] 20.[364M] 21.[396M] 22.[433M] 23.[496M] 24.[506M] 25.[556M] 26.[632M] 27.[639M] 28.[649F] 29.[657M] 30.[700F] 31.[715M] 32.[729M] 33.[749F] 34.[780M] 35.[816M] 36.[836M] 37.[837M] 38.[891M] 39.[893M] 40.[905M] 41.[912M] 42.[914M] 43.[921M] 44.[952M] 45.[960M] 46.[985F] 47.[989M] 48.[1,006F] 49.[1,014M] 50.[1,015M] 51.[1,026M] 52.[1,083M] 53.[1,085M] 54.[1,112M] 55.[1,113M] 56.[1,116M] 57.[1,154M] 58.[1,158M] 59.[1,185M] 60.[1,192M] 61.[1,197M]62.[1,240M] 63.[1,255M] 64.[1,263F] 65.[1,313M] 66.[1,345M] 67. [1,358M] Albinos: 1.[239M] 2.[392M] 3.[606M] 4.[703M] 5.[775M] Melans: 1.[473M]
Dark Illusions Hatched: 5,145 Shinies: 194 Albinos: 34 Melans: 1

Shinies: 1.[69F] 2.[74M] 3.[157M] 4.[158M] 5.[159M] 6.[179M] 7.[185M] 8.[269F] 9.[316M] 10.[319M] 11.[327M] 12.[330M] 13.[349M] 14.[437M] 15.[444M] 16.[474M] 17.[532M] 18.[537M] 19.[606M] 20.[616F] 21.[677M] 22.[687M] 23.[693M] 24.[698M] 25.[701M] 26.[704F] 27.[720M] 28.[734F] 29.[740M] 30.[749M] 31.[759M] 32.[787M] 33.[834M] 34.[851M] 35.[852M] 36.[896M] 37.[914M] 38.[970M] 39.[1042M] 40.[1047M] 41.[1048M] 42.[1077M] 43.[1093M] 44.[1099M] 45.[1128M] 46.[1209F] 47.[1215M] 48.[1235M] 49.[1238M] 50.[1309M] 51.[1327M] 52.[1364F] 53.[1400M] 54.[1413M] 55.[1424M] 56.[1626M] 57.[1665M] 58.[1683M] 59.[1699M] 60.[1707F] 61.[1759M] 62.[1774M] 63.[1775M] 64.[1783M] 65.[1789F] 66.[1823M] 67.[1847M] 68.[1867M] 69.[1872M] 70.[1880M] 71.[1885M] 72.[1949M] 73.[1961M] 74.[1984M] 75.[2001M] 76.[2091M] 77.[2112M] 78.[2126M] 79.[2197M] 80.[2245M] 81.[2306M] 82.[2319M] 83.[2323M] 84.[2350F] 85.[2359M] 86.[2370M] 87.[2382M] 88.[2393M] 89.[2406M] 90.[2452M] 91.[2462M] 92.[2463M] 93.[2491M] 94.[2496M] 95.[2499M] 96.[2522M] 97.[2523M] 98.[2539M] 99.[2554M] 100.[2614M] 101.[2655M] 102.[2734M] 103.[2765M] 104.[2770M] 105.[2815M] 106.[2845M] 107.[2850M] 108.[2914M] 109.[2934M] 110.[2983M] 111.[3003M] 112.[3007M] 113.[3034M] 114.[3054F] 115.[3073M] 116.[3077M] 117.[3085M] 118.[3087M] 119.[3100M] 120.[3148M] 121.[3173M] 122.[3182M] 123.[3196F] 124.[3202M] 125.[3233M] 126.[3243M] 127.[3276M] 128.[3292M] 129.[3315M] 130.[3316M] 131.[3322M] 132.[3372M] 133.[3374F] 134.[3440M] 135.[3486M] 136.[3493M] 137.[3621M] 138.[3630M] 139.[3725M] 140.[3786M] 141.[3869M] 142.[3892F] 143.[3899M] 144.[3941M] 145.[3944M] 146.[3950M] 147.[3984M] 148.[4012M] 149.[4022M] 150.[4052M] 151.[4119M] 152.[4120M] 153.[4145M] 154.[4194M] 155.[4213F] 156.[4254M] 157.[4272M] 158.[4302M] 159.[4316M] 160.[4373M] 161.[4411M] 162.[4427F] 163.[4463M] 164.[4484M] 165.[4510M] 166.[4512M] 167.[4514M] 168.[4523M] 169.[4544M] 170.[4561M] 171.[4590M] 172.[4609M] 173.[4614M] 174.[4623F] 175.[4663M] 176.[4679F] 177.[4706F] 178.[4708F] 179.[4740M] 180.[4741M] 181.[4744M] 182.[4787F] 183.[4837M] 184.[4842M] 185.[4877M] 186.[4887M] 187.[4955M] 188.[4962M] 189.[4987M] 190.[4998F] 191.[5001M] 192.[5035M] 193.[5046M] 194.[5133F] Albinos: 1.[338M] 2.[1038M] 3.[1179M] 4.[1336M] 5.[1512M] 6.[1815M] 7.[2114M] 8.[2118M] 9.[2174M] 10.[2231M] 11.[2333M] 12.[2437M] 13.[2524M] 14.[2656M] 15.[2852M] 16.[2927M] 17.[2949M] 18.[3047F] 19.[3475M] 20.[3539M] 21.[3807M] 22.[3975M] 23.[4125M] 24.[4239M] 25.[4252M] 26.[4342M] 27.[4419M] 28.[4498M] 29.[4803M] 30.[4835M] 31.[4925F] 32.[4956F] 33.[5026F] 34.[5041M] Melans: 1.[1287M]
1000 Colors Hunt Hatched: 2796 Shinies: 112 Albinos: 15 Melans: 2

Shinies: 1.[58F] 2.[60F] 3.[120F] 4.[126M] 5.[142M] 6.[146F] 7.[161F] 8.[169M] 9.[175M] 10.[229M] 11.[238M] 12.[276F] 13.[322F] 14.[336M] 15.[420M] 16.[443F] 17.[449F] 18.[470M] 19.[486F] 20.[548F] 21.[567M] 22.[601F] 23.[607F] 24.[608F] 25.[632M] 26.[656M] 27.[672F] 28.[692F] 29.[748M] 30.[755M] 31.[756F] 32.[768F] 33.[794M] 34.[832M] 35.[835F] 36.[846M] 37.[847F] 38.[897F] 39.[936M] 40.[954F] 41.[983M] 42.[1009F] 43.[1018F] 44.[1060M] 45.[1073F] 46.[1078M] 47.[1121M] 48.[1140M] 49.[1169F] 50.[1217M] 51.[1235F] 52.[1298F] 53.[1312M] 54.[1330F] 55.[1353F] 56.[1398M] 57.[1399F] 58.[1416F] 59.[1453F] 60.[1505M] 61.[1578M] 62.[1601M] 63.[1610F] 64.[1645F] 65.[1661M] 66.[1697M] 67.[1727F] 68.[1730F] 69.[????] 70.[????] 71.[1768F] 72.[1786F] 73.[1799F] 74.[1807M] 75.[1838M] 76.[1839F] 77.[1861M] 78.[1926M] 79.[1944M] 80.[1969M] 81.[1991M] 82.[1999M] 83.[2001F] 84.[2003F] 85.[2005F] 86.[2021M] 87.[2025M] 88.[2026F] 89.[2074M] 90.[2114M] 91.[2115M] 92.[2150M] 93.[2196F] 94.[2207M] 95.[2230M] 96.[2345F] 97.[2398M] 98.[2399M] 99.[2423M] 100.[2454M] 101.[2533F] 102.[2554F] 103.[2559M] 104.[2631M] 105.[2637M] 106.[2644F] 107.[2647F] 108.[2679F] 109.[2755M] 110.[2779M] 111.[2782M] 112.[2791F] Albinos: 1.[118F] 2.[552F] 3.[554F] 4.[598M] 5.[609M] 6.[726M] 7.[923F] 8.[1075M] 9.[1086F] 10.[1245F] 11.[1261F] 12.[1283F] 13.[1901M] 14.[2170F] 15.[2364M] Melans: 1.[1263M] 2.[2039F]
Fight Burd Of Might Hatched: 1644 Shinies: 61 Albinos: 7 Melans: 1

Shinies: 1.[60M] 2.[61M] 3.[91M] 4.[108M] 5.[121M] 6.[127F] 7.[142M] 8.[166M] 9.[188F] 10.[200M] 11.[205F] 12.[229M] 13.[271M] 14.[274F] 15.[288M] 16.[306F] 17.[310M] 18.[321M] 19.[352F] 20.[414F] 21.[428M] 22.[483M] 23.[488M] 24.[498F] 25.[547F] 26.[600F] 27.[605M] 28.[662F] 29.[669M] 30.[671F] 31.[713F] 32.[724F] 33.[743F] 34.[750M] 35.[803F] 36.[867M] 37.[879M] 38.[969F] 39.[985F] 40.[995M] 41.[1010F] 42.[1042F] 43.[1060M] 44.[1064F] 45.[1082F] 46.[1104F] 47.[1143F] 48.[1185F] 49.[1205M] 50.[1208M] 51.[1209F] 52.[1299F] 53.[1342M] 54.[1356F] 55.[1425F] 56.[1523M] 57.[1540F] 58.[1550M] 59.[1576F] 60.[1614M] 61.[1633F] Albinos: 1.[281M] 2.[397M] 3.[685F] 4.[782F] 5.[935F] 6.[1025M] 7.[1596F] Melans: 1.[507F]
Intimidating Blaze Hatched: 3043 Shinies: 102 Albinos: 21 Melans: 1

Shinies: 1.[44M] 2.[56M] 3.[97M] 4.[108M] 5.[111M] 6.[164M] 7.[172M] 8.[210M] 9.[292M] 10.[297M] 11.[310M] 12.[320M] 13.[364F] 14.[385M] 15.[513M] 16.[518M] 17.[553M] 18.[554M] 19.[614M] 20.[670M] 21.[728M] 22.[739M] 23.[806M] 24.[823M] 25.[860M] 26.[899M] 27.[915F] 28.[918M] 29.[921M] 30.[966M] 31.[968F] 32.[969F] 33.[981M] 34.[1006M] 35.[1096M] 36.[1110M] 37.[1111M] 38.[1162M] 39.[1170M] 40.[1183M] 41.[1210F] 42.[1213M] 43.[1228M] 44.[1246F] 45.[1254M] 46.[1282M] 47.[1288M] 48.[1290F] 49.[1296M] 50.[1362M] 51.[1365M] 52.[1385M] 53.[1434M] 54.[1450F] 55.[1528M] 56.[1536F] 57.[1553M] 58.[1554M] 59.[1618M] 60.[1692M] 61.[1708M] 62.[1766M] 63.[1843M] 64.[1895M] 65.[1945F] 66.[1956M] 67.[1968M] 68.[2038M] 69.[2075M] 70.[2077M] 71.[2098M] 72.[2147M] 73.[2179F] 74.[2181M] 75.[2248M] 76.[2314M] 77.[2316M] 78.[2340F] 79.[2381M] 80.[2396M] 81.[2433M] 82.[2440F] 83.[2465M] 84.[2504F] 85.[2534F] 86.[2536M] 87.[2572M] 88.[2587M] 89.[2621M] 90.[2629M] 91.[2635M] 92.[2641F] 93.[2677M] 94.[2718M] 95.[2744M] 96.[2748M] 97.[2773M] 98.[2939F] 99.[2974M] 100.[2999M] 101.[3011M] 102.[3025M] Albinos: 1.[277M] 2.[648M] 3.[798M] 4.[926M] 5.[1084F] 6.[1093M] 7.[1443 M] 8.[1442M] 9.[1452M] 10.[1643M] 11.[1749F] 12.[1856M] 13.[1969F] 14.[2186M] 15.[2193M] 16.[2339M] 17.[2676F] 18.[2770M] 19.[2858M] 20.[2975M] 21.[3014M] Melans: 1.[1593M]

Random Past Hunts

May re-do these - Need 2 more shinies, 2 more albinos and at least 2 melans. - 2 melans. - 3 melans. - 4 melans. - An albino and 3 melans. - 2 melans. - Need to figure out. - Need 2 melans. - Need to figure out. - A shiny and 3 melans. - 2 melans. - 2 melans. - 3 melans. - 3 albinos and 2 melans. - Need to figure out. - 1 shiny, 2 albinos and 2 melans. - 1 blue stripe shiny, 2 albinos (one of each type) and maybe two melans.


35 8 0 1158 139 26 1 3187 0 0 0 8

Noble Ember Shinies: 1.[33F] 2.[63F] 3.[93F] 4.[103F] 5.[133F] 6.[140M] 7.[159F] 8.[183F] 9.[216M] 10.[222F] 11.[280F] 12.[281F] 13.[303F] 14.[315F] 15.[318M] 16.[352F] 17.[397F] 18.[456M] 19.[462M] 20.[471F] 21.[513F] 22.[516M] 23.[524M] 24.[530F] 25.[536F] 26.[610F] 27.[639M] 28.[655F] 29.[663F] 30.[665F] 31.[691F] 32.[722F] 33.[727F] 34.[743F] 35.[792F] 36.[861F] 37.[912F] 38.[938M] 39.[955F] 40.[980F] 41.[1014F] 42.[1036F] 43.[1045M] 44.[1058F] 45.[1077F] 46.[1093F] 47.[1112F] 48.[1122M] 49.[1147F] 50.[1163F] 51.[1167F] 52.[1172F] 53.[1175F] 54.[1178F] 55.[1179M] 56.[1197F] 57.[1199M] 58.[1268F] 59.[1354F] 60.[1364F] 61.[1376F] 62.[1405F] 63.[1421F] 64.[1437M] 65.[1475F] 66.[1494M] 67.[1499F] 68.[1524F] 69.[1539M] 70.[1543M] 71.[1546F] 72.[1548F] 73.[1607M] 74.[1613F] 75.[1614F] 76.[] 77.[] 78.[] 79.[] 80.[] 81.[] 82.[] 83.[] 84.[] 85.[] 86.[] 87.[] 88.[] 89.[] 90.[] 91.[] Albinos: 1.[112M] 2.[116F] 3.[280F] 4.[328F] 5.[393F] 6.[492F] 7.[530F] 8.[589F] 9.[639M] 10.[686F] 11.[773F] 12.[781F] 13.[821F] 14.[848F] 15.[1080F] 16.[1360F] 17.[1709F] 18.[1729F] 19.[1763F] 20.[1773M] 21.[1844F] 22.[1870F] 21.[1916F] Melans: 1.[280F] 2.[530F] 3.[639M]
Mystical Flare Blitz Hatched: 5587 Shinies: 234 Albinos: 44 Melans: 3

Shinies: 1.[35M] 2.[37F] 3.[46M] 4.[47F] 5.[73F] 6.[80F] 7.[156F] 8.[165F] 9.[181F] 10.[189F] 11.[200M] 12.[209M] 13.[242M] 14.[264M] 15.[321F] 16.[323F] 17.[334M] 18.[340F] 19.[375F] 20.[411F] 21.[431F] 22.[456F] 23.[457F] 24.[523F] 25.[592M] 26.[619M] 27.[628M] 28.[644F] 29.[763M] 30.[820M] 31.[826M] 32.[831M] 33.[849F] 34.[852F] 35.[891F] 36.[897F] 37.[937M] 38.[941F] 39.[959M] 40.[979M] 41.[986M] 42.[1012F] 43.[1014M] 44.[1018F] 45.[1099M] 46.[1108F] 47.[1154F] 48.[1237F] 49.[1241M] 50.[1271M] 51.[1278M] 52.[1280F] 53.[1288F] 54.[1296F] 55.[1357M] 56.[1387M] 57.[1394F] 58.[1399M] 59.[1426F] 60.[1434M] 61.[1458M] 62.[1474M] 63.[1477F] 64.[1583M] 65.[1585F] 66.[1588F] 67.[1657F] 68.[1728F] 69.[1760M] 70.[1780M] 71.[1787F] 72.[1801F] 73.[1813M] 74.[1829F] 75.[1902F] 76.[1931M] 77.[2005F] 78.[2016F] 79.[2023F] 80.[2050F] 81.[2106F] 82.[2153F] 83.[2164M] 84.[2225F] 85.[2243F] 86.[2288M] 87.[2292M] 88.[2305M] 89.[2306F] 90.[2312M] 91.[2334M] 92.[2337F] 93.[2347F] 94.[2372F] 95.[2375F] 96.[2389M] 97.[2431M] 98.[2432M] 99.[2433F] 100.[2443F] 101.[2495F] 102.[2537M] 103.[2557F] 104.[2565M] 105.[2568F] 106.[2610M] 107.[2625F] 108.[2643M] 109.[2654M] 110.[2667F] 111.[2710M] 112.[2728M] 113.[2749F] 114.[2759F] 115.[2783M] 116.[2786M] 117.[2831M] 118.[2848F] 119.[2892F] 120.[2913M] 121.[2982M] 122.[2983F] 123.[2999F] 124.[3009F] 125.[3030M] 126.[3032M] 127.[3080M] 128.[3114M] 129.[3121F] 130.[3124F] 131.[3147F] 132.[3153M] 133.[3160M] 134.[3204F] 135.[3225M] 136.[3257F] 137.[3281F] 138.[3304F] 139.[3320M] 140.[3323F] 141.[3403M] 142.[3405M] 143.[3425F] 144.[3439M] 145.[3465F] 146.[3470M] 147.[3497M] 148.[3513M] 149.[3553F] 150.[3571F] 151.[3603M] 152.[3606M] 153.[3656F] 154.[3690M] 155.[3701F] 156.[3766F] 157.[3767F] 158.[3789F] 159.[3808M] 160.[3810F] 161.[3842M] 162.[3849M] 163.[3913M] 164.[3970F] 165.[3988M] 166.[3996F] 167.[4026F] 168.[4041M] 169.[4043M] 170.[4079M] 171.[4106F] 172.[4117M] 173.[4134M] 174.[4136F] 175.[4143M] 176.[4155F] 177.[4176M] 178.[4186M] 179.[4237M] 180.[4272M] 181.[4287F] 182.[4291M] 183.[4314M] 184.[4322F] 185.[4394M] 186.[4401F] 187.[4412M] 188.[4431M] 189.[4434M] 190.[4457F] 191.[4480M] 192.[4555F] 193.[4564M] 194.[4593M] 195.[4597F] 196.[4667F] 197.[4716M] 198.[4721F] 199.[4745F] 200.[4756F] 201.[4765M] 202.[4786F] 203.[4787F] 204.[4830M] 205.[4833F] 206.[4864M] 207.[4874M] 208.[4891F] 209.[4904M] 210.[4923M] 211.[4952M] 212.[4953F] 213.[4987F] 214.[5004F] 215.[5008F] 216.[5130M] 217.[5200M] 218.[5231M] 219.[5235F] 220.[5274M] 221.[5324M] 222.[5359M] 223.[5371F] 224.[5418F] 225.[5445M] 226.[5453M] 227.[5483F] 228.[5490F] 229.[5497F] 230.[5509M] 231.[5513F] 232.[5564F] 233.[5565M] 234.[5583F] Albinos: 1.[248F] 2.[421F] 3.[451M] 4.[579M] 5.[643M] 6.[762F] 7.[842M] 8.[1515M] 9.[1519M] 10.[1578F] 11.[1784F] 12.[1811F] 13.[1866M] 14.[1892M] 15.[2066F] 16.[2348F] 17.[2354M] 18.[2561M] 19.[2570M] 20.[2752F] 21.[2826F] 22.[2873M] 23.[3084F] 24.[3176F] 25.[3400M] 26.[3537F] 27.[3549M] 28.[3723F] 29.[4116M] 30.[4252F] 31.[4271M] 32.[4304F] 33.[4348F] 34.[4648F] 35.[4674M] 36.[4712F] 37.[4723M] 38.[4869F] 39.[4875F] 40.[4901F] 42.[5143F] 43.[5149F] 44.[5184F] Melans: 1.[1237F] 2.[1434M] 3.[4134M]
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Credits All art I use is either official or made by other users. If it is made from someone else of one of my character's then it is not free to use! Please do not take what is not yours. Thank you. Forum Avatar: Made by flapple Images used in a/m: Icon: An official gif, but edited by Lawless. Sprites: I get my sprites from play.pokemonshowdown.com, but they may get edited by my friend Niall Other: Siggy Credits: Art: N/A
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My Melans Self Hatched Gifts
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Random unachained shinies and albinos storage
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  • Gen 1-2
  • Gen 3-4
  • Gen 5-6
  • Gen 7-8
  • PFQ

Planned Kanto Hunts

contents 2
contents 3
contents 4
contents 5
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Random Shinies and Albinos
By random I mean unchained for these
I've Hatched



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Badge's I'm Working On
5 / 4300
1078 / 2100
2683 / 2100
1068 / 1000
0 / 3200
1406 / 2100
7 / 1000
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Egg Codes

I will be slowly adding in egg codes for the easier to obtain eggs in all canon regions. I will not be adding eggs such as Ditto, Ultra Beasts, Legendaries, Type: Null and so forth as they're not easier to obtain. This is so it's easier to get the code(s) you need when using any custom CSS provided on site where you will need the egg code(s). Such as the code(s) for highlighting eggs in the shelter you are hunting for - whether it be for a personal hunt or a tournament hunt that "requires"
By this I mean if you want to find the eggs you're looking for it would be best to use the custom CSS that highlights eggs in the shelter if you have your own Site Skin. ^^" It's not really 100% required, but it's a nice thing to have for sure.
custom CSS codes. Here is a guide that supplies egg related custom CSS codes where an egg's code may be required: x Anyways, that is all for now. I will keep this as up to date as I can! :D I hope as I work on this guide of sorts it will prove helpful to others. ^^ Still Need To Do: - Add in the other region's Pokemon and the codes I have found for any eggs in the regions. - Add tip and URL color codes so there are no complications from other players view points.


Bulbasaur: c/0/7 Charmander: f/d/w Squirtle: l/w/s Caterpie: j/n/z Weedle: a/1 Pidgey: b/y Rattata: 5/j/w Alolan Rattata: s/y/w/b Spearow: i/m/r Ekans: n/q/8 Pichu: g/s/8 Sandshrew: 1/i/1 Alolan Sandshrew: b/y/1/6 Nidoran: 1/8/7 Cleffa: g/i/1 Vulpix: 7/z/0 Alolan Vulpix: b/y/1/6 Igglybuff: m/n/s Zubat: 7/s/7 Oddish: g/s/n Paras: d/m/w Venonat: i/i/f Diglett: 6/1/e Alolan Diglett: p/p/g/x Meowth: o/r/x Alolan Meowth: 9/v/c/y Psyduck: 3/z/u Mankey: t/j Growlithe: k/n/x Poliwag: l/m/7 Abra: 4/y/r Machop: a/2/d Bellsprout: l/t/r Tentacool: d/6/h Geodude: 1/y/t Alolan Geodude: i/y/y/3 Ponyta: 6/6/5 Slowpoke: c/1/y Magnemite: 9/g/4 Farfetch'd: h/d Doduo: 5/b/1 Seel: 9/5/7 Grimer: n/a/i Alolan Grimer: 8/s/i/r Shellder: 3/1/u Gastly: f/b/0 Onix: 6/d/s Drowzee: b/v/d Krabby: b/f/k Voltorb: j/p/g Exeggcute: n/k/h Cubone: h/6/b Lickitung: c/8/n Koffing: b/d/m Rhyhorn: 9/b/0 Tangela: k/b/3 Kangaskhan: d/5/0 Horsea: q/8 Goldeen: l/k/a Staryu: l/r/1 Mime Jr.: m/q/k Mr. Mime: q/6/d/0 Scyther: 7/9/t Smoochum: o/b/7 Pinsir: b/x/s Tauros: d/q/n Magikarp: 8/r/q Lapras: h/h/h Eevee: 3/e/l Omanyte: 1/5/l Kabuto: 6/n/4 Aerodactyl: 5/d/f Munchlax: 4/u/j Snorlax: 8/t/3/u Dratini: a/x/w


Chikorita: c/z/0 Cyndaquil: 4/2/a Totodile: 4/3/r Sentret: h/j/d Hoothoot: m/f/t Ledyba: p/6/f Spinarak: 2/6 Chinchou: d/9/6 Togepi: c/a/a Natu: 2/h/q Mareep: 3/2/r Azurill: g/i/c Marill: b/2/f/n Bonsly: o/8/a Sudowoodo: a/6/6/v Hoppip: o/l/o Aipom: g/d/0 Sunkern: b/b/e Yanma: d/q/b Wooper: 2/v/k Murkrow: i/h/o Misdreavus: 6/u/u Unown: e/p/g Girafarig: r/t Pineco: d/n/x Dunsparce: o/0/q Gligar: m/3/m Snubbull: 5/8/4 Qwilfish: h/q/c Shuckle: l/5/e Heracross: j/x/b Sneasel: h/p/h Teddiursa: 8/2/i Slugma: f/f/i Swinub: j/z/s Corsola: f/o/v Remoraid: m/x/3 Delibird: d/z/3 Skarmory: 2/v/d Houndour: a/8/b Phanpy: i/1/e Stantler: a/y/f Smeargle: 6/5/i Tyrogue: h/5/v Elekid: 7/2/l Magby: c/w/w Miltank: i/4/2 Larvitar: l/z/2


Coded by Niall for BraveHearted and edited by BraveHearted. Official Pokemon gifs.

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