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waning moon shop [pwyw] | closed!

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susie's Avatarsusie
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Hello, and welcome to my art shop!


  1. Please do not send payment until I've finished your order!
  2. Please remember to save or reupload the art yourself so that you don't lose it!
  3. I can work from written descriptions, but please be very clear.
  4. I reserve the right to deny an order!
  5. I may lock the thread if I feel I'm too backed up.
  6. By ordering from me, you give me permission to post the finished piece to social media if I so choose.
  7. I won't reserve slots if the shop is closed.
  8. If you upload the art to Toyhouse, please credit to Sig on Toyhouse!

Will/won't draw

Will draw:
  1. Pokemon, Pokemon OCs, fusions, ask for fakemon
  2. Feral animals and furries
  3. Other quadruped and non-human OCs and creatures
Won't draw:
  1. Will only draw humanoids for USD
  2. Complicated mechs*
  3. Complicated designs
  4. Mature content
  5. If I find your request suspect in any way, I will refuse.
* Characters like FNAF OCs and partial robotic features are fine.

Accepted payments

  • Credits
  • GP
  • ZC
  • PayPal* (Moved. Go here for PayPal info. Asterisk point still applicable.)
  • Gems (not Normal or Flawless gems please)
  • Summons**
  • Relics
  • Boxes
  • Z-Crystals
  • DayCare Passes
  • Art trades (ask!)
* I will send you a sample of the finished product as proof, you send over the money and then I'll send you the full image. PayPal is always open, even if slots are full or the shop is closed! (PM me your form if the shop is closed.) ** No lamps or statues please! Komainu Figurines preferred.

Examples (image heavy)


(character from Spyro) (character belongs to Kuromori)


(characters belong to AngelOShadows, HiyoriAsahina, and beetlebeep)

Order form

[b]Commission type:[/b] [b]Pokemon:[/b] [b]Reference:[/b] [b]Pose/expression:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b]


  1. closed!
  2. closed!
  3. closed!



icon from your turn to die, sig by me
susie's Avatarsusie
susie's Avatar
reserve just in case
Chime's AvatarChime
Chime's Avatar
my raichu could I get her for mixed payment of 35 different gems ? Or we could do art trade if you would want,, the art I linked is my art.
avatar by Amfira of my persona !
susie's Avatarsusie
susie's Avatar
I'll put you down c:
susie's Avatarsusie
susie's Avatar
finished batch!



Please let me know if I forgot anything and send payment when able <3
Chime's AvatarChime
Chime's Avatar
Ah tysm!! She looks great :o. I'll send them in batches.
This clearly ruffles rule 6. Pokemon: Rhea, created by Gezeichnet Reference: oh deer, art by guqqi Pose/expression: Whatever you're doing right now, honestly I don't know Payment: 350 and 4 ?
[ f r i e s ]
susie's Avatarsusie
susie's Avatar
They're a cutie! I'll put you down :D
Winterymint's AvatarWinterymint
Winterymint's Avatar
Pokemon: Glaceon Reference: Located here. Pose/expression: Anything you think suits him! Payment: Is 300 GP all right?
Sprite, icon, and signature by me.
Minty/Hearts * 18 i lov pokemon mystery dungeon Credit located in the sprite.
inarizushi's Avatarinarizushi
inarizushi's Avatar
Pokemon: Lurantis X Comfey fusion Reference: [X] (no wings) Pose/expression: something sassy? Payment: is a large fire gem enough? I can certainly add more if you'd like I'll have to come back a million times for your art, it's so cute !!

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