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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
@ShotoNemar - i can do that! i'll send it over.
ShotoNemar's AvatarShotoNemar
ShotoNemar's Avatar
Also 500 for 5 shiny rotoms? no preference unless you want me to choose.
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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
@ShotoNemar - sure thing! i'll send them over.
PoisonKeeper's AvatarPoisonKeeper
PoisonKeeper's Avatar
since you consider it a higher tier could I maybe get a fujins lamp for my ice feather?
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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
@poisonkeeper - sure! please send a trade~
ktensei's Avatarktensei
ktensei's Avatar
Could I get a set of five rotoms for 500 GP? No any berry pref if possible-
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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
@ktensei - certainly! sending now~
Knøck Øüt's AvatarKnøck Øüt
Knøck Øüt's Avatar
Allo, my dear baby Squinty. I have returned to see your Ga-Zebb-o. 😭❤ https://pokefarm.com/summary/y52_v https://pokefarm.com/summary/78HFf And https://pokefarm.com/summary/7sGcJ https://pokefarm.com/summary/7CBwJ For a cobalt Epee? (And if needed, i can add some GP to make it equal. I didnt see the price for a regular 99 pairs for summons. Not gonna short a friend. ;3c )
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Zicø's AvatarZicø
Zicø's Avatar
@Knock Out - hello~~ that seems fair to me! i will send the frens over now.
Regigigas's AvatarRegigigas
Regigigas's Avatar
Hi Zicø! I have two trade requests if that's alright to do in a single post ._. First one is may I trade my Thunder Feather for your Lustrous Orb? Second one is a breeding pair request Pokémon pair: Gragon How long you'll wait for the pair: In no rush, a month or two to put a quanitative value on it, longer is okay if neccesarry though Additional preferences: Between 97-99% please! (Side note: I have a male lvl 6 Gragon I can give you if it would ease the process!!) Payment: 200 gp Thank you!! :D

Pages: 12345··· 274275276

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