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Little Things That Bother You, on PFQ [V2]

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Constantine's AvatarConstantine
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Okay, this is a remake of the previous thread. I hope you guys have fun! Remember to respect the rules of course and one another - but that's a given.


This thread is not for vagueing or attacking another member of the community in a very vague manner. Don't do it. Doing this breaks rule number 6; General Respect. Vagueing is the act of talking or referring to another person in a negative way and it's obvious you're talking about them. Being irritated in general about a thing is fine, making it so it's about one person and using this thread to trash/complain about them is not okay. Example of this would be; 'Oh I hate it when people come into my shop and ask for something I'm not trading. Someone did that today and kept bothering me, how stupid of them.' That would be vaguing. We can all find out who that person was, thus blacklisting them. And of course in a thread like this, if they were to try and defend themselves they would also end up getting in trouble if they fly off the handle. If you see people do this, you report them so we can delete the posts and have a word with the person who's doing it
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StellaDaneb's AvatarStellaDaneb
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the fact that we complained so much we needed a new thread XD
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Thanks for going through the trouble, @Constantine!
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QUOTE originally posted by ShikaNatsume

the fact that we complained so much we needed a new thread XD
Never thought that we'd need one~ XD But I guess we do! (It's surprising how sometime we have so much to complain about~ o-o
Non-site related, but I have a very long e-mail to write and it's the last thing I wanna do, been Brainstorming all day how I want it to go and it bother me that even with all that I've noted down, I feel like it's still half-completed~ ;-;
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Gonplei's AvatarGonplei
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QUOTE originally posted by ShikaNatsume

the fact that we complained so much we needed a new thread XD
that's what i was thinking, we're all so salty lmao and as maleficent said, thank you constantine c:
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QUOTE originally posted by ShikaNatsume

the fact that we complained so much we needed a new thread XD
I mean, I knew we would at some point xD Thank you, Constantine <3 I am bothered that I don't know what this tourney is even about but I have 72 points right now xD I am not trying to be on the leaderboard or anything, but it sure is crazy
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It bothers me that some unown have albino minisprites but others don’t. (I know this will be fixed when hoenn or johto get revamped. I never remember what’s from which generation with those two)
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Kiryu's AvatarKiryu
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It bothers me that I've been too spoiled by 90+% pairings and now that I'm going back to my usual 75% pairings I'm s u f f e r i n g
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I can kinda relate. I do nature hunts in my shop, so I had to hatch a mon of that nature and then send them to someone else to pair up my original mon and the new mon. Then I have a level gap. Like level 1 and level 100 gap. XD So my breeding rate goes down from 1000 eggs a day to 100 eggs a day until I can get the level up. Its a pain for sure.
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When people aggressively flip things for profit It might be smart but its not very honorable :/ just makes me wanna keep lowering my buying prices
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