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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I hatch my eggs as fast as some people?

A: EXP share gives your eggs 1 point for every interaction you do. Niet days provide double the points. If you’re on a hunt, having 1-3 Pokémon of what you’re hunting in your Party will increase the amount of EHP your eggs get from others helping them (1-3 Prehistoric (the fossils you revive) Pokémon will double the exp from each click). Do Jumps. Even as little as ten people every time you log in should help you hatch a minimum of 6 eggs a day. High Level Wishforge Badges are also a great help. These are all things you can do without being Hypermode. See here for more details.

Q: How do I put a link in my Trainer Card?

Go to the page you want to link. Scroll to the bottom. You will see a link that says "Get shortlink for this page" Click it. This will open a new page. Find the word "Result", and copy the link beside it. Place that where you want it in your Trainer Card, and voila!

Q: How did I get Pokerus? I didn't interact with last Host

A: You don't have to do the PKRS person while they have 'Rus in order to get it from them. As the PKRS page states, ALL Interactions, even those done prior to them getting the Pokerus will count towards your chances.

Q: I always interact with the Pokerus person, and never seem to get it. I’ve been here for a while, too.

A: Whenever I get the Pokerus, there’s always about 30 people who do 6 to me. The top 20-30 typically do 1k+ to me. If you’re doing less than 30, you aren’t likely to get it. Try going into the Fields and helping, at the very least, a few of their Evolve/Wishforge Fields. This little bit more will greatly improve your chances. Ask around for a Field Stacking CSS. You'll be able to stack all the Pokemon by the Next button so you can just click away without having to move your hand.

Q: I can’t afford the next up Shelter Pass yet, I’m out of Daycare Adopts, and there’s several hours left til reset.

A: If you don’t want/can’t buy Daycare Passes, look around. There are many people who will loan you a pass for an hour or two. They charge, but it’s usually not much, and it’s better than spending the next several hours doing nothing.

Q: I don't have an Egg Pass, and this Egg will break my chain!

A: You do have the ability to release EGGS from your Party. Same as with Pokemon. Wait time is 1 hour if Hypermode user, 6 hours without Hypermode.

Q: I get the Pokerus a lot, but I never seem to hatch very many eggs.

A: Don’t take the time to name each Pokémon or place them in the proper Field. Granted, it's a bit more work to throw them all in a Sort Field to organize later. But it all boils down to how badly you want to hatch eggs.

Q: I recently started. Should I begin a hunt?

A: No. Definitely not. Build up a few Badges so your eggs will hatch slightly faster. I’d say two weeks after you start should be enough time to build up every badge to gold, especially if you interact a lot. Interacting will also get you Credits for the Pokeradar and Interaction Points for the Albino Radar. You can either buy a Pokeradar from here, or buy one from the Market. I’d recommend checking the Market first, anyway, as there could be one up for a really good price.

Q: I’m a Newbie, and I got Pokerus. What now?

A: Don’t focus on leveling 6-12 Pokémon up. Focus on Egg hatching. Even without all the bonuses above, you should be able to hatch 20+ eggs. Over the next several days, you can turn those into lots of Pokedex Entries and level yourself up. Champion Rank provides you with a Ditto Egg Voucher. Arceus Rank provides you with Melan Chance Bonus.

Q: I’m ready to start hunts. How do I get eggs? Or a perfect breeding pair?

A: Some things won’t ever reach over 90%, specifically Genderless Pokes. With a Matchup Checker, you will be able to see how well the two Pokémon get along. You will have much better chances of getting eggs with Pokes traded to you from two different people, but it’s not always a guarantee of 85%+. In order to get eggs, you’ll have to interact. A lot. You get one egg for every 64 interactions you do. Please avoid Exclusive/Variant hunts that require the breeding of two specific Pokemon at this time, as they’re a lot more work to do to get the egg you want out of it. 50% Both hatched/adopted by you 70% One hatched/adopted by you 90% Both traded to you by different people A Pokemon adopted from the Shelter is YOURS, unless it was traded before being released. This makes it a bad choice for a pair. If you have one of your own, and one from Person B, however, you can trade both to Person C, who will be able to make a 90%+ pair for you.

Q: I’m trying to fill my Dex, but I need help with Trade Evos.

A: Many people help with that. Don't just send to people, though. A lot of people have issues with social Anxiety, and random trades or messages freak them out. So please read Trainer Cards or Abouts first. You can also make a Forum post in the Trades section asking for help.

Q: Is there a specific way to organize my Fields?

A: To each their own, but I find it best to have them in the following order: Hidden Sort Fields Evolve Fields Sell Fields Hoarde Fields Display Fields You don't even have to have your Fields in any specific Berry Order, but I like having each Berry grouped together with all my Any Preference first, since they take longer to level

Q: Join the wrong Team Thread or start hatching the wrong Eggs for Type Race?

A: On the first of the month, the Type Race Icon on your Trainer Card changes. When you click on it, it will say "Type Race: Black Hole Eclipse (Dark)" ^ That is mine for the month of July. The Leaderboard page, which also clearly states your Team, is found by clicking "Type Race" from the above example on your Trainer Card, or by clicking the counter on your Announcements bar once the race has began.

Q: My Pokémon don’t seem to level up much, even when I have the Pokerus.

A: Your Pokémon will gain more for each Proper (Green) berry fed to them. This is why many people arrange their fields to be Stacked/Sorted. I personally prefer single berry fields, but there are many who will do your fields if there are five stacks.

Q: Sending Delta Points via Incognito

A: You can only send ONE per day per IP as stated by the Admin when it came out and multiple times since. Incongnito does NOT allow you another point. I tested and proved that by logging out normally to help myself, and then logging out incognito. I could not help myself again. Nor could my dad help me through normal or incognito. This means that ONLY the very first person you help logged out will get a point. Period. Unless you also do it on another device. All Mobile Data goes through a different IP than your Desktop/Laptop, but the same IP. Therefore, once you send on one device, you cannot send on another. Only exception for Mobile is if the devices are of different Networks.

Q: Should I organize my Fields during Pokerus?

Please don't. When you're moving Pokemon from Field to Field, those that are clicking on them at that time will receive an "This Pokemon no longer exists" error, and have to redo, at the worst, the entire Field. Save the organizing for after the Pokerus, when it's less of a hassle for everyone involved.

Q: What is the best way to collect Deltas?

A: In my several experiments, I have determined that if you Delta the egg not long after getting it, it has a higher chance of matching the V-Wave. If you Delta right before hatching, it has a higher chance of being random. So you don't have to wait for the right V-Wave, unless you don't get points very often.

Q: Will I get banned for multiple devices or my friend/family member also using the same IP?

A: Using Multiple Devices will not get you banned. The Mods expect people to use multiple devices, and family/friends to share devices. The only way you would get into trouble is if you were caught doing multiple things at the same time on one account.
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  • Boxes
  • Daycare
  • Eggs
  • Interactions
  • Miscellaneous
  • Pokerus
  • Badges
  • Cheaper than Market
-Mass Releasing? Select First Box, then press Tab and Space (alternating between the two) -Press A or D to switch between boxes quicker. Your Arrow Keys will also work. -Press 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to switch between Berries -Want to jump to a Sorted Field when interacting with others? Click the name of the Individual Field, and then select one from the list it brings up -When in Private View of your own Fields, select the Triple "_" to bring up a menu. Select "Toggle Visibility" to Hide your Field(s) from other users
-Placing an Everstone on your Pokemon raises the chance of passing down certain traits. These traits include: IVs, Nature, and Berry Preference. For increased IV chances being passed down, a Destiny Knot will be of great benefit. -Want/Need more Eggs in Daycare? You have a chance for an Egg every 64 Interactions you make -Genderless Pokemon have a MAX Pairing Percentage. It varies from the Pokemon, but it's anywhere from 68%-83% -Plusle/Minun Plusle + Plusle = Plusle Plusle + Minun = Minun Minun + Minun + Plusle -Some Pokemon require Incense in order to breed Full Incense: Munchlax Lax Incense: Wynaut Luck Incense: Happiny Odd Incense: Mime Jr Pure Incense: Chingling Rock Incense: Bonsly Rose Incense: Budew Sea Incense: Azurill Wave Incense: Mantyke
-The more Pokemon you have in your Party, the more of an EHP boost your eggs get. Refer to this Calculator for a more detailed analysis. -Level up those Gem Badges. They provide extra EHP and EXP to your Eggs and Pokemon based on the Type -Hypermode provides you with 40% more EX(H)P to your Eggs/Pokemon -Prehistoric Bonus! If you are hunting any Fossil Pokemon, place one of the same species (Must have the Prehistoric Symbol by its name) in your Party. That one Prehistoric doubles the EXP per click.
-Interact while you are the Pokerus Host to gain x2 Interaction Points. Interact with New Farmers to receive a 50% bonus -You can earn 1-5 Credits for every Interaction you make -Quick Interaction Points? Green Berry: 7 Points Warming Eggs: 6 Points Neutral Berry: 4 Points Red Berry: 1 Point These are increased by 2-8 per click when Garthic's Counter is Active.
-Pressing 1, 2, or 3 in the Shelter will select the three Randomizers (Mixed, Pokemon, Eggs) -Take a look at this guide to discover how to obtain 90% Breeding Pairs. For other Guides, look here
Want your Eggs to hatch/Pokemon to Level up quicker? -Place all Level Up Fields at the beginning. Make sure you have enough Sort Boxes (1-5, depending on how many Eggs you can hatch during the PKRS) at the very beginning. -Hide all Fields that you don't need the Public to see (the less in your Fields, the less time it takes for people to do Party Only Interactions) -Stacked, Single Berry Fields are best. Many people don't like/won't take time to switch between 5 berries to feed your Pokemon. And it helps your Pokemon gain EXP better, since more people are willing to help. -If you desire to place your Pokemon in a specific spot in your Fields, have Party, Fields, and Shelter/Daycare tabs open. Hatch. Refresh Fields. Drag-drop all hatched into Field. Move Empty Sort to first spot as you fill each Sort Field. Collect from Daycare/Shelter. You can, of course, simply fix them later, but I find it easier to do so while you can. -Are you a Newbie who got the Pokerus? Do NOT use this as an opportunity to level up Pokemon for Dex entries. Use this as a chance to get Eggdex Entries. This will provide you with a lot more entries come the next Niet day or the next time you get Pokerus. After all, what's better in the end? Hatching 20+ eggs for a max of 60 Dex entries? Or leveling 6 for a max of 18 dex entries?
System's Badges show the current Highest Master Badge on Site. From Bronze to Wishalloy: 11,500 Gems + 1 Relic Item, 2,300 Evolutions From Master 1 to Master 4: 44,654 Gems, 100 Flawless Gems, 8,925 Evolutions Refer to the Wishforge Wiki Page for more Stats.
The Market is a great place to find things quickly. However, there are some items on it that are cheaper elsewhere. Please keep these in mind if you want to save a lot of Credits. Bait & Pokeballs are cheaper here Boxes - Found in Scour Missions Ditto Egg Voucher - Reach Champion Mode or 1.5M here Everstones are 500 Credits here Pokeradar+ is 250k here Relics can be made here Shelter Pass C - Complete Tutorial
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  • X
  • Apocalyptic Golett
  • Apocalyptic Growlithe
  • Apocalyptic Poochyena
  • Apocalyptic Shroomish
  • Arctic Numel Line
  • Blue Moon Slugma Line
  • Death Star Electrode Line
  • Flying Pichu Line
  • Glileo Line
  • Guild Igglybuff Line
  • Ice Houndour Line
  • Koroku
  • Magquaza
  • Oricorio (Pointe)
  • Orthrus
  • Ryukuza
  • Scaracross
  • Seasonal Turtwig Line
  • Shinx+Buizel Line
  • Shooting Star Cleffa Line
  • Snow Combee Line
  • Snowboarding Pikachu Line
  • Snowpoke Line
  • Super-Saiyan Rattata Line
  • Surfing Pichu Line
If you want to discover the method yourself, do NOT click on any of the following Tabs, as they tell you exactly how to produce the Variant.

How to Obtain?

There are two ways to obtain a Variant. The first is to breed the Variant with the opposite gender of itself. The second is by breeding two Variants together. One or both Pokemon may have an Item Held or Gender requirement to produce Eggs. If you have successfully paired, it should say: "This couple may produce something unexpected!"


Q: What is a "Compatible Pokemon"? A: A Compatible Pokemon is a Pokemon that shares the same Egg Group.
Breed a Golett or Golurk holding a Meteorite with a Ditto.
Breed a Female Growlithe or Arcanine holding a Meteorite.
Breed a Female Poochyena or Mightyena holding a Meteorite.
Breed a Female Shroomish or Breloom holding a Meteorite.
Breed a Female Numel holding a Snow Jewel with any Compatible Pokemon
Breed a Shellos or Gastrodon and a Slugma or Magcargo together.
Breed a Ditto and an Electrode (or Voltorb) holding a Dubious Disk.
Breed two Pikachu or Raichu, while the female is dressed with a Balloon accessory.
Breed a Male Gligar with a Female Litleo
Breed a female Wigglytuff, who knows her favourite Scour Location and has 5 IVs at 31.
Breed as normal, but give the Female an Ice Statue to hold.
Breed Vulpix+Articuno
Giving a Jade Orb to a Mismagius will transform the held item into a Mage Orb, which can subsequently be used to summon a Magquaza Egg. Note that there is no confirmation when the Jade Orb is given to Mismagius.
Feed an Oricorio Green Nectar
Breed a Female Houndour with a Male Deino
Breed a Male or Female Rayquaza with a Male or Female Flygon
Breed a Male Cofagrius of the Unovan OR Galarian Region with a Female Heracross.
Breed a female Turtwig with a male Deerling.
Breed a Female from the Buizel line with a Male from the Shinx Line.
Breed a Clefairy or Clefable when the female is holding a Wishing Stone
Breed a Female Combee or Vespiquen holding a Snow Jewel.
Give a Surfing Pichu a Snow Jewel to obtain Snowboarding Pikachu. Evolve as normal to obtain Snowboarding Raichu.
Breed as normal, but while the Female holds a Snow Jewel.
Breed a Female Rattata with a Male Primeape.
Breed as normal, while the Female is dressed with a Surfboard Accesory
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  • Affinity
  • Hatch/Evolve
  • Interaction
  • Nature
  • Scour
Scoring: *Note that the Scoring can be found on the Tournament Page. Clicking on the linked "type affinity" will bring up a pop-up box. 6 Points: Egg Type matches the V-Wave 4 Points: Egg Type is super-effective against the V-Wave 2 Points: Egg Type is neutral against the V-Wave 1 Points: Egg Type is ineffective against the V-Wave X Points: Egg Type is Dual Type. Will count highest scoring Type Only Eggs having a Type matching the V-Wave will avoid breaking your chain.


People: How am I supposed to get that many Points when my Hunt eggs only give me two points each? Me: On day 1, I hatched 100 Eevee Eggs, 54 Supplier Eggs, and 10-20 from the Lab. Eevee gave me 2 points. I ended the day with 644 points. People: But that's still not fair, as I don't have the time or ability to hatch all those eggs. Me: Add this code to your Skin or CSS extension. It allows you to do Party clicks much easier and quicker. Then, click on "### Users Online", and pick a Sort Method (I use Interactions Sent), and do a set of 50 jumps every so often. This reallly helps with egg hatching. If your chain isn't that high, you could also just end it and start hunting the V-Wave Pokes. Having a high chain does help Melan chances, but you could easily go another 500-5000 before getting your first/next, and get one in 300 or less on your next try. It's all a matter of luck and being willing to risk it. The day I posted this, the V-Wave was Ground. But on the 4-Point area was Water, Grass, and Ice. You can use the method of Jumping shown above and get through all your eggs within hours if you have the time to spare. Just grab a Prehistoric Pokemon (a Fossil Poke with the Symbol on it). Place it in your Party, grab some eggs, and start Jumping. This is a "Hidden Bonus", and will help your eggs hatch much faster. It is the equivalent of the "Family Bonus", another "Hidden Bonus", in which having 1-3 Pokemon of the same species you are hunting in your Party will help hatch eggs faster. One Prehistoric Poke will provide help equal to that of 3 non-Prehistoric of the same Family.
It is always best to start preparing the day Sign-Up begins. For example, if the objective is to Evolve Pokemon/Evolve a Variety of Pokemon, then, if you have the room in your Fields, don't evolve anything until the Tourney starts. Here you will find some coding that aligns the Shelter to Grid. In this mode, the newest Pokes will be on the bottom row. You will also find a code that enlarges the Pokemon/Eggs in the Shelter. If you're inactive, use these Sign-Up days to adopt a bunch of Pokemon from the Shelter. If you're active, adopt from the Shelter all the way up until the last seven hours. Pokerus is your friend, so try to do as much as you can to each host. If nothing else, do several of their Parties and/or a few of their Evolve Fields. Active or Inactive, you can also go Fishing. The Pokemon caught from the Fishing Hut count for the Evolve Tourneys.
Scoring System: 1 Point: (Red, Disliked Berry) 4 Points: (None, Neutral Berry) 6 Points: (Warm Eggs) 7 Points: (Green, Preferred Berry) *Interaction Points are multiplied on Garthic Days, making them the perfect time to advance you in the Tourney, or even to take a huge bite out of the IP you need for the Albino Radar *If you add the "Stack Fields Code" to your Skin, you will have a much easier time of clicking, as everyone's Fields will be stacked. *Interacting while you have the Pokerus DOUBLES the points you receive. Add that to Garthic Day Bonus, and you can easily surge up on the list. Take a look at AriDae's Mass Click List for people to click.
Tired of hatching all these Eggs and not getting very many points? Try this: -When you place your Breeding pair in Daycare, make sure they both have an Everstone, and that they are both the Nature that you have to hatch. This will give you a higher chance of hatching Pokemon with the proper Nature. -This is a bit time-consuming, but look at all the eggs in the Shelter. If you can see both Pokemon in Daycare have an Everstone on them, odds are, the person is breeding Nature.
Points: Nothing: 0 First Scour of the Day: 0 Berries (1-4): 1 Accessories: 2 Credits: 3 Evolution Items: 4 Boxes: 5 Fossils: 5 Zygarde Power Cells and Totem Stickers override the intended reward. You get the Cell/Sticker, and the points for whatever it would have given you. Advice: Send out new Scourers once your current ones reach 60% Send out Fossil Pokemon, as they have a higher chance of finding a Fossil
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Type Race Advice/Help
  • Advice
  • Points per Egg
-Try for Pokerus. As little as 50-100 clicks can get you in. You just have to be patient and willing to work a little. -Does your Type match the V-Wave? Great! Use this to your advantage! -Start a Hunt. If you have at least 1 hatched, for example, Axew, in your Party while hunting Axew, your eggs will gain more EHP than usual. Up to 3 Hatched Pokemon of the same species in Party will count towards increased EHP. -Log out and help your Eggs. -Find people who are on the same team as you. Help everyone's eggs both logged in and out. If you're after Delta Points, help yourself first once logged out. You can only give one point a day per IP. -You can start a Fossil Hunt. Just as with normal eggs, placing a Prehistoric Fossil (one that you revive from the Lab) in your Party will give you more EHP. Why do I mention it, then? One Prehistoric Tyrunt is equal to THREE non-Prehistoric Tyrunt. So, depending on your Badges, having that one in your Party can hatch your eggs very quickly. Refer to the EHP Calculator to determine what to do for the best results.
Helix Fossil
Dome Fossil
Old Amber
Root Fossil
Claw Fossil
Skull Fossil
Armour Fossil
Cover Fossil
Plume Fossil
Jaw Fossil
Sail Fossil
The following is a chart of EHP and how many points you will get for hatching an Egg.
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Unown Breeding Guide. Table designed in Excel Spreadsheet by Bishop
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If you are a Newbie, I would highly recommend spending some time getting to know the mechanics of the game before you jump right into the thick of things. However, I know some people love to start Shiny Hunting as soon as possible. Even if your intention isn't to start Shiny Hunting, well, it can be kind of hard for a Newbie to earn Credits, and with the new Market system, it's even more important to start earning them quickly. Here are some ways to earn Credits. *************************************************************************** -Complete Tasks -Every Interaction you make will give you a few Credits. And if you interact enough (make use of Garthic Bonus Days, as they will increase the Interaction Points you receive), you will be able to buy an Albino Radar. Which you can either use, or sell to your Inventory for an automatic 125k Credits. -This method takes a while. If you have things to sell, advertise on your Trainer Card or About Me. If you help a couple Parties of the Pokerus people, they'll see you when paying you back. -As soon as you can send Pokemon out on Scours, do so. Bonuses go on a 5-Day cycle. For the first four days, when you claim your first Scour, you will receive 3 Evo Items. On the last day, you will receive 3 Boxes. Since you will get so many Evo Items, you can sell the them in your Inventory. You can also sell the Berries. -You can exchange the GP you get for Credits. Log in for 5 days to get 100 GP. Get your Fabulous Friday Personal Bonus to 100% to earn 125 GP the next day. Enter a Pokemon into the Beauty Contest to earn GP. There are many people who do exchanges. -If you are good at CSS Coding or drawing, you can offer your skills up in exchange for currency.
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Legendary: Advice and How to Unlock
  • Info
  • Dex
  • Chain
  • Master
  • Other
ULTRA BEASTS!!! Step One: Place Solgaleo and Lunala in your Party and visit the Aether House Step Two: Obtain the Beast Ball Step Three: Hatch Nihilego Step Four: Save up credits. Wait for Dusky (Credit) Discount Day Step Five: Buy as many Nihilego Eggs from the Egg Supplier as you need. Price as low as 750k per Beast! Step Six: Trade those Nihilego Eggs to the Aether House in exchange for the next Beast you need. And there you go. No need for more than one Beast Ball, and definitely no need to spend more than 10M to get them all. SILVALLY MEMORIES!!! Market Price too high? You can make your own Memories using Flawless Gems. You will need 1 Flawless Normal Gem and FOUR Flawless Gems of whatever Memory you wish to make. These gems can ONLY be obtained when you get their respective Badge to Wishalloy or by trading. NECROZIUM Z!!! It is very time consuming and expensive, but you can make your own Necrozium Z. Once you have obtained it, you can make all that money back by dexing it out. In order to create one, you need THREE Fragments of EVERY Type. That's 54 Fragments altogether. MAGE ORB SUMMON ITEM!!! Although they appear to be about the same price in the Market, if you manage to find or obtain Jade Orbs, you can turn them into Mage Orbs by giving them to a Mismagius to hold.
49 Kanto Egg Dex54 Johto Egg Dex50 Hoenn Egg Dex34 Sinnoh Egg Dex54 Unova Egg Dex24 Kalos Egg Dex40 Alola Egg Dex
Origin SashGS BallWishing Stone Gracidea SeedVictory BellDiamond TiaraSoul Heart
122 Kanto Dex
Ice FeatherThunder FeatherFire Feather
86 Johto Dex
Thunder FangFire FangIce Fang
112 Hoenn Dex
Rock StatueIce StatueSteel Statue
82 Sinnoh Dex
115 Unova Dex
Cobalt ÉpéeTerracotta ÉpéeViridian Épée
55 Kalos Dex
Life AntlerDeath Wing
95 Alola Dex
Kū IdolKāne IdolLono IdolKanaloa Idol
Kū IdolKāne IdolLono IdolKanaloa Idol
Unlocks Eclipse Flute; Summons Solgaleo
Music Box
Requires Summoning 3 Masters to Unlock Unlocks Fujin's Lamp; Summons Tornadus Unlocks Raijins's Lamp; Summons Thundurus
Ice FeatherThunder FeatherFire Feather
Unlocks Tidal Bell; Summons Lugia
Thunder FangFire FangIce Fang
Unlocks Clear Bell; Summons Ho-oh
Rock StatueIce StatueSteel Statue
Unlocks Gold Statue; Summons Regigigas
Unlocks Adamant Orb; Summons Dialga Unlocks Lustrous Orb; Summons Palkia
Cobalt ÉpéeTerracotta ÉpéeViridian Épée
Unlocks Apprentice's Épée; Summons Keldeo
Life AntlerDeath Wing
Unlocks Order's Crest; Summons Zygarde
Sapphire OrbRuby Orb
Requires Summoning 1 Master to Unlock Unlocks Jade Orb; Summons Rayquaza
Adamant OrbLustrous Orb
Unlocks Griseous Orb; Summons Giratina
Fujin's LampRaijin's Lamp
Unlocks Inari's Lamp; Summons Landorus
White StoneBlack Stone
Requires Summoning 5 Masters to Unlock Unlocks Gray Stone; Summons Kyurem
Summon 1 MasterSummon 3 MastersSummon 5 MastersSummon 8 Masters
Unlocks Kyogre, Groudon Heatran, ManaphyUnlocks Deoxys, Cresselia Darkrai, Meloetta HoopaUnlocks Latias, Latios Reshiram, Zekrom ZeraoraUnlocks Mewtwo, Genesect Volcanion, Marshadow
Sapphire Orb Ruby Orb Magma Stone Sea CrownHelix Orb, Lunar Wing Nightmare Shroud Music Box Hyperspace RingRed Soul Dew Blue Soul Dew White Stone Black StoneCloned Sash Ancient Drive Komainu Figurine Spectral Leiomano
Tournament TokensMage OrbPrize Shop: GPEgg Voucher

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