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Volix's Sprite School [Open for New Students!]

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Hello! Welcome to the Sprite School!

Yo. I'm Volix, and I suck at introductions. Make sure to read everything before applying!


1. Please subscribe to the thread while you're learning. 2. Look under Classes for your assignments. 3. The password is Kream of Wheet. 4. Please be respectful to other students. 5. Label your assignments so I know what to put in your gradebook.



Ah, yes, recolors. Some schools separate basic and advanced recolors, but personally, they're equally as easy. Learn how to quickly turn a pokemon a different color, develop your own color palettes, and more! Sprites will be graded on quality (Did you recolor everything? Even the outlines?), color choice, and effort.


How to Recolor

Hello! Welcome to my tutorial on how to recolor. This will be the lesson on how to change colors of a pokemon. This won't teach you how to make palettes, the next one will. 1) Pick your base pokemon. I chose Ralts, because he's one of my favorites. 2) Using your eyedropper tool, get all the colors from your pokemon and arrange them in columns to the side. Make sure to leave space between the columns so that you can place the second colors next to them. 3) Find your second palette (For example, I used Surskit as the second palette) and using the eye dropper tool, gather the colors and place them next to the palette you made previously. If there aren't enough shades of a color, or they just look off, feel free to create new shades by adjusting the hue and saturation of an existing color. 4) Using whatever tools available in your program (Paint bucket, color replace, or plain old just going over it with the pencil tool), replace the colors in the original palette with the second palette. 5) Remove the palettes and viola, you're done!

Creating Your Own Palettes

Coming soon!


Once you start the class, you'll do the following assignments in order. Don't post the next one until I've graded your first one. There is no time limit to these.

List of Assignments

1. Generate a number 1-7. Take the starters from that generation (Conyjams has free to use generation 6 and 7 sprites!) and swap the grass and water starter’s palettes. Show both sprites, please! 2. Using the same generation as before, take the fire starter and palette swap it with an electric pokemon from a different generation. 3. Palette swap your favorite Eeveelution (if you can’t decide, choose randomly) with a single stage pokemon (one that doesn’t evolve) from the generation after it. 4. Palette swap your favorite ghost type and your favorite psychic type. 5. Take any pokemon with two main colors and recolor it in navy blue and a color you think would go well with that. 6. Take any middle evolution pokemon recolor it based off a berry. 7. Take a pokemon with three distinct colors and and recolor the main part as your favorite color. Then, recolor the other parts using the Split Complementary colors from your favorite. 8. Take any non-steel type pokemon and make it look metallic. Some good advice is to make the highlights lighter to give it the effect that light is shining off of it. 9. Palette Swap your two favorite psuedo-legendaries! Then, recolor a third one purple and any colors that look good with the shade of purple you choose. 10. Take any legendary trio and palette swap two. Then, recolor the third with any colors you choose!


Fusion is one of the more well known types of sprite editing. You take a base pokemon and add parts from other pokemon onto them. Recoloring is often a part of it, so it's recommended you know the basics of how to recolor pokemon.


1. Choose your base pokemon and your secondary pokemon. I chose Surskit as my base and Conyjam's Cosmog sprite as my secondary. 2. Using your lasso tool, select the parts from your secondary pokemon and paste them onto another layer on your primary (If you don't have layers, just be extra careful with the lasso tool). 3. Move the parts to match up with where you want to put it. Merge the layers back together. 4. Recolor appropriately. Usually, using the colors from the secondary pokemon is recommended, but you can do whatever.


1. Take a random number generator and generate a number 1-7. Fuse one of the starters from that generation with the regional bird from the same generation. 2. Using that same generation, fuse a different starter with any pokemon of the same type. 3. Fuse any psychic type with a ghost type. 4. Give any pokemon a hat! You could take parts from a pokemon that already has a hat, like Misdreavus or Mr. Mime, or, if you want go go creative, make a hat from another part of a pokemon. 5. Similar to the last assignment, take a part from one pokemon and find a new way to use it on another pokemon! 6. Fuse an ice type with a fire type. Try and make it look like it has both types! 7. Fuse a grass type and a rock type, but add in a part from a third pokemon of any type. 8. Use a random pokemon fusion generator and make a fusion based off of one you see. 9. Take two legendaries from different generations and fuse them. 10. Fuse three pokemon together. At least one of them should be a legendary.


Stickers are probably the easist of the bunch, and can be taught alongside another class.


1. Outline your pokemon in white. I usually do two pixels thick on straight sections and three when it curves. If you have a tool that lets you outline, set the width to 2 and the softness to 0 (or, if it gives you an option for hardness, take it all the way up. 2. There are multiple ways to do the shadow part. For all of them, make sure to set the color to black and the transparency to 125 (or, if it gives you a percent, choose 50%) a) Draw the shadow by hand. What I do is draw the shadow to be 1 pixel to the right and 2 down. This is the slowest method. b) Secent the entire sprite and make a new layer behind it, being careful not to unselect anything. On the new layer, move the selection 1 pixel to the right and 2 down, then fill the selection with your shadow color. c) If your program has a drop shadow tool, use that. I use KrisVDM’s Drop Shadow Plugin for Paint.Net with the following settings:

Plugin Settings

Offset X: 1 Offset Y: 2 Widening Radius: 0 Blur Radius: 0 Shadow Opacity: 125 Color: Black
No matter which method you used, the sprite should come out looking like this: You’re done! Congratulations!


This won't have traditional assignments. If you're taking another class, just sticker those sprites. If not, then generate a random sprite and sticker it for each assignment.

Galaxies (wip)

Is your pokemon from space? Learn how to show their inner stardom here!


Basic Tutorial

This tutorial is for the outlined version of galaxies. See the next hidebox for the other versions. Step 1) Fill the transparent space around the pokemon with a color that doesn't appear on the pokemon itself. Step 2) Outline the pokemon in black and delete all the color from inside. Step 3) Create a layer behind the pokemon. Size your galaxy image down to the size of the pokemon (for this Bulbasaur, the right size was around 35x35) and paste it in the layer you just created. Step 4) Merge the top layer down, and then erase the color you put around the outside!


Partial Galaxies Is only part of your pokemon from space? Well, outline it and erase the color like so:


Unlike some sprite schools, I'll actually be grading these. You won't just get a "good job!" Instead, I'll be giving you points based on Skill, Creativity, and then specific categories for each class. If you aren't happy with the grade you got, you can redo the assignment or ask for an alternate assignment that will replace the original. You must get a 70% to pass the assignment.

Grading Scales


Skill: 0-10 Creativity: 0-10 Color Choice: 0-10 Total: 0-30


Skill: 0-10 Creativity: 0-10 Part Choice: 0-10 Total: 0-30


Skill: 0-10 Total: 0-10





(image here) Skill: Creativity: Blah: Total:



Assignment #1

Wow, this is really good! I like that you showed both options. The only minor complaint is that that black outline on the top ot the head could be recolored to look less noticible, but that's not too big of a deal. Your part choice is great, especially with such small pokemon. Your color placement is fantastic too! Skill: 9/10 Creativity: 10/10 Part Choice: 10/10 Total: 29/30

Hall of Fame


[centre] Volix! I want to learn! [b]Username:[/b] [b]What you want to learn?:[/b] [b]How much experience do you have spriting?:[/b] [b]What program do you use?:[/b] [b]Can I display your work in the Hall of Fame?:[/b] [b]Password:[/b] [/centre]


Shameless Self Promotion



Other Stuff!

Check back later!
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Volix! I want to learn! Username:Starofnights What you want to learn?:Everything! How much experience do you have spriting?: Very little What program do you use?:Gimp and Paint Can I display your work in the Hall of Fame?:Sure! Password:Kream of Wheat
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loucariogirl's Avatarloucariogirl
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Volix! I want to learn! Username: loucariogirl What you want to learn?: Everything, but starting with recolors How much experience do you have spriting?: I've done a few recolors and fusions before What program do you use?: Ms Paint Can I display your work in the Hall of Fame?: Sure Password: Kream of Wheat
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Volixagarde's AvatarVolixagarde
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Alright, sweet! I'll add you to the student list, but for a starting assignment, I want each of you to Recolor your favorite grass starter as your favorite fire starter and vice versa.
Starofnights's AvatarStarofnights
Starofnights's Avatar
Great! I have to do a fire bulbasaur and a grass fenniken.
volix! i want to learn! username: lostinthought what you want to learn?: fusions how much experience do you have spriting?: quite a lot actually, i just want to learn more ;w; what program do you use?: ms paint, but i got photoshop for extra fancy stuff can i display your work in the hall of fame?: course you can! password: kream of wheet
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Moomintroll's AvatarMoomintroll
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Volix! I want to learn! Username: Cruxkun What you want to learn?: Fusions/recolors How much experience do you have spriting?: None What program do you use?: MS Paint Can I display your work in the Hall of Fame?: Sure! Password:
kream of wheet
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Volixagarde's AvatarVolixagarde
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Alright! The recolor assignment is your favorite grass starter and your favorite fire starter as each other. Hmm, for fusions... your favorite ghost type and favorite grass type? I'm uploading the tutorial now
Kayu's AvatarKayu
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Volix! I want to learn! Username: Kayu What you want to learn?: STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much experience do you have spriting?: Not much to be honest :3 What program do you use?: Paint, Paint tool sai, Photoshop Can I display your work in the Hall of Fame?: Yes Password: Kream of Wheet
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