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Aphøtic's AvatarAphøtic
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Well i did what i said not to do and made an account :) I can't wait to the show the world the grammer freak i am!
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Okay, so I don't know how to do coding or anything but I was thinking it would be a good idea if, to avoid spoilers, there could be a redirect page for certain spoiler pages. Like, when you click on a link to go to a page that has spoilers, it takes you first to a page that says "Are you sure?" and has warnings and stuff and from that page you can have links to either continue on or go back to the previous page.
Ghostly's AvatarGhostly
Ghostly's Avatar
I love how we get to edit now, that's a nice edition. I was poking around the PF wiki the other day and found a link to an announcement thread that had been deleted. It's not Earth shattering, but hey, if anybody can remove it, we could avoid links that lead to nothing.
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King Vesper's AvatarKing Vesper
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I love Wikis, I've been a part of a few here and there, but none really interested me enough to stay for long. I think that a PFQ wiki would be perfect though, after all, this website has kept me hooked for over three years now.
Did you have anything particular in mind for the spoiler waring? I mean you could do some sort of heading
WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding PFQ Gameplay. Please proceed with caution or return to our homepage.
or a hide tag thing?


-Actual spoiler information placed here. -
I heard a mention of a popup message, but personally I think that would be annoying. People might also ignore the popup thinking it was an ad or something. I dunno though, thoughts?
Gijs's AvatarGijs
Gijs's Avatar
Does anyone know how to put tables/lists perfect under each other?
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Well i did what i said not to do and made an account :) I can't wait to the show the world the grammer freak i am!
A "grammer" freak who spells Grammar wrong~ :P :P
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
Hm, just a little question when it comes to the information going into the pages. I've seen some pages with just copied information word for word from PFQ, is that okay or should they be reworded and expanded upon?
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Niet's AvatarNiet
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Yeah, that's kind of pointless XD It's fine for placeholding, but really you should expand on it to completion.
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Aipom14's AvatarAipom14
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So, I've been looking at the "Recent Changes" section, and it appears that there are at least four spambots on the wiki. They're called ASVLavonda, ‎Marcelino88J, ‎Stacie3965, and AdrianGerman. They haven't messed with any articles, but they created tthree pages of spam so far, plus stuff on two of their pages. We should get rid of them.
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Vajra's AvatarVajra
Vajra's Avatar
I'm currently marking the pages for speedy deletion. Or I would be, since I just noticed there's no template for deletion. @_@ EDIT: I just marked the pages that are spam as such, and left remindes to block the bots and delete the users. That should work.
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Pages: 1234567

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