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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
So a while ago I set up a Wiki for PFQ. And... that's it. Not much happened after that! However, PFQ's Wiki will be very different from PF1's Wiki, in that it will be community editable. Anyone may create an account there, and start editing. Obviously, we will be moderating, and we will know who you are if you start getting any silly ideas :p My main request is that someone create a suitable template for hiding Spoilers. Spoilers are OK, provided they are clearly labelled and hidden away using this template. Aside from that, though, feel free to Wiki away!
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Vajra's AvatarVajra
Vajra's Avatar
Out of curiosity, is this like a Wikia wiki? I've had loads of experience with them, so I could possibly make the template.
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Lørd Pyrøn's AvatarLørd Pyrøn
Lørd Pyrøn's Avatar
After viewing the single page yes, it is a wikia wiki.
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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
Wikia is a cheap knock-off of MediaWiki. MediaWiki is what powers Wikipedia and is significantly more awesome ;)
Vajra's AvatarVajra
Vajra's Avatar


Wikia is a cheap knock-off of MediaWiki. MediaWiki is what powers Wikipedia and is significantly more awesome ;)
Hmm, I can't argue with that (although as an active contributor to the RuneScape wiki from Wikia, I have to say I like Wikia's community more than Wikipedia, what with random vandals threatening me)! XD Question, since this changes things for me; is MediaWiki harder or easier to edit that Wikia stuff? I actually have not edited MediaWiki stuff in ages, so if it's too much different, I'd probably not be able to make the spoiler template.
Aipom14's AvatarAipom14
Aipom14's Avatar
I'd say I'm decent with wikis (I've worked with Wikia), so I could help out. What pages will we need, though? We should make a list of things to include.
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srsishere's Avatarsrsishere
srsishere's Avatar
Yessss finally an opportunity to correct irritating spelling and grammar mistakes!
I want to help with the Wiki. But I honestly have no clue how to make Wiki pages. :p
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hi132435's Avatarhi132435
hi132435's Avatar
Looks like we think alike, srsishere.
Constantine's AvatarConstantine
Constantine's Avatar
Hm, why not. I'm constantly patrolling the Elder Scroll, Fallout, Dragon Age and Dragon's Dogma wikipedias. -Has been flicking through the Elder Scroll wiki for no apparent reason right now-
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Pages: 123··· 567

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