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Summary of Rejected Suggestions

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If a suggestion is included on this thread, it does not automatically mean it will never be considered again. If you feel you have an argument that trumps the reason for rejected, particularly if you are able to show how the benefits would outweigh the drawbacks, please make a new Suggestions thread about it. Notes:
  • This list only includes suggestions that were flatly rejected for Reasons.
  • It does not include suggestions auto-rejected due to lack of player interest. Interest can always return.
  • It does not include suggestions where the reason for rejection was effectively "Not Yet".
  • It does not include suggestions that were unrelated to PFQ.
IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT accept player suggestions for new Pokemon designs, including Exclusives (Fakemon) and Variants. This also extends to suggestions for Trainer Outfits. This is for Important Legal Reasons, like right-to-use and potentially contracting with minors.
Last (partial) updated August 5th, 2019.

Berry Garden

Automatic Watering

Decouples effort from reward. The Water All feature already makes it much easier to keep berries watered.

Plant All

Decouples effort from reward. The berry-planting process has already been greatly streamlined.


Additional Methods for Gaining Zophan Canisters/Gold Poké

Zophan Canisters may only be obtained via direct purchase, or trading with other players who purchased it directly. Gold Poké may be obtained via Scouring, participating in Fab Friday and Contests, or trading with other Users. Other methods of obtaining either are not supported at this time.

Buying Items directly with Interaction Points

Aside from the Albino Radar, this is not a planned feature.

Currency Trading (as an official site function)

No, other than purchasing Credits and Gold Poke with Zophan Canisters. However, users may trade between themselves to obtain these currencies.


Disable Pokémon Movement


Feed All Pokémon

No. Just no.

Hiding Fields Once All Pokémon Have Been Clicked

Not necessary for the majority of players, and would prevent viewing Pokémon that have already been clicked.

Larger Fields

If more space for Pokémon is needed, please buy another Field or release Pokémon from current Fields.

Retain Selected Berry in Next Field

Unnecessary - it's one click to select the Berry again. Also, this would be official promotion of sorting fields by Berry preference.

Stack All Pokémon

Field organization is the purview of the player. No particular organization is promoted by PFQ. You may also use skin CSS to do this for yourself.

Unstack All Pokémon

Field organization is the purview of the player. No particular organization is promoted by PFQ. A grid view was introduced to see all Pokemon without actually changing their locations. You can also do this yourself with CSS.


Ability to Delete Own Posts

Easily subject to abuse by Users.

BBCode to Count Pokémon in Fields

Enormous draw on Sally to count Pokémon. Because it's Sally that does the counting, not the BBCode.

Custom Userbars with Pokémon

Both unnecessary and would require designing, programming and maintaining several thousand userbar variants.


People end up spamming these. And then we forum-lock them for spam. And then people keep spamming. Much as we'd like these ourselves, we dislike spam more.

Granting Thread-Specific Mod Powers to Users

Mods go through an application process and training for a reason. Also, just because a thread would have a "Thread Mod" assigned, doesn't mean a real Mod wouldn't still need to keep an eye on it. No one should be using the term "Thread Mod" anyway.

Search Feature

Subscribing to Entire Forums/Sub-Forums

Prohibitive server costs to monitor data for all forums.


Egg Locking to Prevent Accidental Hatching

This is what Egg Passes are for.

Instant Hatching

The central activity of the site is interacting with others in order to have them assist you in hatching your Eggs. Any item, whether bought with Credits or Zophan Canisters, that instantly hatches your Eggs would cheapen this activity. The EXP. Share and Egg Timer also already boost your hatching speed.


Adding Placeholder Sprites to Image Gallery

PFQ's Graphics Team has as a whole declined to have their placeholder sprites (also known as Derpmons) preserved in the Image Gallery.

Changing Gender

This would make it too easy to obtain rare-gender Pokémon.

Disabling Evolution

This is what a little thing called an "Everstone" is for.

New Starters

  • Eevee: Requires too much EXP to hatch for a new player.

Sprite Recoloring Item for Multi-Color Pokémon

Unnecessary. If a player prefers their Pokémon be a specific color, they can trade with other players. Unless you mean Kecleon - in that case have fun.

Transform Ability

Allowing Pokémon such as Ditto or Zorua to form-change to other Pokémon would be too easily abused in Trading. Just think of the potential for scams.


Shorter/Longer Scours

...are part of what broke the Scour system on PF1. We'd prefer not to repeat that.


Additional Adoptions via Means Other than Shelter Passes

The ability to adopt more Pokémon from the Shelter is what the superior Shelter Passes are for. Adding additional adoptions via purchase by credit or interactions would devalue the Shelter Passes, resulting in a drop in revenue for PFQ.

Any Additional Filters to Help Find Eggs/Pokémon

No additional filters other than the Black Flute and White Flute are planned. This includes filters by species, type, gender, and anything else you can think of.

Limiting Number/Species of Eggs/Pokémon

This is just another kind of filter.



Eggs from Shiny Pokémon have the same chance to hatch special as Eggs from non-Shiny Pokémon, because there's no need to make Shiny Hunting any easier than it already is.


Direct Item Trading

Not feasible without completely redesigning trading.

Egg Trading

Makes things too easy, and huge draw on Sally to make sure slots in the Party are available between Users.

Mass Pokemon Trading

Please stop suggesting this one. Like direct item trading, this would require redesigning the entire trading system. It may happen one day, but trust me, we already have a good idea of what features that redesign should include.

User Interface

Ability to Change Timezone

Keeping PFQ on one universal timezone prevents confusion between players in differing timezones.

Additional Notifications

Any suggestions regarding adding more notifications need to explain why the notification would be helpful enough to offset the annoyance of yet more notifications.

Clickback Button Registering New Pokémon/Eggs in Party

Enormous load on poor Sally.

Retain Clickbacks from Previous Day

Enormous load on poor Sally.

Tracking Clicks Received from Other Players Over Time

Massive server load. These logs are deleted regularly for a reason.


Add Every User to Random Pokémon on Welcome Page

Limiting this to the Pokémon belonging to Staff Members prevents complaints about 1-clicking.

Additional Bonuses from Badges

Badges already give a significant boost to EXP. This is what they were made for. Also, there is already a Seekrit Hidden Bonus.

Additional Methods for Gaining Gems

The current methods of gaining Gems via hatching or Trading are sufficient for current needs. Badges are meant to take work.

Editing or Deleting Sent PMs

Unnecessary and open to abuse.

Favorite Friends

This would result in unnecessary drama. The Friend system has been replaced by the VIP system.

Hypermode Expiration Reminder

Making it show up less often would make it a less effective reminder, don't you think?

Mobile Platform PFQ

PFQ may be playable on a mobile platform, but its primary design is for PCs.

New Staff Bonus Counters

There is NO MOAR ROOM.

Pausing Hypermode

Unnecessary and could be subject to abuse.

Rare Candy

PFQ's equivalent is the Cookie, obtainable from Events and purchasing Zophan Canisters.

Recharging Uber Charms

The ability to recharge Uber Charms would remove revenue from PFQ. Ubers are deliberately priced low enough that buying 1 a month is not a heavy burden to most players.


Unnecessary and promotes over-competitiveness.

Transferring Currency/Items from PF1

This would negatively impact PFQ's economy.

Translating PFQ into Other Languages

This would require too much manpower, and Google Translate is your friend. Your friend with a heavy accent and mangled syntax, but it mostly works.

Upcoming Features Announcements

Planning and development does not guarantee implementation. Things go wrong. Better things come along. And deadlines are mutable. In other words, this wouldn't be nearly as useful as one might think and the drama would be inevitable.

YouTube Subtitles

As convenient as this would be for those PFQ players who are hard of hearing, PFQ staff do not have excessive amounts of time on their hands to actually complete this.
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