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Journal to Track Things and Say Stuff
Art Masterpost Hunts Masterpost First post will be edited to include more navigation and introduction. Until then, sit tight.
Click here to check out my ongoing Art Contest~! A melan and hypermode and boxboxes oh my! More prizes to come based on the amount of users that sign up.
Avatar and contest banner made by me.
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Smol Hunt Info (Sprites clickable) Current Hunt: None Previous Hunts(Some are undocumented because the journal wasn't made): Planned Hunts:
MiniHuntsman's AvatarMiniHuntsman
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Fifth Hunt Hunt Start Date: January 22, 2018 Hunt End Date: January 22, 2018 Goals: -Albino Kabutops 21H/0S/1A/0M
Compilation of Commentary: >Alright, time to start my first documented hunt, and my last hunt before my Hyper Mode expires. o: After this, I'll probably just focus on dex completion >O-Oh.. I reached my goal ._. I still have 2 days left on HM though. I had intended to do a 3 day hunt. I don't know what to do now. >So I decided to move on to my Onix hunt because I'd actually like to have the shiny before my HM ends.
MiniHuntsman's AvatarMiniHuntsman
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Sixth Hunt Hunt Start Date: January 22, 2018 Hunt End Date: January 25, 2018 Goals: -Haha ye 161H/2S/5A/0M
Compilation of Commentary: Okay THIS should be my last hunt before I switch over to dex completion. It's gonna go for at least 3 days. 22/01/2018 (Daily Update: 50 Hatches, 2 Albinos) [16:08]Cool, an albino. I'm not going to stop the hunt here, though. I want at least one shiny. 1/15 [17:51]Well. Another albino. Where muhh shiny at? 2/50 23/01/2018 (Daily Update: 97 Hatches, 1 Shiny, 3 Albinos) [03:54]First shiny! In the middle of the night, too. I'm on mobile pls have mercy. 1/60 [12:52]A nice ol' albino first thing in the morn. 3/69 24/01/2018 (Daily Update: 143 hatches, 1 Shiny, 5 Albinos) [18:10] Posting this a lot later because I was cooking at the time :P In any case, wewt another albino! 4/124 [20:49] ANOTHER ALBINO? 5/135 25/01/2018 (Daily Update: 161, 2 Shinies, 5 Albinos) [00:26]Hehehehehe hatched one last shiny before my HM ended. 2/161
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  • Reach Arceus Rank Reached 5/8/2018
  • Oraganize Fields
  • Get more shiny charms
  • Make an art shop
  • Sell art pieces
  • Make a shop
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Seventh Hunt Type Race Hunt! Team All-Out Pummeling Hunt Start Date: February 13, 2018 Hunt End Date: February 21, 2018 Goals: -As many Shinies and Albinos as I can get before the type race ends 164H/3S/0A/0M
Compilation of Commentary: So I decided that it would be more efficient of me to do another hunt and put my dex completion on hold. It's not a far off goal, but I need to make some dough or get really lucky to get the rest of my egg dexes! 13/02/2018 (Daily Update: 60 Hatches, 1 Shiny) [??:??] I forgot to mention that I hatched a shiny. Aha. It was during a pokérus so there's that :P 14/02/2018 [09:50] I'm going to activate my shiny charm after making this post. It honestly feels so wasteful seeing as I will be very busy today(Valentine's Day) but it feels like more of a waste to use up my daycare passes without having the shiny charm activated :U 16/02/2018 [01:37] So I know I skipped yesterday and haven't been updating as well as I should have. I've been feeling... Claustrophobic in my home and just overall not good. That's not a subject to go too deep here though :P Anyway, I won't be updating as closely as I did my previous hunt, but I'll still try too keep up.
MiniHuntsman's AvatarMiniHuntsman
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Useful CSS

All Fighting Eggs

#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="7/d/y.png"]{ height:100px; //Meditite } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="4/2/5.png"]{ height:100px; //Croagunk } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="j/x/b.png"]{ height:100px; //Heracross } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="d/w/5.png"]{ height:100px; //Riolu } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="a/2/d.png"]{ height:100px; //Machop } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="t/j.png"]{ height:100px; //Mankey } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="h/5/v.png"]{ height:100px; //Tyrogue } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="l/6/d.png"]{ height:100px; //Makuhita } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="6/3/e.png"]{ height:100px; //Timburr } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="j/o/4.png"]{ height:100px; //Throh } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="h/w/i.png"]{ height:100px; //Sawk } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="7/6/1.png"]{ height:100px; //Scraggy } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="a/k/y.png"]{ height:100px; //Mienfoo } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="a/5/o.png"]{ height:100px; //Pancham } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="d/k/d.png"]{ height:100px; //Hawlucha } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="c/w/0/j.png"]{ height:100px; //Crabrawler } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/z/n.png"]{ height:100px; //Stufful } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/r/3/2.png"]{ height:100px; //Passimian } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="2/n/1/d.png"]{ height:100px; //Buzzwole } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="d/e/3/i.png"]{ height:100px; //Pheromosa } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="9/8/0/i.png"]{ height:100px; //Marshadow } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/h/p/5.png"]{ height:100px; //Boxaby } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="t/7/n/8.png"]{ height:100px; //Saiyan Rattata } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="1/m/b.png"]{ height:100px; //Cobalion } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="i/s/f.png"]{ height:100px; //Terrakion } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="2/7/e.png"]{ height:100px; //Virizion } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="f/6/2.png"]{ height:100px; //Keldeo }


#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/d/p.png"]{ height:200px; //Cresselia } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="f/q/s/j.png"]{ height:200px; //Drampa } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="a/x/w.png"]{ height:200px; //Dratini } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="o/0/q.png"]{ height:200px; //Dunsparce } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="n/q/8.png"]{ height:200px; //Ekans } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/q/f.png"]{ height:200px; //Goomy } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="s/j/7/m.png"]{ height:200px; //Mimikyu } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="6/d/s.png"]{ height:200px; //Onix } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="k/5/c/t.png"]{ height:200px; //Pyukumuku } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/0/s.png"]{ height:200px; //Rayquaza } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="l/1/p/i.png"]{ height:200px; //Sandygast } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="b/m/6.png"]{ height:200px; //Seviper } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/d/m.png"]{ height:200px; //Shellos } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="f/f/i.png"]{ height:200px; //Slugma }

All Fairy Eggs

#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="g/i/1.png"]{ height:200px; //Cleffa } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/n/s.png"]{ height:200px; //Igglybuff } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/q/k.png"]{ height:200px; //Mime Jr. } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="q/6/d/0.png"]{ height:200px; //Mr. Mime } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="c/a/a.png"]{ height:200px; //Togepi } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="g/i/c.png"]{ height:200px; //Azurill } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="b/2/f/n.png"]{ height:200px; //Marill } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/8/4.png"]{ height:200px; //Snubbull } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/u/8.png"]{ height:200px; //Ralts } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/7/x.png"]{ height:200px; //Mawile } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="h/y/x.png"]{ height:200px; //Cottonee } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="e/2/4.png"]{ height:200px; //Flabébé } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="6/5/9.png"]{ height:200px; //Spritzee } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="j/u/m.png"]{ height:200px; //Swirlix } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="v/3/3.png"]{ height:200px; //Dedenne } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="v/5/e.png"]{ height:200px; //Carbink } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/q/c.png"]{ height:200px; //Klefki } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="6/6/t/v.png"]{ height:200px; //Xerneas } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="y/n/e/8.png"]{ height:200px; //Diancie } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="i/h/d/v.png"]{ height:200px; //Cutiefly } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/5/7/6.png"]{ height:200px; //Morelull } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="3/p/o/k.png"]{ height:200px; //Comfey } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="s/j/7/m.png"]{ height:200px; //Mimikyu } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/m/s/7.png"]{ height:200px; //Tapu Koko } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="y/7/h/s.png"]{ height:200px; //Tapu Lele } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="v/s/i/u.png"]{ height:200px; //Tapu Bulu } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="g/r/d/9.png"]{ height:200px; //Tapu Fini } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="3/o/f/g.png"]{ height:200px; //Magearna }

All Grass Eggs

#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="c/0/7.png"]{ height:200px; //Bulbasaur } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="g/s/n.png"]{ height:200px; //Oddish } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="d/m/w.png"]{ height:200px; //Paras } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="l/t/r.png"]{ height:200px; //Bellsprout } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="n/k/h.png"]{ height:200px; //Exeggcute } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="k/b/3.png"]{ height:200px; //Tangela } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="c/z/0.png"]{ height:200px; //Chikorita } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="o/l/o.png"]{ height:200px; //Hoppip } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="b/b/e.png"]{ height:200px; //Sunkern } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/d/v.png"]{ height:200px; //Celebi } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="i/0/k.png"]{ height:200px; //Treecko } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/a/n.png"]{ height:200px; //Lotad } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/z/8.png"]{ height:200px; //Seedot } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/b/g.png"]{ height:200px; //Shroomish } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="7/1/v.png"]{ height:200px; //Cacnea } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="y/r.png"]{ height:200px; //Lileep } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/q/y.png"]{ height:200px; //Tropius } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="6/t/u.png"]{ height:200px; //Turtwig } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="m/2/2.png"]{ height:200px; //Budew } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="q/m/6/n.png"]{ height:200px; //Roselia } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="k/t/f.png"]{ height:200px; //Cherubi } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="h/5/x.png"]{ height:200px; //Carnivine } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="n/u/c.png"]{ height:200px; //Snover } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="4/c/n.png"]{ height:200px; //Shaymin } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="i/4.png"]{ height:200px; //Snivy } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="p/0/e.png"]{ height:200px; //Pansage } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="l/f/b.png"]{ height:200px; //Sewaddle } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="h/y/x.png"]{ height:200px; //Cottonee } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="i/4/g.png"]{ height:200px; //Petilil } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/r/3.png"]{ height:200px; //Maractus } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="n/u/5.png"]{ height:200px; //Deerling } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="e/u/j.png"]{ height:200px; //Foongus } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="g/t/s.png"]{ height:200px; //Ferroseed } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="2/7/e.png"]{ height:200px; //Verizion } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="f/n/h.png"]{ height:200px; //Chespin } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="7/f.png"]{ height:200px; //Skiddo } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="8/f/n.png"]{ height:200px; //Phantump } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="y/x.png"]{ height:200px; //Pumpkaboo } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="k/8/t/9.png"]{ height:200px; //Rowlet } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="g/9/w/3.png"]{ height:200px; //Fomantis } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/5/7/6.png"]{ height:200px; //Morelull } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="q/p/t/n.png"]{ height:200px; //Bounsweet } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="5/g/a.png"]{ height:200px; //Dhelmise } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="v/s/i/u.png"]{ height:200px; //Tapu Bulu } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="e/r/7/r.png"]{ height:200px; //Kartana } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="v/v/p/m.png"]{ height:200px; //Taiveret } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="y/o/0/r.png"]{ height:200px; //Luckoo }

All Ice Eggs

#shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/o/b/7.png"]{ height:200px; //Smoochum } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/h/h/h.png"]{ height:200px; //Lapras } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/f/m/u.png"]{ height:200px; //Articuno } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/h/p/h.png"]{ height:200px; //Sneasel } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/j/z/s.png"]{ height:200px; //Swinub } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/d/z/3.png"]{ height:200px; //Delibird } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/7/t/f.png"]{ height:200px; //Snorunt } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/x/2.png"]{ height:200px; //Spheal } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/7/z/8.png"]{ height:200px; //Regice } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/n/u/c.png"]{ height:200px; //Snover } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/c/w/4.png"]{ height:200px; //Vanillite } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/9/k/0.png"]{ height:200px; //Cubchoo } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/j/h/y.png"]{ height:200px; //Cryogonal } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/j/j/u.png"]{ height:200px; //Kyurem } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/2/o/m.png"]{ height:200px; //Amaura } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/9/y/7.png"]{ height:200px; //Bergmite } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="9/2/e/8.png"]{ height:200px; //Ardik } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/5/a/l/e.png"]{ height:200px; //Bunbori } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/e/c/z/a.png"]{ height:200px; //Glaquine } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/e/r/g/t.png"]{ height:200px; //Koroku } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/h/2/l/9.png"]{ height:200px; //Snowpoke } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/x/0/e/e.png"]{ height:200px; //Frosdour } #shelterarea > .pokemon > img[src*="pkmn/6/h/b/q.png"]{ height:200px; //Snow Combee }
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MiniHuntsman's Avatar
Eighth Hunt Hunt Start Date: February 21, 2018 Hunt End Date: February 25, 2018 Goals: -Grass and Normal Gems -Normal RTEs for Friday's V-Wave (Tourney) 1H/0S/0A/0M
Compilation of Commentary: This is also going to be less documented because I'm less active overall. EDIT: Okay so it was so undocumented that I didn't get the amount of hatches nor shinies. Good job, Mako 21/02/2018 --
MiniHuntsman's AvatarMiniHuntsman
MiniHuntsman's Avatar
Ninth Hunt Type Race Hunt! Team Shattered Psyche Hunt Start Date: March 5, 2018 Hunt End Date: Goals: -As many shinies and albinos as I can from now until the end of the race. 464H/16S/5A/0M
Compilation of Commentary: I am hoping to document this one better, but depression is not kind to productivity. 05/03/2018 1 Shiny, 1 Albino 06/03/2018 7 Shinies 07/03/2018 1 Albino 08/03/2018 8 Shinies, 3 Albinos
MiniHuntsman's AvatarMiniHuntsman
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Simple Guide to Eggsweeper
It looks like a lot of people have trouble learning how to play the Easter event mini-game so I thought I'd make a small guide to help folks get through this easier. First of all, let's look at the instructions that is below the grid on the minigame page:

QUOTE originally posted by the Eggsweeper page(updated)

Objective: The aim of the game is to find all of the hidden Eggs while avoiding the Exeggcute. Controls: Left-click on a tile to reveal it. Right-click on a tile to flag it as a suspected Exeggcute, or to un-flag a flagged tile. On mobile, tap a tile to reveal it and long-press to flag it. Alternatively, switch to "Flags mode" and click or tap to toggle flags freely. Gameplay: If a revealed tile contains an Exeggcute, it's game over! But if the revealed tile is safe then a number will be shown indicating how many of the eight surrounding tiles (including diagonals) contain Exeggcute. Use these clues to figure out which tiles are safe. Along the way you will find Eggs on the safe tiles, and these will be added to your score. Game end: The game is over if you mistakenly reveal a tile that contains an Exeggcute, or if you have safely revealed all of the tiles containing Eggs. Prizes: For each Egg you find, an Easter Egg will be added to your inventory. The first time you successfully uncover all of the Eggs on the board, you will also receive a commemorative Custom Sprite. Replay: After playing, you must wait up to 10 minutes before you can play again, depending on how many Easter Eggs you managed to find. However if you didn't receive a single Easter Egg in your last game, then you may play again immediately.
It's more difficult to find if you're on mobile so I just thought I'd mention this first. The game is essentially Minesweeper, but instead of mines, there are Exeggcutes. The only rule of the game is to avoid the Exeggcutes. "But how, Mako? They're hidden under tiles! How do we know where they are?" Well once you click on a single tile, either a number will pop up or lots of numbers and lots of empty space. The number that popped up represents the amount of Exeggcutes that surround that tile. Visual Help: Note: I am showing examples in 3x3 squares for simplicity, assume that there are definitely not any Exeggcutes in the tiles outside of what you can see.

Single tile cleared

This means that there is 1 exeggcute in any of the eight black squares visible. This applies to other numbers as well. I suggest that you don't risk clicking any of these unless you absolutely have to(more on this below)

Multi-tile clears with 1's

Here we see several different numbers on tiles. I'll start off by saying that we can definitely know that there is an Exeggcute in the middle on the left side. We know this because of the two 1's that are above it; because there aren't any exeggcutes anywhere else surrounding those 1's, then that tile must be a bad egg. What you'll want to make a habit of doing is to right-click that tile to flag it and say "yo don't click here"


You will not know which of these three to click, so leave them be. I'm just going to quickly explain why. The number 2 there indicates that there are 2 exeggcutes in it's vicinity, and we already have one marked down. That means that any of the remaining three can be exeggcutes, but we don't know which ones and clicking blindly is scary. The 1 that's on the left is also a wild card because it's touching 2 mystery tiles, which gives you a 50/50 chance of getting it wrong.

Revealing new information!

So I already have one marked down on the side, the game has progressed a little. Because I've established that there is an Exeggcute there, the #2 at the top tells me that there's another Exeggcute in the only other tile that's touching the 2, marked below: This new information tells me that the 2 in the middle has all its exeggcutes accounted for, which means that the rest of the hidden tiles touching the 2 are safe!

corner pieces

Often times, there will be isolated 1's like you see in the top right corner. This is one of the easiest indicators to spot so keep an eye out for these! Because now that you know that's an Exeggcute, the 1's that are near it are accounted for and that allows you to clear a good portion of the grid. This is what I cleared just from the single corner:

Process of elimination

Here there's a free spot in the bottom left corner. If there were an Exeggcute there instead, you'll need to mark another one in one of the two spots to the right of it to account for the 1, which means that there would be 3 Exeggcutes surrounding the middle tile and that is incorrect.
General Tips: You really only need to read the bold, but I have explained myself the best I could if you needed an explanation of why you should listen to me. 1. If you're stuck, don't just guess! Sometimes, you'll feel like you've been completely locked out and there's no other option to click. You've looked at it for a long time and you don't see an opening. Don't just click in a random spot, there's a higher chance of your tired eyes just missing an opening than for there to be none, especially if your grid is almost cleared. In this case, either come back to it later or(I reccomend this more) get someone else who knows how to play to look at your grid and help you get unstuck. Don't be afraid to ask for help. 2. Don't flag things unless you're absolutely sure there's an Exeggcute there! It's never a strategy I used but I didn't see anything wrong with it until recently. There are several problems with it. Firstly, it will just confuse you because you will be afraid to click anywhere. Your goal is to find places to click, it won't help if you don't want to click. Secondly, it prevents tiles from clearing out when it otherwise should have been. If you click on a spot and it opens up multiple areas without numbers, the empty spots wouldn't be opened if there was a flag on top. This is a small guide that I built off of one game and will be adding to it throughout the day with more tips that I can think of. If you have any questions, please PM me or DM me on Discord at Mako#3706. (pls don't reply to my journal if you can help it)

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