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The Tales of Howling Cat

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HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Do not post in my journal please. About Me Nicknames: Cat, Howl Gender: Female(Tomboyish) Timezone: My time zone is Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00). Birthday: May 16 Hobbies: Writing(prefers to be fiction writing), Rping (has been Rping for at least 5-6 years) and drawing (has started to go back drawing after a bit of a hiatus). Gaming: Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Pokémon, Tales of Series, Fire Emblem Series, Dead Space, Shadow of the Colossus, Super Smash Brothers Series, Legend of Zelda series, Metroid Series, Elder Scrolls Games, Fallout Series, GTA(more to add here) Anime and Manga: Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball(Original, Z and GT), Inuyasha, Gundam, FullMetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Digimon, (Original) Pokemon, (more to be added on here)
Avatar of my oc was created by Flapple! My Journal: [x] My Sprite Dump: [x] Cosmog Sprite Project: [x]
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
This is where I put all my major Pokefarm notes*in progress* Friend Request: I accept all friends request. PM's: Feel free to send me any pms. You have questions about the site. Ask me and I might know the answer. Nices: All Nices are welcomed. I don't usually give any due to forgetting or due to the fact I'm clicking. No longer relevant. Clicking: I usually give a party clicks unless you either mass click me or click more than me. I do sometimes forget to click favorites. I'm sorry about that. If you have less Pokemon in your party, have eggs needing to be hatch and so forth, then I will usually click Pokemon in your field. Battles: I do not battle. At all..don't send me any please.
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar

Forme Change Shinies

Not Fully Evolved Shinies

Fully Evolved Shinies

Potential Mega Shinies

Mega Shinies

Exclusive Shinies

Albinos Melanistics None

Something Something

HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar

Shiny Entries needed

009: Blastoise 019: Rattata (Alolan) 020: Raticate (Alolan) 033: Nidorino 043: Zubat 044: Golbat 050: Paras 054: Diglett (Alolan) 055: Dugtrio (Alolan) 057: Persian (Alolan) 060: Mankey 061: Primeape 069: Kadabra 077: Tentacool 079: Geodude (Alolan) 079: Graveler (Alolan) 085: Slowbro 088: Magneton 095: Grimer 095: Grimer (Alolan) 096: Muk (Alolan) 104: Drowzee 111: Exeggutor 111: Exeggutor (Alolan) 114: Lickitung 121: Tangela 122: Tangrowth 123: Kangaskhan 127: Goldeen 128: Seaking 132: Mr. Mime 134: Scizor 135: Smoochum 137: Pinsir 137: Pinsir 138: Tauros 142: Ditto 152: Omanyte 165: Mewtwo 165: Mewtwo X 165: Mewtwo Y 166: Mew 180: Ledyba 198: Sudowoodo 203: Ambipom 204: Sunkern 205: Sunflora 216: Pineco 217: Forretress 222: Granbull 223: Qwilfish 229: Ursaring 237: Octillery 239: Skarmory 245: Smeargle 247: Hitmonlee 248: Hitmonchan 249: Hitmontop 250: Elekid 251: Electabuzz 256: Miltank 258: Entei 263: Lugia 264: Ho-Oh 273: Marshtomp 277: Zigzagoon 278: Linoone 290: Taillow 293: Pelipper 304: Slaking 308: Whismur 309: Loudred 313: Nosepass 314: Probopass 320: Lairon 321: Aggron 333: Sharpedo 334: Wailmer 335: Wailord 356: Crawdaunt 373: Chingling 374: Chimecho 382: Sealeo 384: Clamperl 392: Beldum 393: Metang 394: Metagross 395: Regirock 396: Regice 398: Latias 398: Latias 399: Latios 400: Kyogre 400: Kyogre [Primal] 402: Rayquaza
419: Kricketot 420: Kricketune 437: Buizel 439: Cherubi 441: Shellos [West Sea - Pink - Occident] 442: Gastrodon [West Sea - Pink - Occident] 442: Gastrodon [East Sea - Blue - Orient] 453: Happiny 454: Chansey 455: Blissey 463: Hippopotas 464: Hippowdon 472: Mantyke 482: Azelf 483: Dialga 484: Palkia 486: Regigigas 493: Arceus [Sky Plate] 505: Watchog 508: Stoutland 511: Pansage 520: Tranquill 525: Boldore 529: Drilbur 531: Audino 532: Timburr 533: Gurdurr 535: Tympole 536: Palpitoad 538: Throh 539: Sawk 544: Whirlipede 550: Basculin [Red Stripe] 550: Basculin [Blue Stripe] 554: Darumaka 557: Dwebble 558: Crustle 565: Carracosta 577: Solosis 583: Vanillish 584: Vanilluxe 588: Karrablast 589: Escavalier 591: Amoonguss 594: Alomomola 597: Ferroseed 605: Elgyem 606: Beeheyem 610: Axew 615: Cryogonal 616: Shelmet 617: Accelgor 626: Bouffalant 631: Heatmor 639: Terrakion 642: Thundurus 642: Thundurus [Therian Forme] 644: Zekrom 645: Landorus 645: Landorus [Therian Forme] 647: Keldeo 647: Keldeo [Resolute Forme] 648: Meloetta 648: Meloetta [Pirouette Forme] 662: Fletchinder 684: Swirlix 689: Barbaracle 692: Clauncher 700: Hawlucha 704: Sliggoo 711: Bergmite 716: Yveltal 717: Zygarde [50% Forme] 717: Zygarde [Complete Forme] 718: Diancie
000: Orcalot 000: Faemueño 000: Faemilarín 000: Faemísimo 000: Wagell 000: Gosold 000: Impyre 000: Ardik 000: Boxaby 000: Taiveret 000: Taipaeus 000: Flaroptera 000: Hydrark 000: Hydrinus 000: Hydrinifor 000: Greegon 000: Luckoo 000: Peckoo 000: Peekoo 000: Quetzephyr 000: Quetzaptyl 000: Kitsubuki 000: Phastix 000: Phasmaleef [Forest Forme] 000: Phasmaleef [Desert Forme] 000: Glaquine 000: Metabbit 000: Terabbit 000: Terrink 000: Bezermuut 000: Ayeren 000: Aytheraye 000: Klaatupillar 000: Charaxalis 000: Petripeep 000: Chirock 000: Toxitrice 000: Serpetone 000: Gumairy 000: Eucylph 000: Puppod 000: Slugdog 000: Rokiwi 000: Brushiwi 000: Alicalf 000: Cetacorn 145: Jolteon 147: Espeon 263: Lugia 335: Wailord 350: Seviper 487: Giratina 700: Hawlucha 020: Super-Saiyan Raticate 020: Super-Saiyan 3 Raticate 025: Flying Pichu 025: Surfing Pichu 026: Flying Pikachu 026: Surfing Pikachu 026: Snowboarding Pikachu 027: Flying Raichu 041: Guild Jigglypuff 085: Snowbro 108: Death Star Voltorb 109: Death Star Electrode 240: Frosdour 275: Apocalyptic Poochyena 300: Apocalyptic Shroomish 402: Magquaza 407: Seasonal Torterra 483: Dialga [Primal Q] 484: Palkia [Primal Q] 740: Oricorio [Pointe Style]
733: Yungoos 734: Gumshoos 735: Grubbin 736: Charajabug 740: Oricorio (Baile Style) 740: Oricorio (Pom-Pom Style) 740: Oricorio (Pa'u Style) 740: Oricorio (Sensu Style) 742: Ribombee 746: Mareanie 747: Toxapex 750: Dewpider 751: Araquanid 754: Morelull 758: Stufful 759: Bewear 764: Oranguru 775: Turtonator 777: Mimikyu 778: Bruxish 779: Drampa 780: Dhelmise 784: Tapu Koko 785: Tapu Lele 787: Tapu Fini 788: Cosmog 790: Solgaleo 792: Nihilego 793: Buzzwole 794: Pheromosa 795: Xurkitree 796: Celesteela 797: Kartana 798: Guzzlord 800: Naganadel 801: Stakataka 802: Blacephalon 803: Necrozma [Dawn Wings] 803: Necrozma [Dusk Mane] 803: Necrozma [Ultra Mode] 804: Magearna 805: Marshadow
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Cat's Forever Growing List of Ocs Warning..this list is long and will probably never be completed because most require some revamping XD


Sparky the Pikachu

Name: Sparky Age: Teens Gender: Male Species: Pikachu Shifter
Species capable of changing types
Appearance: Personality: History: Powers: The male is able to change into a dark/electric type. Other: This guy is my first official Pokemon Oc. Yeah...

Flare the Infernape

Name: Flare Age: Teens Gender: Female Species: Infernape Shifter
Species capable of changing types
Appearance: Personality: History: Powers: The male is able to change into a dragon/fighting type. Other:



Name: Age: Teens Gender: Male Species: Pikachu Shifter
Species capable of changing types
Appearance: Personality: History: Powers: The male is able to change into a dark type. Other: This guy is my first official Pokemon Oc. Yeah...


Species that exist in Poke-Realm


HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Two more additional and final codes for my fanfic. Wanted to put these in a separate post to avoid confusion with previous post.
Elite Four Type Pokemon Team
Shauntal Ghost
Grimsley Dark
Glacia Ice
Lance Dragon
Champions Era Pokemon Team
Red Kanto
Ethan Johto
May Hoenn
Lucas Sinnoh
Hilda Unova
Serena Kalos
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Hoard Progress*working on it*


Fox Hoard Lizard Hoard *New* Legendary Hoard
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Information pertaining to trading with me Trades(in general) UFT:I update my 'about me' page UFT section every once in a while so keep that in mind if you want anything from there. Pokemon in my Fields: None of my Pokemon in my field are UFT. Period. The only Pokemon that aren't are those in my free field. Please do not ask for any Pokemon in any fields besides those. Free Field: Anything in my free field is up for grabs. Simply pm me and I'll send the Pokemon right over. In fact, if you hoard that Pokemon, pm and I'll send any Pokemon that you hoard to you while making a note you hoard that Pokemon. Dex trades There are some things that you may wanna consider if you wanna dex trade wih me. -I only dex trade my shinies/albinos/melanstics for other shinies/alibinos/melanstics. Here's a list of what I already have. However, I do also accept GP, boxes and gems for these. Offer what you feels works. Trust me. I'm very lenient on the prices~ -Same with my megas. Offer what you feel is fair. -Everything else is fair game. Heck, I might even give you a dex for a Pokemon for free. Obviously, I am a bit picky on the form changed legends.
HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Putting all the work I received from commissions and adoptions on the site here.


Made by Made by kitty00829 (Pyra) and Luna Tsukino

Made by kitty00829 (Pyra) and Luna Tsukino at the Moonfire Sprite Shop!

Made by EbonyKnight6

Made by Lady Ermac

Made by Clow

Made by Caesarsbuddy

Made by valortalon

Made by teppelyn

Made by EmiMossberry

Made by Icyblueblaze

Made by ivy4000

Made by Anniss

Made by Willowstar

Made by Celestial Mage

Made by Angelheart

Made by xWhatsherfacex

Made by Maff

HowlingCat's AvatarHowlingCat
HowlingCat's Avatar
Taking a few days of a break from making chapter 6.5 of Metempsychosis and going to work on the plates and Pokemon here here. It is spoilers for those who read the fic.

'Minor Pokemon'

E=egg move, TM=Technical Machine, HM=Hidden Machine, *=Special and T=Tutor
Plates Pokemon Ability Moves
Bite (E), Dragon Claw, U-Turn, Rock Slide and Acrobatics
Superpower, Crunch, Dragon Dance (Egg), Aqua Tail, Ice Punch (Tutor) and ???
Shadow Storm
Flamethrower, Hidden Power (TM), Fire Fang, Ancient Power (E) and Dragon Rage
Quick Feet
Gunk Shot (TM), Thrash, Cross Chop (E), Feint Attack and Facade (TM)
Assurance, Psychic (TM), Feint Attack, Shadow Ball (TM), Last Resort and Moonlight*
Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Aura Sphere (E), Ice Beam (TM) and Skull Bash
Motor Drive*
Thunderbolt (TM), Agility, Acrobatics, U-Turn and Hidden Power (Grass)
Hyper Cutter
Acrobatics, Sky Uppercut, X-Scissor, Knock Off, Cross Poison (E) and Earthquake (TM)*
Force Palm, Aura Sphere*, Blaze Kick (E), Iron Tail (T) and Copycat
Night Slash, Poison Jab (TM), Flamethrower (TM), Belch, Shadow Claw (TM) and Toxic*
Keen Eye
Feint Attack, Shadow Claw, Zen Headbutt, Power Gem and ???
Shadow Blitz
Night Slash, X-Scissor, Wing Attack, Vacuum Wave, Bug Bite (TM) and Double Team*
Crunch, Fire Fang, Dig (TM), Play Rough and Iron Tail (T)
Strong Jaw
Crunch, Dragon Claw, Ice Fang (Egg), Earthquake and Brick Break (TM)
Anger Point*
Earthquake, Crunch, Fire Fang (Egg), Aqua Tail (Tutor) and Stone Edge (TM)
Night Slash, Knock Off (T), Iron Head, Brick Break (TM) and ???
Shadow Break
Magic Bounce*
Ominous Wind, Heat Wave (T), Me First, Psychic (TM) and Roost(E)
Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Ancient Power, Round, Discharge (E) and Nature Power*
Crunch, Dragon Rush, Zen Headbutt (T), Ice Fang (E) and Outrage
Play Rough, Crunch, Fire Fang, Earthquake, Thunder Fang and Bulk Up (TM)*

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