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@Prf X It would be 5 medium gems per shiny nidoran, so 5 for the one you linked and 25 for the hunt. Would you like me to add you and send over the trade? c: @SimiAcheron Sure! I'll add you down!
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Prf X's AvatarPrf X
Prf X's Avatar
Yes please
LEGO avatar built by me with LDD I always plan for the possibly of a hunt not being complete
we're only human after all
Looking for Hasty Pokemon I don't have & MC Bedrock players Semi Auto Team Clicklist suggestion TR/Tournament highlighting skin code Help Christopher Lee
aka Andros the Red In Space Ranger
's mom beat stage 2 lung cancer T/D/S Togedemaru UFT
Added you down and sent the trade! I can't completely guarantee your specific natures, but by the end of the month or when I hatch all your requested pokemon, I'll send over the trades for them! If I don't hatch all of them, would you just be fine with the ones I have managed to hatch in the time?
Prf X's AvatarPrf X
Prf X's Avatar
Yes, I always plan for the possibly a hunt not being complete Thanks
@SimiAcheron Your four box boxes are ready to be picked up! Please send a trade with the payment attaches.
@Prf X Sadly, I've ended my hunt and have only managed to hatch one hasty female. Please send over a trade to pick her up! ^^

Pages: 123··· 2627282930··· 373839

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