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@DeathlyZeref I don't have a problem with that. ^^ Is there a specific time in which you'd want to boxes? I'm scouring to get my box count up a tad and if it isn't a problem, I could get back to you in a few days.
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DeathlyZeref's AvatarDeathlyZeref
DeathlyZeref's Avatar
I'm fine with that! I can wait for a while~
Pity, no stars. I hoped there'd be stars.
@DeathlyZeref Okay, yup! I'll put you down. :)
@likeits1698 Your box-box is ready to be picked up! Please send a trade with the correct amount. ^^ DeathlyZeref I have the seven boxes ready. Send a trade over with the correct amount when you wish to pick them up. ^^ EDIT: I am now open for dextrading!
likeits1698's Avatarlikeits1698
likeits1698's Avatar
What was my price for the boxbox again? The prices have changed since I’ve ordered, and while you said I still get the previous price, I don’t remember what it was exactly ^^’
@likeits1698 Ooh, sorry! It's 100k. ^^
Selena5000's AvatarSelena5000
Selena5000's Avatar
Hi! Can I offer 100 zc for a box boxe? ^^ Edit: Assuming your current boxes are available?
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@Selena5000 I am able to supply a box-box. ^^ Is there a specific time limit in which you would want it? If so, I'll probably give it straight away instead of hunting boxes for a few days.
Selena5000's AvatarSelena5000
Selena5000's Avatar
I'd like it now if possible? ^^ The faster the better as I'm saving for something :>
@Selena5000 That's alright. :) Send over a trade with the payment and I'll send the box box over.

Pages: 1234··· 373839

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