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Angels and Thieves (Dexing, Box hunting and Shelter Hunting!)

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PriestessHope's AvatarPriestessHope
PriestessHope's Avatar
Hello hello~ Welcome to our little shop! Take a look around, make yourself at home! Before we start, let me tell you what we're offering and our shop rules! The two of us do dexes and box hunts! TransientReality also has an ongoing Zorua hunt, so she is selling shiny and albino Zorua in her half of the shop. Rules! 1. All PFQ rules apply, naturally. 2. Don't be rude. It doesn't take much effort to be nice to eachother. ;) 3. DO NOT. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT go offline when dexing our pokemon! 4. Please, for your sake and ours, don't offer something you don't have or that you've offered somewhere else. It's against the rules for a reason. 5. Do not send trades/payment before we have agreed to the offer(s). 6. No editing of our pokemon in any shape or form. No changing the name, adding to its' description, taking its item if there is one(Unless dexing a form like Primal Groudon, but make sure to put the item back on the pokemon when returning it.) 7. Please make sure to address the person you're dexing/ordering from. 8. We reserve the right to decline offers if we do not like them/for other reasons. If the reason is not stated, feel free to PM us to find out why we refused the offer. --------------- Please note that both of us are in different timezones than Pokefarm and eachother, so we might not be on at the most convenient of times. We also have school/work, among other things, so please be patient with us if we don’t reply right away. TransientReality is 6 hours behind server time. PriestessHope is 3 hours ahead of server time. -------------- Directory PriestessHope's part of the shop! Post 1: Introduction and Rules! Post 2: Dexes! Post 3: Box Hunts! Transient Reality's part of the shop! Post 1: Introduction, Rules, Dexes and Box Hunts! Post 2: Shelter Hunts!
Avatar made by Kawiwi for my use! Check out their art shop: Fluff and Bell's art Shop! Lovely Sky Shaymin gifted to me by my friend TransientReality and made by Athena_Cykes! Check out our joint shop! We offer dexes and box hunts!
x 0/500
PriestessHope's AvatarPriestessHope
PriestessHope's Avatar
Dex Trades~ This is the part of my half of the shop where I do dex trades. I have shinies, albinos, megas and some legendaries for dexing. Note: Please use the form when asking for dex trades! It just makes it easier for me to see what it is that you'd like to dex. (Of course, as a phone user, I do understand that it can be difficult. So if you can't do it on your mobile, just try to make your order as clear as it can be, okay? ^^) --------------- Dexing Rules~ 1. As stated in the first post, do not keep my pokemon! This is only a dex trade. These pokemon are not up for trade. Please make sure to send them back asap! 2. As of the 19th of July, 2018, there is a limit on how many dexes you can request. You can request a maximum of 10 dexes. Of course, you can come back to request more dexes at a later time, but this is for the sake of not sitting down trading pokemon for 3 hours. I don't want to take up your time THAT much. xD 3. Do not change anything about my pokemon. Not name, description, or item. Of course, when dexing a pokemon with more than one form you can take off the item, but make sure to put it back on. 4.Do NOT go offline when dexing pokemon. If you have to go and need to continue at a later time, PM me! We all have lives outside of Pokefarm, so I'll completely understand. --------------- Payment Options Per Shiny: 2GP/2k credits/1 pokemon dex I need/2 small gem Per Albino: 3GP/3k credits/2 pokemon dexes I need/2 small gems Per Mega: 5GP/5k credits/1ZC/1 mega dex I need/3 small gems *If offering a dex, please check the 'Dexes I need' hidebox first. Thank you! ---------------


Priestess, help me out! Pokemon I want to dex: (Please specify whether the pokemon is shiny or albino if I have both!) Payment: [GP/Credits/ZC/Dex/Gems] {If it's a dex, please specify which one!} Other: (Put any questions or comments you might have here!)

Form Code

[b]Priestess, help me out![/b] [b]Pokemon I want to dex[/b]: [b]Payment[/b]: [b]Other[/b]:




Dexes I need!


Mega Venusaur Rhydon Tangrowth Alolan Totem Raticate Alolan Totem Marowak


Unown D Unown F Unown H Unown Z Mega Heracross


Medicham Mega Sharpedo Mega Camperupt Mega Absol Mega Metagross Primal Kyogre Mega Rayquaza All Deoxys forms


Mega Garchomp Giratina Origin Form


Palpitoad Seismitoad Eelektrik Eelektross Beeheyem Accelgor Braviary Tornadus (Therian Forme) Thundurus (Therian Forme) Landorus (Therian Forme) Meloetta (Pirouette Forme)


Barbaracle Gourgeist [Average size]


Totem Wishiwashi Totem Vikavolt Totem Araquanid Totem Lurantis Totem Salazzle Totem Mimikyu Totem Kommo-o


Mega Persian Mega Milotic Mega Floatzel All super-saiyan Raticate forms Early bird Xatu
PriestessHope's AvatarPriestessHope
PriestessHope's Avatar
Box Hunts!(Closed!) Here we are at the box hunt part of my part of the shop! No forms this time, but I do have some specific rules to box hunts. Rules~ 1. Do not offer something you do not have. I stated it in the first post and I'll say it again. Do not offer something you don't have or are offering somewhere else. 2. Please be patient. I have three scour slots and two scour boosts so I'm doing the best I can. Usually a boxbox will take anywhere from 4 to 7 days depending on luck of the scours, so take that into account when asking for a boxbox hunt. 3. If ordering individual boxes, please be reasonable. If you want to order 21 boxes, just order a boxbox instead. It'll be cheaper for you. ;) 4.If you're concerned about the progress, PM me! I'll be glad to let you know how it's going! 5.You can ask for specific boxes when ordering singular boxes, but please note that it might take longer if that's what you want since I don't control what boxes I get. -------------- Prices! The price per box is 25GP/25k credits/5ZC. The price per boxbox is 500GP/500K credits/100ZC/2 Gracidea Seeds. Note: 3 Boxboxes is the max I'll do per order, just so that the wait isn't ridiculous. -------------- Orders: Closed! 1. Pokemon323 - 2 boxboxes - 1000GP 2. 3. -------------- Boxes in my inventory:-
Cute Box
Dainty Box
Deluxe Box
Glittery Box
Gorgeous Box
Hard Box
Heavy Box
Light Box
Nifty Box
Pretty Box
Shiny Box
Sinister Box
Box Box
Box Box Box
Gragon's Stash
Total: 0
*Table credit goes to HowlingCat!
PriestessHope's AvatarPriestessHope
PriestessHope's Avatar
Sprite made by DemonZorua
Welcome to the Velvet Room. This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. Here in Transient's Velvet Room, we offer services of a slightly different variation than that to which you may be accustomed. Here, we offer the creatures you call "Pokemon" for the purpose of filling your Pocket Monster Compendium. We also offer BoxBox Hunting, because we are aware how you Thieves love your Treasure.
Sprite made by DemonZorua
First, the rules: 1. All PFQ rules apply. 2. Address me when speaking to me! Also, if you could include a link to the Pokemon you'd like to Dex, that would make it a lot easier on me. Not necessarily a requirement, just a request! :) 3. Please be patient with me! I work five days a week
Woah! You found the opening special! Tell me your favorite Persona character to receive 1 free Dex!
and though I am online every day, sometimes it is not for long. Please do not be discouraged if I don't reply to your request immediately, I will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. 4. Do not: Keep my Pokemon, or go offline while we are in the middle of a trade. Kindly return my Pokemon in a timely manner. 5. Please do not edit anything about my Pokemon, including name, held item, description, etc. Exception: if you are borrowing a Pokemon that has two forms, feel free to remove its held item to get a dex of the other form. Just return the item to the Pokemon before returning it to me. Also: Dexes of either of my special Rotom will include all Sparkplugs necessary to get their various forms. Just indicate which (or all!) of them you need, and return them to me when you're finished! My preferred method of payment is Credits/GP/ZC in that order, but I'm not too picky!

Dex Trades

Prices:Shiny: 2k Cr/2GP Albino: 3k/3GP Megas: 5k/5GP/1 ZC/Mega Dex I Need As for "Dexes Transient Needs," if you have any of the Dexes available, feel free to offer them and we can work something out in exchange!


[b]Transient, I'd like to add these to my Compendium![/b] [b]Pokemon I'd like to Dex:[/b] (Provide links if possible! Otherwise, please specify if you'd like the shiny or albino if both are available.) [b]Payment:[/b] (Credits, GP, ZC) [b]Other:[/b] (Any questions or concerns you have for me.) Delete everything in parentheses and replace it with your information!




Miscellaneous Mons~

Some forms, legendaries and harder to obtain Pokemon. I'll Dex these for 1k/1GP.

BoxBox Hunts CLOSED

Price Options

Per BoxBox. Limit of 2 BoxBoxes per order. ~500k Credits ~500 GP ~100 ZC ~1 Darkinium ~1 Dragon Ball (Note: One Dragon Ball will get you 3 BoxBoxes!) ~Select Mega Stones (Inquire or offer and we can make a deal!) ~Shinies I still need. See this post for a full list! Note: I am interested in PURCHASING these shinies in exchange for BoxBox slots. If you'd like to Dex me any of them, please see my Dexing section. I will swap Dex for Dex. ~Albinos I still need. See this post for a full list!
Slots: 1. 2. 3.

Dexes Transient Needs

I'll swap Shiny or Albino Dexes I still need in exchange for mine! See this post for shiny and this post for albino!

Evo Item Swap

Here, I swap all listed Evo Items 1:1 for Razor Claws and Dusk Stones. Note: Please leave me with at least 20 of each item when offering.
Dawn Stone
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Moon Stone
Oval Stone
Shiny Stone
Sun Stone
Water Stone
Ice Stone
Evolution Items
Dragon Scale
Dubious Disk
Metal Coat
Razor Fang
Reaper Cloth
King's Rock
Whipped Dream
Special Evolutionary Items
Ancient Power Orb
Double Hit Orb
Mimic Orb
Rollout Orb
Stomp Orb
Dragon Pulse Orb
Table credit to HowlingCat.
By Mataamoja
Avatar of my Pokesona Réal by AlchemyFeline. Visit my Velvet Room.
Welcome to the House of Illusion!
Now Offering Shelter Hunts! Status: CLOSED Please keep in mind that as I am rather new to Shelter Hunting, all the following is temporary until I discover what works best for myself and my customers. Thank you for being patient with me!
Shelter Hunts


Price is per Pokemon ~2000 Credits ~2 gp


~Limit of 20 per order ~One order per person at a time ~Feel free to be as "vague" or specific as you feel necessary. Of course, the more "vague" an order is (i.e. "20 Water types" vs. "20 Shellder"), of course, the quicker I can complete your order, as more Pokemon will fit under your request. ~That said, I'm not too picky on that. ~You MAY make Nature, Berry Preference and gender requests. Just keep in mind they may take me a bit longer. ~You MAY NOT make level requests. ~No legendaries or specials. ~Please try to make it something I can actually find in the Shelter. ~If you have questions, concerns, want to check your order's status or need to make a change to your order, feel free to PM me at any time. ~I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO DO A HUNT FOR ANY REASON.


1. 2. 3.
And with that, we're open for business! :D
cattoepicker's Avatarcattoepicker
cattoepicker's Avatar
Priestess, help me out! Pokemon I want to dex: Mega Diancie Payment: mega alakazam dex
profile pic is my art
PriestessHope's AvatarPriestessHope
PriestessHope's Avatar
Hello~ Sure thing. Do you prefer gifting or trading normally?
cattoepicker's Avatarcattoepicker
cattoepicker's Avatar
trading normally works for me

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