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Minor Updates

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This thread will be for updates that are not big enough to warrant their own thread.

December 2015

19/Dec/2015: Dialga, Palkia & Giratina Eggs

So after having the same ol' Dialga and Palkia eggs since PF1, and since taking the role of Art director, I finally got around to saying "You know what, I don't like those eggs. Someone fix 'em" And lo' and behold, Novan-Chan came through and updated them! 8D She also redid Giratina cause wynaut. This minor update was brought to you by Sei. Obligatory BWARF included.

November 2015

14/Nov/2015: Heritage patch

Yup, it's been two months since I posted here, and the last one didn't even stick around. In a way that's a good thing: fewer things to patch and fix have cropped up. In others, well... At least you can be assured that work on the recode is coming along nicely. Now, as for the update, I was getting reports that the Heritage page was crashing. With families of over 5000 Pokémon, no wonder! So I've limited the Heritage page to only show the first 100 siblings and children. This will act as a temporary solution. The recode will fix this entirely to use pages, as it should.

September 2015

19/Sep/2015: Summon unlocks

Argh what happened where did the last month and a half go??? Okay, so basically the second half of August disappeared because I was on holiday, so no updates then. As for September, well updates have been rare lately (other than bug fixes) because of work on the recode. Any update I make here is extra work that I'll have to do before the recode is ready. So I'm trying to avoid too many minor updates, which is why nothing's been posted here in a while. ANYWAY

Old text

Summon Items have been changed so that you get a free one when you unlock it. The old system caused too much confusion. There was a secret bonus, which is not needed to be secret any more: if you had unlocked an item, but not obtained it yet, then there is a 10% chance that you will get one when you open boxes. The bonus disappears when you actually get it. This was intended to make it less frustrating to get your first item. If you have unlocked items but haven't gotten them yet, then that 10% bonus will continue to apply. Just open Treasure Boxes until you get them. the update affects new unlocks only.
Sorry guys. I did a dumb. Turns out that having the freebie change like that completely breaks the chain unlock system (bird trio => Lugia, for example). I have therefore undone this update, and instead attempted to make it a little bit better explained that unlocked and obtaining are not the same. Sorry for the trouble!

August 2015

06/Aug/2015: Internal layout change

Normally I don't update you guys on internal stuff since it's things you won't notice. This time, though, I'm letting you know in case of problems. Some browsers have a feature called "smooth scrolling". It sucks. Why does it suck? Because it doesn't update background images and other fixed-position elements as it moves, making the images or elements jump up and down like crazy until it's done scrolling. In order to fix this, I have disabled scrolling on the site itself, and instead added a global container box that is the same size as your browser and has the same scrollbars as usual. This should mean that there is absolutely no difference in how things work. However, it is possible that things that depend on mouse position, such as drag-and-drop and tooltips, aren't taking this new scroll system into account. If you get unusual cases of things appearing further up or down the page than usual, this may be why. Please report that as a bug so I can look into it. This update has been undone. It broke too many other things to be worth it. So much for "smooth" scrolling...

July 2015

30/Jul/2015: Uber-rare item adjustment

After having re-read some old code to discover how I programmed the Uber-rare items originally, it turns out that you actually had to have Arceus unlocked to even have a chance at these items. Well, that's crazy. As of today, this requirement has been lifted. Every user now has a chance of uncovering Uber-rare items (that is Primal Orbs, Korokunite, Dragon Ball...) without any unlock requirement. Hopefully this will allow the community as a whole to obtain these Uber-rare items, thus providing a reasonable market for them. Good luck!

17/Jul/2015: Summon Items for Hoopa, Diancie, Volcanion

They've finally been added XD Instead of those old placeholder Tokens, we now have: Diamond Tiara Hyperspace Ring Komainu Figurine Enjoy!

4/Jul/2015: Error pages

One of our artists (who can take claim if they desire! <3 ) has been working on a bunch of "Error pages" as of late, for varying situations. 403 / 404 and 418 errors. When you stumble across one of these errors, you will now be greeted with a piece of artwork to make that accidental trip to the "wrong page" a little more worth it~ :)

2/Jul/2015: Total boxes

When you visit your "boxes" page, you will now be able to see your total number of boxes at the bottom! Huzzah~

2/Jul/2015: Daycare Pass Bulk-buy discounts

We've altered the "buy 10" and "buy 60" DCP's respectively to accomodate a 30% discount and a 50% discount when buying in bulk. Enjoy!

June 2015

28/Jun/2015: Chat ping

Sorry I kind of forgot about it, but you can now set keywords that will cause a sound effect to play and the message containing it to be highlighted, in the site chat. Hope you like!

25/Jun/2015: IQ display

I never got a chance to adjust the display of a Pokémon's IQ, so I've implemented it now. It appears underneath a Pokémon's Happiness on its Summary page, so you can see where it stands. Note that if the Pokémon has never received any Gummis, the IQ stat will not be displayed - feed it one to see it!

15/Jun/2015: Nice! removal

It was always kind of a pointless feature, just like it is a useless feature in X/Y/ΩR/αs. I mostly added it because "hey look what cool animations I can do using just CSS now!" But it's gotten way out of hand with the people complaining about it. I don't pretend to know how anxiety works. But people have no problems with the world looking at your profile page, but Arceus forbid you get notified that someone wants to be nice to you... You're playing on a social multiplayer site, but the world comes to a screeching halt because someone wants to socialise with you... Some of the complaints I've received have been quite disgusting, and I won't go into all the details here. Just know that this is why we can't have "Nice!" things. The feature has been removed. Was it worth it? EDIT: The sarcasm in this post is aimed specifically at those "disgusting" individuals mentioned above. Those who were "complaining" (being overly aggressive and verbally abusive in doing so) are the ones targeted by my "rant". It is not aimed at everyone. If you are personally offended by this, then I apologise, but chances are it's not even aimed at you ;) Even the nicest person, when pushed consistently, will eventually break. This is what you see here. Hopefully the next update will be a better one :)

May 2015

29/May/2015: Shelter Pass ★

For those of you who find that 85 adoptions just isn't enough, consider trying the secret new upgrade, the Shelter Pass ★. Yes, I've run out of letters. That's rank inflation for you. This Shelter Pass is only available in the Black Market, and only if you already have the Shelter Pass X (or another Shelter Pass ★) It grants you 127 adoptions per day. Hopefully this will keep you satisfied - on a max Marie bonus day, that's 381 adoptions!

25/May/2015: Pikachu CSes!

If you missed the events when the Pikachu Custom Sprites were available, you can catch up now! The Contest Hall is now selling Cosplay Pikachu, the various costumes, as well as the Worlds 2014 Pikachu CS. Please note that these cost Zophan Canisters. They are collector's items and not required for game completion. Plus you can always trade for them ;)

20/May/2015: Florges Sprite Completion

At long last, Florges sprites are completed! I should also point out that there was a bug which.. may have made it so there were no "White Flower" Florges. That was fixed, so don't worry your little butts! -Sei

13/May/2015: Art updates

Ayyy, this is an update from yer lovable fluffable Sei. :3 Fatal worked on some new art pieces, and they replaced my crappy ol' drawings. She re-did the Dojo artwork and artwork for hypermode. Go check 'em out!

12/May/2015: Currency trading

It is now possible to attach Credits, Gold Poké and even Zophan Canisters to trades! When setting up a trade, click the new "Add money" button in the trade details box. This will let you add some currency of your choice to the trade. Likewise, when offering on a trade, you can add money in the boxes provided. WARNING! Because this is a new feature it is of course possible that it contains bugs. While every effort has been made to ensure everything is logged, to try and figure out what happens if things go wrong, please be aware that... well, things may go wrong! If they do, we will try to figure out what the problem was and fix it as appropriate.

12/May/2015: Mega Stone Voucher 5/5+

A new tier of Mega Stone Voucher is available from the Black Market only. This new tier gives access to Exclusive Mega Stones. When new Mega Stones are released, they will NOT immediately be available from Vouchers. Only when Mega Stones have been released in Boxes (usually a month after their initial release), then Vouchers will be able to give the new stones.

11/May/2015: Party EXP bonus

Yup, I know, it's been a while XD Been working on the new version and it's coming along nicely. Made a start on the Farm page and it's looking cool, I'll have screenshots at some point. Anyway, the update. There's always been a "secret" EXP bonus for Eggs, which you can get by having a hatched Pokémon of the same species (or an evolution) in your Party. The idea being that the hatched Pokémon is helping take care of the Egg. However, it's always been largely useless, giving little more than a 10% boost, at the cost of an entire party slot (16% of your party) and it only gets worse until suddenly you've given up 84% of your party for a pitiful 50% boost... This bonus has been updated to actually be useful. I'll let you guys figure out the exact values - have fun! ;)

April 2015

29/Apr/2015: File upload update

The File Uploader now supports multi-upload. You can now select more than one file when uploading, and it will upload those selected files. Useful for if you're uploading several small files, or maybe several versions of a file you're working on... Just be aware that if you upload too much at once, the upload may take a while because internally it's handling them one at a time. Please be patient if it looks like it isn't working, it might just be processing.

25/Apr/2015: New advanced BBCode

A new BBCode has been added to give absolute flexibility on the appearance of your posts. Full details here.

11/Apr/2015: Boxing the Box Boxes

So I (Garthic) was talking to another user and we sent a couple trades back and forth. Boxes were mentioned and it was suggested that we be able to re-box the boxes for easier trading. Honestly, it was wondered... Well, we upgrade the credit items so. Why not? If you visit Doug on third floor and select "Item Trading", he'll take 21 boxes from you and turn them into a "Box box". Much easier for trading! This will cost you 5,000 credits. Doug hasn't figured out how to do the other ones yet, but give him time - he'll figure it out.

07/Apr/2015: PokéRadar+

It took a while, but the PokéRadar+ is finally available! You can buy it from the Shop for 250,000 Credits. Note that it is an upgrade for the PokéRadar, so you MUST have the PokéRadar to get any benefit from it. The PokéRadar+ lets you chain up to a cap of 35, and it will start over if you hatch a Shiny. The cap means you'll have about 1/6 of the chance as you would at a chain of 40. However, it does not require Hypermode. Good luck everyone!

March 2015

10/Mar/2015: Big Gems

Need to trade gems fast? Ravyne can now reduce your trading needs by exchanging regular Gems for bigger Gems and back! Go visit Ravyne at the Wishforge to try it out :)

02/Mar/2015: Delphox update

Firstly, if you were here this morning, sorry about the downtime. We were fixing a thing that I believe was the only thing left slowing down Mass-Click Weekend this time around. So hopefully that means less lag next time! Anyway, just thought you'd like to know that 1 in 10 Delphox are now left-handed. This update will only apply to Delphox that were evolved from Fennekin that hatched from Eggs that were laid after 5PM today, so if you want your own Lefty Delphox, you'll have to hatch a new Fennekin Egg :)

February 2015

23/Feb/2015: Relic Trades with Doug

You can now trade your Relics with Doug! The Item Trade section has opened with this basic trading system. The item trades themselves are for equal value, but of course this is Doug we're talking about! He'll charge you some Credits for the service.

22/Feb/2015: Mega Evolution change

We're phasing out Temporary Mega Evolutions! They were more hassle than they were worth. Instead, the Credit prices have increased, and will give Permanent Mega Evolution instead. So you can pay a lot of Credits, or a smaller amount of GP, for the same result.

15/Feb/2015: Summon system changes

Since some people have been greatly abusing the system, we have to change it again. What a shame. This is why we can't have nice things. ... Well, actually we have nicer things instead. Just not for the cheaters. Individual summon items will now have the same rarity, whether you have one unlocked or all of them. This makes things much more balanced, and doesn't penalise you any more for unlocking too many summons. It also means you can't cheat and just unlock one Summon on purpose so you can farm them. You know who you are. Lucky Seals are now not limited by what you have unlocked. You might even get the Azure Flute if you're really lucky! However, this will not count towards unlocking them - you can trade them for something you have unlocked, or just keep them until you have the necessary conditions to use them.

12/Feb/2015: Lucky Seals in Black Market

The base price of Lucky Seals has been dropped. It now costs 100 ZC for a single Lucky Seal. There are now also bulk rates for Lucky Seals and Egg Passes, offering nice discounts.

10/Feb/2015: Counter Target Update

The following counters have been adjusted accordingly:
Counter Previous Target New Target
Niet 10 mil 15 mil
Garthic 50 mil 70 mil
Bacent 420k 400k
Ravyne 99k 80k
Acree 42 mil 60 mil
Marie 24k 42k
Ledah 75k 100k
Sei 250 777

09/Feb/2015: CS Breeding Alteration

CSes can no longer breed in the Daycare. -Ravyne i did thing im a good project manager

09/Feb/2015: Snow Combee type change

Snow Combee has been changed to Ice/Bug. Why this wasn't a thing sooner is beyond me. |D -Sei

06/Feb/2015: Birthday event

On your birthday, you will receive a greeting from Navi the Sylveon. You get a x2 EXP multiplier on all of your Eggs and Pokémon, and if you make 100 interactions then you'll be able to claim a Birthday CS! This year's Birthday CS is: Hope you like!

January 2015

28/Jan/2015: Trade/Battle notifications

Incoming Trade and Battle requests no longer send a System PM when created. Instead, they will appear as their own Notifications. Completed, rejected and other actions still send PMs for the most part. If the person sending it cancels it, then you won't be notified (it will just disappear)

27/Jan/2015: More BBCodes!

The following BBCodes are now available: [pkmn=Species] - Shows an icon of the specified Pokémon. Example: [pkmn=Mightyena] => For a female icon: [pkmn=Nidoran [F]] => [pkmn=Species/Forme Name] - Shows an icon of the specified Pokémon, in the specified Forme. Example: [pkmn=Mightyena/Mega Forme Q] => [item=Item Name] - Shows an icon of the specified item. Example: [item=Mightyenite Q] => [inventory=Item Name] - Shows how many of the specified item you have. Example: [inventory=Dark Gem] => 2937 [inventory=Item Name-5] - Shows how many of the specified item you have, minus the number given. Useful if you have some UFT, but want to reserve a number of others. Example: [inventory=Dark Gem-10] => 2927 The above can be combined with [progress]. Example: [progress="[inventory=Dark Gem-50]/50"][item=Dark Gem] × [inventory=Dark Gem-50] / 50[/progress]
× 2887 / 50

26/Jan/2015: Premium Box BAWKZES

Box! Box! Premium Boxes can be opened now. Enjoy!

26/Jan/2015: Grab Bag cancel

Because I took sooooo long getting around to them (I really couldn't figure out what to put in them to balance them out...) I am cancelling them. Go and use them, and you'll be given a Deluxe Box instead. Upgrade! Enjoy ;)

26/Jan/2015: Notifications

You probably saw it already. ABSOL FAEC IS KYOOT!

25/Jan/2015: Seasonal Twigs

Seasonal Turtwig can now be obtained via breeding, just like the rest of the Exclusives.

23/Jan/2015: Limitation of [readername] code

Due to abuse, the [readername] code will now be usable only by staff members. Sorry :c

20/Jan/2015: Browser version check

I have added some code from http://browser-update.org/ that will notify you if you are using an outdated browser. The notice will look something like this: It's non-intrusive, since you can dismiss is and not have it show up, but if you do get that notification then you should heed its words! Old browsers are insecure and don't get to enjoy all of PFQ's features ;)

19/Jan/2015: PFQ "Region"

Exclusives have been moved to a separate "PokéFarm Q" region. As far as I'm aware, this should only affect Summon Item unlocks, as the targets now only use Pokémon from the original games. Exclusives should no longer count for Summon Item unlocks. If any unexpected bugs arise from this, please let me know!

16/Jan/2015: Battle updates

Winning a battle will now reward you with an L-sized training bag, or sometimes a Team Flare Bag or Double-Up Bag. There'll be more in future with a new feature that's being worked on - it will reward battles that have already happened too, so feel free to battle away for a bigger reward when the feature is done ;) Also, the Level of the challenger is now shown on the challenge screen, so you can adjust your own Pokémon appropriately. Fight fair for fun, okay?

16/Jan/2015: Battles on Stats page

Stats have been added: - Battles won - Battles lost - Top 20 for Most Battles Won Eventually I'll stop being lazy and program a proper stats page...

15/Jan/2015: Acree counter update

What with new ways to spend large amounts of Credits, Acree's counter was filling up in just one or two days. Her target has been adjusted accordingly.

14/Jan/2015: Fields tooltip updated

The tooltip on Fields will now show a Pokémon's Albino and Mega status as well as their Shininess.

07/Jan/2015: Fields "Open Summary" shortcut

You can now Ctrl+Click a Pokémon to open its Summary in a new tab.

04/Jan/2015: Referrals

A new item has been added to the Registration form: Referrer. Here, a new user can type the name of an existing user who referred them, and the referrer will get some neat rewards. I'll leave the details a secret :p Sally will tell you all about it when you get your first referral. They're good rewards ;)

03/Jan/2015: Legendary Formes

Some of you may have seen me working on this, I believe someone already has a Gracidea... But the point is, Legendary Pokémon can now change Forme! The only exception is Arceus. I'll get to that one later. Aside from that, enjoy figuring it out, because it's not quite as simple as it was on PF1 ;)

03/Jan/2015: Matchup Checker update

If you have the Matchup Checker, it will now inform you that the breeding pair you have has been recognised as a special combo and may produce something unexpected! Note that this doesn't always mean an Exclusive, though :p

02/Jan/2015: Relic Items and Mega Stone Vouchers

I realised that Relic Items are WAY overpriced in the Black Market, so I have halved all of their prices there. Mega Stone Vouchers can now be bought for Credits in the Shop, albeit at extortionate prices - something to aim for if you have a bunch of useless Credits lying around!

December 2014

31/Dec/2014: Tyrogue and other Evolutions

Because I forgot and had to be reminded in a Help thread :p Tyrogue's evolution now depends on its stats, it is no longer random. Enjoy! ADDED 4:15PM: The Ice Rock, Moss Rock and Corona Rock have been deprecated. Instead, the evolution requirement is to have them in a corresponding Type of Field. Consult your Pokédex for updated information. The Rocks will continue to work, but will no longer appear in the Shop or on Scour Missions.

29/Dec/2014: Advertisement

As part of trying out Google AdSense, I have added a second ad box in a very specific place: Immediately after the very first post of threads in the Announcements forum. I figure this will be quite good because (hopefully!) announcements are read by a lot of people, but it also serves a practical purpose of separating the announcement post itself from the comments on the announcement. Hopefully this isn't a problem - if it is, you could always buy Hypermode and disable advertisements ;) Also, spoiler alert, there's gonna be some awesome updates on New Year's Day. Seriously, be here for them!

23/Dec/2014: Unread announcement highlight

In an effort to make it more obvious when something new is happening, the announcement box will highlight new things. It's still a little buggy, I'm working out the issues slowly!

21/Dec/2014: Online User quick link

Next to Clickback and before PokéRus, you can now find an "Online" link. Mouse over it for a description of what it does ;)

09/Dec/2014: Profile page shortlinks

Profile page links have been updated to use your username rather than some code. Note that if your code happened to match someone else's username, then your links will be broken - this is very unlikely, though. For pretty much everyone, links will continue to work as before. Your Party page now lists two links to your profile page. One of them is a pfq.me link featuring your username - this can be good for sharing with friends or on social media and the like: simple, easy to remember. The other link uses your code like before, but this time with an @ sign before it to identify it as a "code-link" rather than a "username-link". Hope that makes sense, sorry if I broke anything!

04/Dec/2014: Twitter integration

So Sally sort of promised the Twitter followers that if we reached 250 then a thing would be programmed to let you share your Pokémon and Eggs on Twitter. The button has been added to the "Display" panel of the Pokémon's Summary, right underneath the Facebook share button. Yay!

02/Dec/2014: Defaults for Display Codes

When customising your display codes, you now have an option to set the current selection as the default. The default will apply to all future "Quick codes", as well as any existing "Quick codes" you may have out there on the internet. Hope you like!

November 2014

26/Nov/2014: Inventory Search

You can now search your inventory for an item by name (or part thereof). So for example searching for "box" will show you everything with "Box" in the name. This can be very useful if you're unsure which category a given item is in, for instance with Berries, or Exclusive items. For the nerdier people out there, the search box accepts regular expressions. As a basic example, searching for (red|blue) gigaremo will match those two Gigaremos. Searching ignores uppercase/lowercase, as well as accents, so "pokeradar" will match "PokéRadar". Please note that due to the regex support, symbols may not work properly. If you need to match a symbol, try putting a backslash \ before the symbol - example: \+

24/Nov/2014: Admin reminder

Due to a recent incident, I would like to just remind you that, as an administrator, I do have the ability to log in to your accounts and do things. I can do anything on this server, so this shouldn't need to be said. Obviously, I won't hijack your account like this unless there's an extremely serious issue, in which case your account would probably have been locked anyway. Examples may include if you scam a user out of valuable Pokémon or items, then I may log in to return them to their rightful owners. Again, it shouldn't need to be said, but some people already get upset that I can read their "personal messages" when they get caught having mature role-play with underaged users, so yeah... Anyway, as I said, it is extremely unlikely that I will have to do this - I've only done it once so far - and if I do then I will only do what is necessary, nothing more. Thanks for your understanding. Now, see the next update for something more positive!

24/Nov/2014: ORAS Mega Stone data

Now that ORAS have been released and data is known on all the new Mega Evolutions, the Mega Stone Pre-order page has been updated, as have the items in your inventory if you bought them. Please note that they will still be unusable, until December 1st, as that is the date of release of ORAS stuff on PFQ - and we are ready!

24/Nov/2014: Hide boxes and mobile devices

I've made a little change to how Hide boxes work, that should make them easier to open/close on mobile devices, or anything with a touchscreen.

18/Nov/2014: Forum subscription links

Sorry for the slowness of updates lately, things have been busy, what with ORAS around the corner :p Anyway, links in the Forum Subscriptions page will now take you to the start of the thread. The old link would take you to the last post you had read - this link will now appear on the word "Yes" when there are in fact new posts to be read, so you can easily find your place.

10/Nov/2014: User search made easier

You've always been able to go to any user's profile simply by visiting http://pokefarm.org/user/USERNAME, but now you can also go to /user and get a search box to find people. Just in case it helps.

03/Nov/2014: Forum Search TEST

You can now search in individual forums. View the forum, then click the new Search link. Please note that this feature is highly experimental and may be changed or removed with little notice. Feedback on the search's effectiveness is welcome.

02/Nov/2014: Egg Pass

The Egg Pass is a new item in the Black Market. It is helpful for anyone who is Shiny Hunting. Take a look and see what you think!

October 2014

27/Oct/2014: Forum subscription order

Threads that have new posts are now sorted above the subscriptions that have no new posts - as they should be!

23/Oct/2014: Friends-only fields adjustment

Due to abuse of the "Friends-only" visibility setting, it has been restricted. It now applies only to the first field you set as Friends-only. If you set more than one to this visibility setting, it will not apply and instead be public.

21/Oct/2014: Quote cross-reference

Quote BBCodes have always been unreliable, because they are super easy to edit and make it look like someone said they didn't. Now quotes come with the ability to cross-reference. Here's an example: as of this writing the most recent post in this thread is:

QUOTE originally posted by Managodess

Many thanks for the new update, I've been wondering if it was my computer's fault that the site was running rather slow (or my internet) but turning on the box mode has made a huge difference in how fast the pages load. This should make clicking a lot more fun again :)
Notice how the "originally posted by" text is a link? You can click that link to view the single post which should prove that this was indeed said. Of course, it's not foolproof - if the post is deleted or edited, then the cross-reference may not be valid any more. But on the whole it should help a lot. Cross-references are automatically added when you click the Quote button on any post.

17/Oct/2014: Box Mode

On complex pages, I've noticed the browser can be kind of laggy depending on your computer speed and the browser used. Disabling `border-radius` fixes this lag, so apparently the problem is that browser programmers don't like circles.
(Image credit: xkcd)
You can now enable "Box Mode" on the Farm Page's Options panel. This will disable all rounded corners, resulting in a boxy look but a less laggy page - in theory! Of course, in an ideal world, this option would do absolutely nothing, but... well yeah.

13/Oct/2014: EXP Locking

Pokémon now have an extra option on the last panel of the Summary. Under Rename and Target, there is now a checkbox for EXP Locking. EXP Locking will not prevent people from interacting with the Pokémon, however it will stop interactions from giving EXP. This may be useful if you want to keep a low level for whatever reason, or for battling if you guys decide you want to try doing Baby Cup rules, or something. It doesn't matter what you use it for - the point is it's there, and it's not as disruptive as PF1's Locking system.

02/Oct/2014: Nice!

On any user's profile page, you can now click the "Nice!" button above their Party to tell them you think they're cool :) If you receive a Nice!, it will appear as a small notification in the top-right of your screen, usually when you load a page. I'll be adding stuff to the Stats page for this real soon.

September 2014

30/Sep/2014: Acts on user pages

Thanks to the performance boost below, User Pages now show the number of interactions sent/received between you and the user, just above the Trainer Card.

25/Sep/2014: Massive performance boost

A new logging system for interactions has been added. This will organise the same data but in a more efficient manner, specifically useful for the Users Online and Today's Interactions pages. These pages will benefit from significantly improved loading speeds, and more importantly the Today's Interactions page will no longer have the 15 minute cache on it, so you will be able to reload as soon as your clicking spree is done. This update will take effect automatically at midnight, so about three and a half hours from the time of writing this edit. This is because it will only have collected incomplete data for today and I don't want to confuse you people ;)

19/Sep/2014: Sally on Twitter!

Sally has started her own Twitter feed! Follow @SystemSalamence - it's a bit bare at the moment but perhaps if you message her she'll respond? ;)

13/Sep/2014: File uploader: deleting

You can now delete files from the File Uploader.

6/Sep/2014: Vulpix

Words are not necessary. They would negate the adorable cuteness. Vulpix must grow all six tails in order to evolve into Ninetales. Check your PokéDex.

6/Sep/2014: Frontpage clicks

Due to feedback on the feature, it has been decided that the Frontpage will only show Eggs/Pokémon from the Parties of Staff, rather than Parties and Fields. Reasons include: - With fewer Pokémon to click, Eggs will appear more often - We often have new Exclusives in our Parties to show them off, making them more visible to potential new users - Staff had no way to hide Pokémon in hidden Fields because they would still show up on the Frontpage, now fixed - Fewer things to click means less benefit for the people who cheat using that page. Unfortunate as it is, people do cheat there, and this should reduce the reward gained by doing so. - Nubcake users should hopefully get the message that the Frontpage is a PREVIEW OF THE GAME, and not intended as a primary clicking feature. So can we have less of the "omg normal users should totally have their stuff on there too", please? Because: - If it were random among all users, you would be clicking a LOT of inactive users, who would never click you back - Cheating incentive would be enormous because you could click every Pokémon on the site with something as primitive as an auto-clicker - People complain about one-clicks, but one-clicks is pretty much all that will happen with that feature - Takes far more processing time to pick a random one from a larger sampling size, especially when combined with code that aims to prioritise things you haven't clicked yet - Defeats the purpose of a "game preview" Hope you like, and understand, this change.

6/Sep/2014: Progress bar BBCode

You can now create progress bars using code like this: [progress=3/5]I got 3 out of 5![/progress]
I got 3 out of 5!
These progress bars use the current user's skin colours, which is pretty cool! It's a block-level element, meaning it goes on its own line. You can use [css=display:inline-block][progress=3/5]Text[/progress][/css] to get an
inline progress bar
instead :)

5/Sep/2014: Flabébé and evolutions

I have changed how Flabébé, Floette and Florges' sprites work internally. This means they will be easier to work with if we decide to update them later. However, this has resulted in the colour information being lost. In-story, a giant hurricane swept up all the flowers and scrambled them. Sally apologises!

4/Sep/2014: Seasons

People in the Southern Hemisphere (according to their location on the World Map) will now have the correct seasonal forms for Deerling, Sawsbuck and the Event-Exclusive Turtwig line.

4/Sep/2014: Field Debouncing

Detail post here, but basically it groups interactions into fewer HTTP requests to hopefully improve performance.

3/Sep/2014: Slight URL change

Yup, that's what happens when I go on holiday! No updates for aaaaaaages! Anyway, you might notice, we're now pokefarm.org instead of q.pokefarm.org - promotion to the main domain! This will have some advantages later. For now, you don't need to worry - q.pokefarm.org will continue to work just fine, it will just redirect you to the main domain and let you continue wherever you were.

August 2014

9/Aug/2014: Übercharm gifting station

You can now buy Übercharms for other people directly, using a dedicated page (accessible from the Black Market). On this page, you can activate your Übercharms (same as the Shiny Hunting page) if you have one, and if not then you can get a link to share for other people to easily buy one for you. Buying an Übercharm for someone else is rewarded with a Cookie for your kindness. On your fifth purchase, you will get a bunch more Cookies! The cycle then begins again. So your generosity will be rewarded!

8/Aug/2014: Fab Friday vote weight adjustment

After watching the patterns developing on Fabulous Friday votes, I've made some adjustments to avoid it being quite so massively weighted. Base score is now 1,000 instead of 100, and the vote falloff has been changed from 10,7,4,1 to 10,4,2,1. I will continue to observe and update as needed.

5/Aug/2014: Shiny Charm price drop

The price of Shiny Charms in the Black Market has been massively dropped. However, the price of the Shiny Charm Box will remain its relatively high self - this is because Shiny Charms themselves are volatile and short-lived, but the Shiny Charm Box is an investment for the more avid hunters, allowing for cheaper reuse of existing Charms rather than having to buy new Charms. To give you an idea, you get a return on your investment within about 10 Shiny Charm recharges.

5/Aug/2014: Moar cookies!

There was a typo in the Cookie usage code, making it take your Cookie but not actually apply its effects, unless the cache allowed, so really not a huge bug (because as soon as someone interacted with it within 24 hours, it would have worked just fine), but I decided to compensate you all anyway.
Everyone receives two Cookies!

4/Aug/2014: Marking and Blocking users

You can now Mark users with the six symbols: circle, triangle, square, X... nowait, that's PlayStation controls XD heart, star, diamond. They mean whatever you want them to mean. You can also set a note on the user, which will appear in a tooltip on the markings. You can also block users from sending you PMs, Friend Requests and Trade offers all at once (in addition to the existing FR block option) with a single reason. To do all these things, go to the user's Profile and click the new Edit button next to the markings, above their Trainer Card, and edit away!

3/Aug/2014: New BBCode: [stackbox]

You can now do the "always open" accordions that you see on things like the Boxes page. Make an [accordion], but use [stackbox]...[/stackbox] instead of [accordion]...[/accordion]. They use [a-section]s just like accordions, it's just the outer container that changes.

3/Aug/2014: Clickback shortcut

You can press Alt+R to focus the Clickback link. You still need to click it, but now on User Pages (where it auto-scrolls down) you don't have to scroll back up manually.

2/Aug/2014: Field visibility

Ah, now this is more like it. Go to your Fields, and click a Field's name. You can now set its Visibility. Choices are Visible, Friends only, and Hidden.

2/Aug/2014: Lab Reloader price

Lab Reloaders have had their price adjusted in the Black Market.

1/Aug/2014: pfq.link for shortlinks

Almost not worth mentioning, but it is a minor update! PFQ now uses pfq.link instead of pfq.me for shortlinks, because .link is specifically designed for shortlinks XD You can still use pfq.me instead if you are really short on space, but the "canonical" shortlink site for PFQ is now pfq.link.

July 2014

30/Jul/2014: New NPC artwork!

We have some new artwork for Holly, Laurel and Doug! Check 'em out! It's a bit of a different style than before, but hopefully you like :)

25/Jul/2014: Clickback link

A link has been added to the top of all pages (by your username), which will send you to the user who has clicked you the most today, but hasn't yet received any clicks from you. Be sure to click them back! It will take you to your own user page if there are no users to click.

18/Jul/2014: Lab Reloaders

I have added the Lab Reloader packages to the Black Market. They can be bought (and traded - up to 100 at a time!), and then split into individual Reloaders at the Lab itself (under the Egg selection)

10/Jul/2014: Glowing Eggs!

Blah, I'm really, really bad at this... So much time between updates! Anyway, I noticed that Legendary Eggs weren't glowing like they were supposed to, so I fixed that. Glowing!

June 2014

29/Jun/2014: DayCare Passes

What do you know? Another long time with nothing posted? I'm terrible at this and should be fired immediately. Ahem... anyway, just thought I'd let you guys know, I've revised prices on the DayCare Pass item. A single DayCare Pass now costs 20 GP. Additionally, you can buy a multi-pack of 10 DayCare Passes for 180 GP (price of 9), or 60 Passes for 1,000 GP (price of 50). I hope this will see more use from the Passes ;)

15/Jun/2014: Arrow keys in Fields

You can now use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to scroll through fields on the Fields page!

13/Jun/2014: Facebook Share button

You now have a button on your Pokémon's Summary page, in the Display category, that lets you share Pokémon on your Facebook wall, and hopefully get more clicks!

07/Jun/2014: PM "threads"

From now on if you view a PM, you can see a list of all PMs between you and the other person, and click the subjects to view them. Additionally, deleting a PM while you're reading it will take you to the next PM in the conversation (or back to the PM list if that was the last message) Hopefully, this should make navigating conversations easier :)

06/Jun/2014: Facebook sharing

Wow it's been a while since I updated here XD Sorry about that! As I keep saying, I've been incredibly busy and all that. Anyway, I've just added some Facebook code stuff, so now if you post a link to your Pokémon or Eggs on your Facebook wall, it'll have a much better look to it. Hope you like!

May 2014

11/May/2014: Keyboard shortcuts

Been a while without updates! Sorry about that. Work keeps us really busy.. This next update is from Sei, because Niet forgot to post about it. >:P This feature is simply what the title says, really. It is also the result of a suggestion! Yay! When clicking fields, you are now able to use the "1" key for a sour berry, "2" for spicy, and so on and so forth.

April 2014

12/Apr/2014: New Display Code

A new style of Display Code has been added, called "Party-style", it looks like this: The dimensions of this Display Code are 160x64, as compared to the customisable one (which is 100 wide by 100+ high). As you can see, it's based on the Party screen from X/Y, and I think I've done a decent job of re-creating the style XD I hope you like it!

04/Apr/2014: Forum automod bugfix

The forums have some degree to auto-moderation, which prevents you from double-posting when you're not allowed to. However it does allow for "setup posts" in certain forums. However, this could be abused to bump threads ahead of time. I have changed setup posts to only be allowed in the first hour, which should prevent this issue in future. Please let me know if there are any bugs!



March 2014

30/Mar/2014: Summary update

Sorry it's been such a while! Things have been crazy! Anyway, the Summary Page of Pokémon now shows off Kajes' amazing artwork, so you don't have to mess around with the Dex to see what they look like in her amazing style!

14/Mar/2014: Sprite Update

Added sprites: - Carbink - Mega-Gengar - Mega-Garchomp - Mega-Abomasnow - All Pumpkaboo sizes Updated sprites: - Froakie - Litleo - Spritzee - Slurpuff - Helioptile - Dedenne - Klefki All of the above Pokémon have had their shiny counterparts added as well. Working on more. ~KeyChan

13/Mar/2014: Releasing Pokémon directly from Fields

An option has been added when you click a Pokémon in your Fields, below "Move to Field", to release the Pokémon or Egg. Obviously be very careful doing this!

13/Mar/2014: Berry garden notification

You are now notified of plants in your Berry Garden that have fruit.

10/Mar/2014: Held item on Display images

Held Items can now be shown on your Display Codes. It is shown by default (if you didn't change any settings and just used the Quick Code) but you can turn it on or off in the settings just like other aspects of your Pokémon's information.

08/Mar/2014: Magic notifications XD

In supporting browsers (mostly Firefox and Chrome), you can pin tabs. This is useful for saving space, if you you want to pin the Farm Page tag and have auto-notifications, you can't see the number in the title any more. So now the number is shown in the tab's icon as well. Useful, right? XD

04/Mar/2014: Quick-trade button

On User Pages, there's now a button to send them a trade offer, next to the PM and Friend Request buttons.

02/Mar/2014: Mega Evolution timeline

From now on, Mega Evolution adds an entry to the Pokémon's Timeline, as does the Mega Evolution expiring. This won't affect things already Mega Evolved, though, only events that happen as of this message.

February 2014

26/Feb/2014: Kalos Sprite updates

This update comes from Sei~ The Fennekin sprite has been updated. Keep an eye out for more sprites being updated in the future! Updated sprite include: Fletchling, normal and shiny. Vivillion, normal and shiny Noivern, normal Espurr, normal. Working on the shinies. :3

25/Feb/2014: Day/Night indicator

You've probably already seen it :p A little sun ¤ or moon ? icon appears next to the Server Time to indicate day and night times.

25/Feb/2014: Floette has colours!

Yup! That's... pretty much all there is to say about it XD

22/Feb/2014: Hide boxes and skin colours

Hide boxes and similar containers now revert text colour to the skin default, unless you specifically re-define the colour inside.

16/Feb/2014: Favourite Pokémon

This is no longer a Hypermode-exclusive feature. Maybe now people will stop asking how to put a Pokémon on their Trainer Card... but I doubt it :p

14/Feb/2014: Updated Counters

Most of the counters have been updated with new targets, because all of you new users were filling them up too fast! They will probably be adjusted again at some point!

14/Feb/2014: Forum row highlights

Title sucks... Basically, hover over rows in the forums and the row will highlight. Good for visual stuff. Yup.

07/Feb/2014: Multi-purchase of Upgrades

You can now choose the quantity of the GP item you want to buy in the little popup. Much easier to buy multiple Reservations now, for instance ;)

06/Feb/2014: Happiness on Summary

Yeah, I forgot it XD But it's there now. "Advanced" tab.

03/Feb/2014: Shiny reporting

Assuming I've programmed it right (this kind of thing is hard to test!) any shinies hatched from now on will have an item on their Timeline which says if it was a random shiny, or if it was part of a hunt. If part of a hunt, it should also say which Egg in the chain it was, and which number Shiny it was too (but it won't count shinies from existing chains...)

January 2014

25/Jan/2014: French names updated

A lot of French names had accents added to them, such as Évoli. The French names in the "Default" menu when renaming have been updated.

25/Jan/2014: Basic trainer stuff

You can now see an image of your Trainer on your Trainer Card! You can change your gender by clicking on the image of your Trainer. More options will be added in future!

24/Jan/2014: Field/Party bugfixes

The code that is supposed to automatically fix your Party if it messes up... was messed up. So I fixed that and now it will fix your Party if something seems out of place. Hopefully. Self-healing code is very hard to get right! Also, I've added some code to the Fields page to help prevent Pokémon "falling out". For instance, if you have a small Pokémon at the far-right or bottom of a Field, then evolve it into something bigger, it would fall out of the Field! This is now automatically corrected. Again, there may be bugs because this is self-healing!

22/Jan/2014: Hide Gen 6 option removed

Since the new games have been out for a while, it's about time the option to hide them was removed. This also means that people who are not logged in will be able to see your awesome Kalos Pokémon! And also the small glitch where Chrome's notifications wouldn't behave properly is fixed. Oh, and the Starter Egg Selection too... oops! Luckily, it seems people were able to guess the order for the most part, since it's always the same across generations.

22/Jan/2014: Forum sub link

The number showing how many subscription alerts you have now links directly to your Subscriptions page

21/Jan/2014: Unown Breeding

Unown can now breed with Ditto, just like on PF1. They are now listed as "Egg Group: Unown" in the Dex to allow for this.

21/Jan/2014: Strange...

13/Jan/2014: New banner!

The banner has been updated to fit the updated size.

13/Jan/2014: About Me updates

The About Me section on your User Page now supports ALL BBCodes. However, there is no more scrollbar allowed. The maximum height is what you get.

13/Jan/2014: Font BBCode

Something I had forgotten to add before, the [font] BBCode allows you to change fonts. Like this.

08/Jan/2014: ... Something?

Yeah. Something. I'm so lazy!

07/Jan/2014: Forum Column View

Remember how the userbars used to be underneath the avatar? Then the site got wider and I changed it! Oh no! Now you can change it back ;) Farm Page => Tools => Forum Column View

07/Jan/2014: Portrait update

The images of Holly, Laurel and Doug have been updated on their respective pages! Thanks Sei! Now leave me alone :p

07/Jan/2014: Avatar size

Avatar size is now the same as PF1: 150x150 max.

03/Jan/2014: Class update

A number of intermediary classes have been added. You can now be E+, D+, C+, B+ and A+ in addition to existing classes. Please check the Help on that subject for the updated requirements. Also, the Class is now shown as a userbar "addon".

03/Jan/2014: Forum categories

The forum categories can now be accessed individually, and now have their own step in the breadcrumb trail at the top of the forum pages.

03/Jan/2014: Mature forum expansion

The Mature Forums have been expanded to include more features of the other categories, namely RP Setup, Completed FF and so on. Also Mature Forums are their own category now, makes it easier on the subforum code!

02/Jan/2014: Hypermode image

The image of Niet on the Hypermode page has been updated.

December 2013

27/Dec/2013: Hypermode notifications

Hypermode users will now be notified of rewards to be collected, and when their Hypermode is running out.

27/Dec/2013: Nickname length

The maximum nickname length has been changed from 40 to 48. This is because of some Gen 6 Pokémon having 6-character-long names in Japanese, and it taking 8 characters to represent a single one in HTML codes (because I refuse to use UTF-8). Try not to go over the top, okay? :p

27/Dec/2013: BBCode update

I have added a "sort of" new BBCode, allowing for easier organisation. If you end a line with [ then start the next with ], then the newline is ignored. Let me show you an example:
[url=http://pfq.me?b][ ][img]http://pfq.me?b=004000ccff99520001.png[/img][ ][/url]
Also, something that's always been a feature: You can organise your CSS tags on new lines, too. For example (taken from my signature)
[css= position: absolute; left: 278px; top: 14px; width: 145px; height: 78px; box-shadow: inset 8px 8px 16px rgba(255,255,255,0.5), inset -8px -8px 16px rgba(0,0,0,0.5); border-radius: 8px; ]
Also I made signatures 1,500 characters instead of 1,000.

26/Dec/2013: Adjustment of "Less/More space" buttons

A small adjustment was made to the code that adds these buttons under certain text areas. Now pressing Tab will skip over these buttons and go straight to the buttons beneath ("Post Thread", "Send PM", etc.) This will probably take some getting used to, especially if you're already used to pressing Tab three times!

25/Dec/2013: Mature Clans

A new subforum has been added to the Mature Forums. The Mature Clans forum is a place where clans can be made on more sensitive or "grown-up" topics, such as religion, sexuality, etc.. The option to create a Mature Clan has been added to the Clan Application page, but will only show up if you can actually view that forum. However this check won't be made on co-owners, so make sure any co-owners are able to view the forum!
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pzoconnor's Avatarpzoconnor
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Question: (If it's okay to post this here, if not, I'm sorry) How old is approval to view/create a mature clan? If underage, are we able to discuss with a moderator to possibly get an age waiver? Depending on the clan type and circumstances of course. And also, a possible bug is that though I'm unable to view the "mature" forum, I can go to the mature clans threads and read those. Thanks for your time!
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I know I'm not exactly Niet, but I can answer the first question: 18.
iZoura's AvatariZoura
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ah, niet. when i logged on today it said my hypermode had expired even though i never had a hypermode upgrade ? i am guessing this was just a little technical fault maybe i am unsure though.
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No it's in the update notes.
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Blank Banshee's AvatarBlank Banshee
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QUOTE originally posted by pzoconnor

Question: (If it's okay to post this here, if not, I'm sorry) How old is approval to view/create a mature clan? If underage, are we able to discuss with a moderator to possibly get an age waiver? Depending on the clan type and circumstances of course. And also, a possible bug is that though I'm unable to view the "mature" forum, I can go to the mature clans threads and read those. Thanks for your time!
As for the first: The age is 18 years old. As for the second: Absolutely not. You must be 18 years old to access the mature forums in any way. This will not change, due to legal and moral issues. And the third: It has been brought to Kolink's attention. It has been fixed.
BeeTee's AvatarBeeTee
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In regards to the alert for Hypermode rewards: I received the alert that told me I had rewards to claim, although I have none available.
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Niet's AvatarNiet
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That's a bug report, BeeTee, and I'll need specific information.
Methos's AvatarMethos
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Everyone needs to go click SYSTEM's party. It's just not right that the staff Pokemon aren't at level 100.
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Oh my gosh, Niet, thank you. I think you must know just how much easier this BBCode linebreak feature will make all our lives :D

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