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Animela's Ataraxia

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Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
I think it's bad but I have a bunch of WIPs from stream for Comissions that I need to finish but I've been busy with Holiday stuff, cleaning, and getting work done. But I did have two friends order a couple giftboxes of their characters in stream. Prism was kinda tricky because she's got all these rainbows in her face but I figured out the detail loss in proportion. Shadow was fun because of the cute little animation although getting the snow to fall properly in sync was annoying lmao. - \o/ Can't wait for the 12doc. I finally have work I've done that will be shown. I just hope I'll be able to click enough, haven't been able to click recently.
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>(ouo)< I haz more space. Feel free to PM me, I don't bite!
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
So I'm actually really really happy about the release for the 12 Days of Christmas Event. As someone who's wanted to help out the Art team for a very long time it makes me feel all Giddy to get to see my work displayed on Site.
For starters the Christmas Art. I was able to get the chance to do both Day 3 as well as Day 7.
These are Big Versions before Adjustments for the Event Format.

Day 3

Day 7

Terrabbit's face panal got a last minute adjustment as it was being resized because I didn't know it did Emotes. So the Original had regular Eyes
None the less though my most excited contribution was the Christmas Torterra. I'm totally keeping my baby boi. Honestly from his Sketch I hadn't even planned on the Candy canes but somebody pointed out the space was empty cause it would usually have rocks. I did the snow rock but PK suggested Candy Canes so I went full gung ho on that. xD Novie helped finish him by fixing my mistakes.
I've got a little bit more done that will come up later and so much more to give in the future. I hope to continue providing my work and contributions for as long as I can. \o/

More Personal Stuff

On the downside I can't work on site stuff as much as I would like because unfortunately I still need an income which means I also have to keep up with Cash Comissions on top of my Art Thread Comissions. It'll help when I take the time to convert some stuff for paypal after I've gathered enough but the process is slow due to the art Economy on here so most of what I make is through Discord Comms and Coms I get while streaming. Recently it's become a bit harder because my fiance got laid off for the season just before Christmas started. He had gotten laid off in October and started another Job but they too didn't need so many workers for the Winter and new guys go first. Unfortunately this means in order to pay the bills I need to pick up the slack. There is a chance I might increase my Art thread prices to be closer to their actual digital value instead of the falsified one and try to stream more or Alternatively if he can't find another Job I'll have to go back to the one that I left. It's a bit tricky because I left my old job due to health issues. I'm welcome back at any time, even my old position as a Manager which is why it's even an option but it comes with a lot of stress on top of dealing in high heat conditions which don't really fair well for my body and MS. It's not an option I'd really like to be concidering because if I lose my legs again there's a chance it'll be permanent. But at the same time, you really got to do what you have to do and if it pays the bills I'll have to try until I can't anymore. In the meantime I get a little extra help in cleaning house at least, if I bug him enough. Ahah
Everything is so clean right now. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with the Kid's mess making
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Made an Example for the YCH I've been offering. A demon and his Dryad Girlfriend. (Britan & Autumn) Reallly bad time of the year to suddenly be getting no income. My influx of Cash Comissions has dropped Significantly and I haven't been able to pay my bills this month. Not really looking good. =/
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Woo I can show this off Nunka got a slight recolour before her new Portrait was done for the Site's Roster. Changed her hue slightly and darkered her mane in order to break up the block that is body hidden in a mass of same coloured tails. A while ago I realized I wanted to make her colours closer to a Succulent/Aloe but I wasn't sure when to make the switch. I twas decided to do the pallete swap for the portraits before it was too late lmao. Although I have to redo the sprite for her userbar form I think
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Life: "Hey Ani you've got your first few self-given hours of freetime from constantly drawing for site/thread/money in a few months that don't include you accidently sleeping all day. What do you what to do with it?" Me: -Quickly frame by frame animates Shazi being a derpy thumbcat because of a Joke/Image inspiration-
Animela's AvatarAnimela
Animela's Avatar
Chat went crazy earlier and people were making a joke about "Being Shapes" for their Avatars. Stuff that resulted from it. Free to use because I litterlaly don't care, we were messing around and I was laughing too hard just doddling these in like 2 minutes or less each.





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