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So you may or may not have noticed, but Gen 6 Eggs are coloured now. They're procedurally generated using two colours picked from the Pokémon. Most importantly, you can tell them apart in the Lab now :p Please note that these recoloured "unknown Eggs" are placeholders, and not a final work. Hope this helps!
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extremely helpful ty!

This helps a ton! I will probably start picking up more Generation 6(Kalos) eggs soon. Thanks a ton Niet! The only thing is I find two of the eggs are pretty close to a couple other eggs (in color/design) from other generations, but the good news is they are temporary designs... I think. x3

Niet I just noticed that Chespin egg now also have a placeholder egg img. So the sprite he had before was not the finally one?
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Really good idea for placeholders, unless you use the same two for more than one pokemon.
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@Gijs: That was the only Gen 6 Egg that Kinchiona made. Despite constant reminders over the period of several months to get them done. So I figured it wasn't worth keeping. @Pyron: Some may have similar colours, but no two have the same.

oh yay now i know what eggs to pick up in the lab =^_^= this is great.
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I understand.I was just curious and thank for the placeholder now I can find the last gen 6 egg xd

Oh Gosh YES, just yes. The inner child in me is crying while the adult that doesn't understand why he plays this game says "finally!". I was getting to the point where I am only missing rare eggs and so decided to only adopt gen 6 eggs once I have 3 free spots in my party. These times are gone, finally. Just adding this: This is more a happy finally than a blaming finally. Not marking the eggs in order to prevent spoilers and focus on more important stuff was important, but now I am just happy^^

so what do the starter sprites look like. i am trying to find a froakiw
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