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Padfoot's Credit Emporium // Gems & Shinies UFT / LF DEVs

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  • This should go without saying, but follow all PFQ rules AND Trade Forum Rules
  • I will decline any trade that is not labeled. My memory isn’t great and I’m not going to the trouble of checking my shop every time someone sends me a trade.
  • Keep all trades in this thread please. If I get PMs about trades, I'm redirecting them here. Save yourself the time.
  • Be patient. I'm extremely busy with two jobs and personal life.
Call me "Padfoot" or my full username. Nothing else please. My pronouns are they/them YouTube // My Shop Avatar done by Poppy Charmander Flarotis design by PFQ
Looking for: Ditto Egg Vouchers Credits Fire Fangs Fire Feathers Firium Z Normalium Z Will pay 200GP per wanted summon! Acceptable add-ons Credits ZC (even numbers please) Boxes
DEVs and Firium/Normalium Zs If you have a Ditto Egg Voucher you don't need or want, I will gladly buy it off of you! I don't have a whole lot to offer, but I can give you 1mil credits or two box boxes. Ask for other payments. I am also looking for Firium/Normalium Zs, and I'm willing to hunt a box box for one or three boxes per fragment. (Negotiable!) Ask for other payments.
I need credits if I'm ever gonna hunt melan Ditto. 1073 (auto updates) Rate 1GP = 1k credits
I will box hunt for 600k credits or 100ZC. Limit 2 box boxes per order. Current box boxes: 0 Box Box Hunt List None ——
Gems Smalls - 2k or 3GP each Mediums - 15k, 25GP, or one box each (one wanted summon for ten) Larges - 150k, 250GP, 50ZC, or one wanted summon each I won't trade more than ten smalls, I'll make them into mediums.
*Max order 5 large or 50 medium *If trade not sent after three days of order ready notification (without prior warning), I reserve the right to cancel order **TYPE RACE SPECIAL SALE** —Check my trainer card for my team. If before or during the current race, the gem type of my team will be discounted as follows: 10k per medium, 100k per large Gem Hunting 1. 2. 3.

Gem stock

Small Medium Large
Normal 498 2 0
Fire 499 1 0
Water 213 1 0
Grass 73 1 0
Electric 42 1 0
Ice 33 0 0
Fighting 59 1 0
Poison 152 2 0
Ground 35 0 0
Flying 61 0 0
Psychic 102 0 0
Bug 51 1 0
Rock 112 1 0
Ghost 12 0 0
Dark 82 1 0
Steel 5 1 0
Dragon 47 0 0
Fairy 91 0 0
Extras UFT Shinies: Ralts: 100k credits, 200 GP, one wanted summon Heatran: 10 mil credits, 2000 ZC, may consider other payments Heatran - 5 (check my Extras field for gender or nature)
Albinos: Ralts: 250k credits, 500 GP, two wanted summons None
If I have at least one of each, 1 box box OR 100ZC can get you one shiny and one albino Ralts.
Shiny Hunts Willing to hunt albinos, but it depends on the hunt. Custom hunts: price negotiable when ordered *I don't close hunts until I get the last shiny on the list. You can still offer on a hunt in progress, even if there's no 'open' slot listed. Currently hunting Custom 1. 2. 3. I will take gender requests! (Fee of 25k for rare gender) I will take nature/berry requests for a fee of 50k credits. Upcoming hunts: Torkoal (male melan hunt for self) Ralts (male melan hunt for self)
I am OPEN!
RealDean's AvatarRealDean
RealDean's Avatar
PadfootTheWolf, my 34k credits for your 17 Small Water gems, please? Thank you so much!
elliott | he/him two years with the nico to my percy hiveswap©, sherlock holmes©
I have in my gems post that I won’t trade more than ten smalls.
RealDean's AvatarRealDean
RealDean's Avatar
Sorry about that! 20k for 10 small water gems then, please?
Sure, send a trade

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