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Shadow Force [PMD][Actual RP]

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Iski woke up with a start, ears perking at some far off noise. His vision was oddly foggy and dark and he brought a paw to try and swat whatever clouded it only for it to bump against a hard surface. The same hard surface he seemed to be currently resting on. With a bit more care and after some pawing around said seemingly rough surface, he sat up and finally removed the curtain over his face –which turned out to be his own longer fur– and catch sight of all the dark and green? Ah. He was in a tree. There was someone calling from someplace not too far. Iski heard the voice absently, failing to register what it said in favor of staring blankly at the branch he sat over and trying to piece together a timeline of his whereabouts. He remembered being out during today’s festival, visiting its many booths to watch other kids play when he wasn’t playing himself or simply grab one of many snacks and drink the people attending them offered. Then there was that large terrified pink Pokémon and the other large but very different ones pursuing them. After that there was the huge wave of fear coming from the plaza, Ms. Drampa and the red turtle kid whose name he regrettably didn’t get and a call from everyone to head into the guild, nearly getting lost in the crowd of taller ‘mons, climbing up a tree to wait safely for them to pass and-- He looked up abruptly and with a gasp, tail shooting up and fur puffing slightly with the motion. The gathering, there was a gathering to be held at dusk, but it was night already. It is done, isn’t it? I fell asleep in here, and now it's too la-- His thoughts were cut short by a series of soft thuds from down below. Iski crouched on all fours and peered from under the canopy to quickly find the source in a little dark object that rolled away and into the plaza. It was his rubber ball, the Meowdreavus realized, which had fell down the tree on the moment his tail rose and bounced away, producing the noises. Now, Iski didn’t enjoy using his floating abilities, but the situation required them. So, with a bit of preparation, he jumped off the branch and let gravity pull him down slowly until all four paws touched the ground. Then he hurriedly picked up the ball and broke into a sprint across the plaza to reach the guild entrance.

'Orchie' (+ Galbin)

While slowly letting her scythe drop at her side, Orchie slumped a little along with the movement and nearly murmuring ‘’oh, so it’s over…’’ Shoot, we took too long, Quyn thought, trying to hold the groan that tried to leave her throat. Welp, guess we’ll have to do some digging later… Without her notice, Galb peered from behind some raised leaves on her crown and silently watched the exchange warily, but also with a bit of confusion. At her suggestion though, she blinked and stood straight- no, just a little straighter than before. ‘’Yes, I’d really like to,’’ she said, adding a slight hopefulness in her tone of voice. She then began fiddling with one of the leaves of the flower pressed by the other scythe against her chest –can’t appear too bold after all. ‘’Um, they aren’t of much use… other than cutting,’’ and slashing and stabbing, Quyn left unsaid. The last of the crowd continued their slow trudge to what she supposed was the dining room. Eyeing it, Quyn guessed it was time for them to head in there too lest they end left behind and without a place to sit or worse. Orchie took a few slow steps in that direction in the hopes the taller Mawile would get the hint and follow, letting her gaze shift from her to the retreating masses. Whether she did or not Quyn didn’t truly care; façade or not, she was starving and chowing on someplace’s free food (?) turned into her top priority. Judging by the scene from earlier, she guessed Galb must be as well. Orchie pointed up at her forehead, right at the side of her red flower where she could feel her friend resting on. ‘’Galb h-’’ she paused, quickly placing the tip of her right scythe in a pretend effort to cough and clear her throat with the added bonus of covering her slip up. ‘’Sorry,’’ Orchie said, bashfully avoiding glancing at the Mawile and keeping her attention at the water lily she held now with both of her scythes. ‘’Galbin helps me a lot with handling small things like pencils and the like,’’ she felt the Flabénné in question shift and grab a little tighter at her short leaves at the mention of his name. ‘’But larger things are a wholly different issue…’’
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(Is that my best friend, Iski?!?! D:) "Oh yeah, sorry!" Giranite responded to Vulpy. "I am terrible with remembering names, so I'm used to giving my friends nicknames! But Vulpy... that sounds like an easy name to remember. I'll try and remember to use that, if it's alright?" Giranite grabbed a plate while listening for a response from Vulpy. He looked over to the Dratini and nodded, slowly putting the plate on her tail. "Let's see how your balance is then." he giggled. "Tell me what you'd like to eat then, please." "But then again... Everyone else is in the dining room now." Simmia spoke up. "We should still go and join them so we don't miss something important, right?" she looked back at Hishori's arms. "Could you carry me there, please? I don't think I'd get there quick enough." she huffed, admitting to her own weakness of being very slow.
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"Yeah, I don't mind doing that! My grass typing makes me grass-flying type, so you won't sip through me." Hishori picks the Litwick up and makes his way down to the dining hall with a sense of good will flowing through his mind. Besides, a favor for a favour, right? @Yinyun Upon sensing a strong Ghost type aura, Orbo found himself noticing Iski make his way inside. Thinking he'd seen him somewhere before, he walked over to him. "Hey, have I seen you somewhere before? You seem familiar." @Slime
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Nova quietly sat at the table, messing with a few berries that were stacked on his plate. 'How did I get in this mess? Why did I have to sign up for this? I'm not fighting material! What am I thinking...?!' He was understandably nervous, seeing as how there were all sorts of new and frankly odd looking Pokémon around him. Even when he was living with Cocoa, he had never seen anyone who looked the way come of these Pokémon looked. Though, he wasn't too normal himself either. As for how Nova found his way to the Guild, that was a different story. He had been settled into Havenwick for a while, and when he saw sign-ups for the Alliance Expedition, he thought that it would be just a nice outside adventuring sort of thing, not a huge almost life-or-death situation! But, Nova couldn't really do anything about it, because he'd rather not just disappear for some reason. What if they actually needed him...?
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Vulpy wags her tails. "Well, I mean it IS my nickname. Everyone calls me by it because 'Vulpine Frostfire' doesn't exactly roll off the tongue." A rare wisecrack from her. Mischief finally stood up again, surrendering to the fact she didn't know how to deal with the leftovers. And to the fact she'd gorged and was rather sleepy. She found herself yawning and forced herself to keep her Illusion up. A bit of pacing helped, but she wanted a chance to rest and digest and maybe process mentally what she was getting into. This would end up one of two things: her reformation, or yet another con. Either way she wanted to mentally prepare herself. If she fell asleep she feared her Illusion would fail as she slept, exposing her in an extremely vulnerable state. And if she were revealed she'd likely be run out of town. Again. She wanted to at least decide if this could be a safe place for her. Her tail swayed softly as she walked in circles around her table. She had no idea what to do next
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“No thank you, Sacia,” she smiled politely, “Nice to meet you Dia. I believe I’m a Rockrunt. I don’t exactly how I became a Rockruff and a Tyrunt, since my Pops is Mr. Arcanine and all.... but that’s okay!” Zero thought for a moment on her words, but skipped over it. She had never questioned her history since all she ever knew, even from her first memories, was of Mr. Arcanine. “Currently my room has a couple windows. I like to sleep-in so my bed is in the corner. You guys can totally have the windows if you want!”
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"I prefer darker places, so I'll pass on a window bed, thanks.", a refreshed Sacia replies. "I'm just really tired after all this... I really need to find our room." Meanwhile, Hishori had found a good table for him and Simmia to stay while he went to get food. "You want me to get anything for you?" His kind nature wasn't something often seen, so it felt good to get it going for once.
Simmia shook the top of her body left to right. "No thank you. I am not hungry whatsoever." She stayed put in the small Pokemon sized seat that Hishori had got for her and looked around the dining room at the eating and chatting Pokemon that sat at their tables. She'd definitely fall asleep any second in this spot. And good for her that she now had other Pokemon to look after her whenever she did doze off. It's not like she wanted to be a burden to anyone but, a girl needs her sleep, right?
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"Alright. I'll go get food for myself, if that's ok." Hishori walks off to get some berries for himself. As for Sacia? He was exhausted. The sooner they reached their room, the better!
The food on the tables quickly went scarce as the new recruits and the older ones chowed down on the food provided to them. A few more plates of food were set out that the kitchen staff weren't able to find room for earlier. That food was also quickly eaten by the patrons that arrived later, whether it be because they had just woke up or were back from a late mission. Bayaruel staggered up from his chair. He grabbed his now empty glass off the table and tapped his spoon against the glass. The noise rang out clearly throughout the room in an effort to gain the attention of everyone. "Attention newcomers!" Bayaruel announced. "If everyone has finished eating, then it's time to head to your rooms and try to get some shut eye!"

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